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Tuesday, 12 April 2016

OK, so I paniced

There goes 1 new years resolution; I bought Yarn. For a good reason, but I still bought yarn...
Damn it

I bought 3 500g balls of Aran weight pink yarn... yes, that's a lot of yarn (over 2000m, go big or go home right) and it's for one of These for a very dear friend of mine's birthday. Which is in May... early May... (up a certain creek without a certain instrument maybe..)

Problem is: she wants it in pink. people who have known me know that I have a slight aversion to that colour, I therefore have next to no Yarn that was pink and no-where near the 1700m needed for this thing, hence the yarn purchase.

Will try harder next year.

Thanks for reading
PS: Isn't the Olympics this year? Should I be planning my Ravolympic project? no idea....

Edit: OK, I wast hallucinating. Good to know. August seems like such a long time away tho, its only 4 months... when I think of it like that I know I want to have all of the project that I want planned and ready to go by the 1st of August... I have until then to plan one....