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Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Sandy the Lion and a Secret surprise

Hellos X,X

Rawr!!! the Lion Amigurumi that I talked about Last week is hereby finished :). I'm calling him Sandy.

He's bigger than the first Amigurumi that I made....because ...lions are bigger than bunnies....O.O.

I made Sandy in the same way as Cottontail(bunny), with Rico cotton in a sandy (hehe) yellow colour and size 2 needles. Stiched the body first and then the limbs and the tail.

I so want to add a button to his belly; but finding a wooden one small enough is hard.
When taking a picture I usually leave it on the sofa; just for a minute, until I get my camera out. By the time I had, my dog had Sandy up on her sofa; trying to amputate a leg.

<=== Big Hug!!! ===

I am very happy with this little addition to my Amigurumi menagere. The next one I'm going to be making will have to be a surprise; as it's for my Mummy on Mother's Day (March 14th). I'm thinking along the lines of a butterfly (with arms and legs lol) or a bear in a dress with a banner saying 'Happy Mother's Day'. This will be, yet again, a design from my own mind.

--------- In Other news ---------

The Black-Grey scarf that I posted last time has been completed at last; just in time; because where I am we just got a weather warning for Snow...again...

I'll post again next week; probably with nothing done; because of a certain project that has been sprung apon me last moment; which I'm stressing out about. Ah well; all this running about'll make me sleep better anyway

Until next time :] Farewells XXX

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Experiments with Lions...

Hello again. This is the non-mushy version of my valentine's week lol


As of last week I completed my first ever tiny amigurumi, so, still in the swing of things I wnted to do more of them, to create a menagerie of Amigurumi (lol) so I prowled the internet and found some free crochet...which I'm not too comfortable with doing...

There were'nt very many knit patterns for Amigurumi, except for the bunnies which I already knew looks like I'm going to have to re-learn myself how to crochet.......eugh

------Non Amigurumi related knitting ----------

I found that I had 1 ball left over from the church sale's Scarfs, so, while I remember how I am going to Knit myslef up a scarf with that wool, I started last night and by the time of this post I'm about 3/4s of the way through it, I'm going to leave a little bit of the wool for tassels, which my GB officer showed me how to do, (after the sale lol) so with the speed I'm currently going at I should have the scarf done for the weekend, then I am going to concentrate on my knitted bags that I'm doing.
I need to work out a way to make the bottom of the bag stiff, like a 'Bag for Life' bag. I also need to work out a wat of tuning the fabric 90 degrees so that I work in a square, or bag shaped. Handles are also an issue.

------Little things I found out -------
While experimenting with wool and my 4mm needles (trying to do a cableing pattern, and failing) instead of ripping out the wool and starting again I cast off, then I joined up the wto ends, wanting to make something out of it at least. Finished , I looked at it and realised it looked a little bit like a Lion's Mane. (pictured) My Amigurumi senses kicked in ad I quickly (in my head) made the Bunny parren bigger and yeallow, like a Lion. I am hopefully going to get the new cotton wool in a sandy yellow today, so the next of my Amigumi menagere should be done by next week. (hopefully)

So that's it really, Lots to do this week, I also want to scrapbook a bit with the Valentine's tihings I got just before the weekend, with pics that I took while we were together :)

That's all, I'll blog again next week. Have a good Pancake Day (lol)


Valentine's Day bliss =D

Hellos :)
I know a lot of the ppl who follow this blog, even through my Facebook, are not really interested in what Valentine's Day was for me, so Incase u only want to know what I've been crafting I'll past that seperatly and get on with the mushy, valentine-y stuff here

------------ Last week ---------- (aka Valentines week)

As I wrote previously; I decided to make my significant other something.... 'not store bought' for Val's Day. I finished the brownies and the little Heart mascot (link at the end) and gave it to him. He loved the brownies apparently (he wouldn't eat them in front of me for some reason) and the mascot has a little keyring attachment, so he could put it on his bag or something. I felt really proud of myself, because the heart looked great as I gave it to  him (I even gave it anime eyes =D)

Now: onto what I got from my beloved: I got 2 bunches of  flowers; roses and a bouquet. I, of course got a card (which was my first ever; and brilliant) I also got a Pandora Charm for my bracelet( a little puppy), lots and lots of chocolate (which has been put out of my mum's reach lol).         
I was also really surprised to get another Boofle plushie =), it's a little smaller than the first one but that means he can sit beside the big one on my bed. and look cute =D

Below is a picture of the heart mascot which I made for my other half. I got the pattern for an amigurumi Heart in plain red yarn. I changed it ever so slightly, by making it in  new wool, in a shade called Roxy which is ironic, since the website I got the pattern off was called Roxy. I assure you, it's not the same person lol.

My actual craft blog will come next :)

Toodles :D

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

1st ever Amigurumi - White Bunny


Yes,yes,yes, I know it's an extreamly long, unmentional time til Easter, however I found this gorgeous free knitting pattern for a little Amigurumi Bunny Rabbit. (link in free stuff label; when I re-find it) and I couldn't resist. I looked at the material list for making it and seen it needed Size 2mm (US size 0) knitting needles. I didn't even know they went that small. I searched my local Yarn shop and they only stocked needles sized 3 til 14mm.

Downhearted I wondered into a Barnardo's store, which I sometimes go into, for craft supplies and just general material, and the cashier behind the desk had a bucket...filled with knitting the brim... and there was a sticker saying '1 pair -49p 1 double ended -20p' ... I rushed over and began searching.

I found size 2 needles! I also bought size 3, pair of 6mm, another pair of 5mm and a 5mm double ended. I also bought a crochet hook (4mm/size 8). all in all, what would have cost me £15 in a normal Yarn shop only cost me £2. The size 2 needles are so tiny! it's like kniting with very long cocktail sticks lol.

So, I got my new stuff home and got out the bunny pattern and the white cotton I decided I would use and started. It took a little while to get used to the small needle size, but I managed to get though it with no mistakes. I made him so that he's sitting, cus then he looks better on my desk. and I found a little White pom-pom for his tail.

Now I just wanna make a whole family :), all in differnet colours, and make clothes for them lol.

Now that I've tried my first Amigurumi I want to make a whole lot more. So I'm probably going to get a book or check on the internet for patterns.

------ Valentine's Day ------

I'm planning on making my boyfriend something for Valentines (which is this weekend) I've already planned it and half-finished it, so that'll be a nice surprise for him. I can't write it here yet, cus he might read this through Facebook.
So I'll post that next week, completed and tell ya all how he liked it :)

Much Luv Aki

Monday, 1 February 2010

Knit Knit Knit - Loads of new Yarn :)


I have not completed anything in the past week so in this post I'm gonna list the sorta things that'll be going on this blog, that and write about some knitting stuff that I have going on at the moment.

----- Skills and Creative things I can do -----
  • I can Knit (basically; I have never tryed anything big, but all in due time)
  • I make Jewellery (beaded mostly, but I want to work with Pm3 clay at one point)
  • I can vaugely crochet (not really; But I taught myself Knitting so I can teach myself crochet too)
  • I can cross stitch (more on that later)
  • I scrapbook on occasion (some aren't very good, but aw well)
  • I'm pretty good at drawing :)
Urm, that's pretty much it lol.

----- At the moment -----

I know it's only the start of febuary, but I'm thinking of Valentine's day already. My other half's going to get a very special little heart knitted by me, hopefully attached to a tower of brownies/ cookies (havn't decided yet) for a little extra something on that day :)
And, because the only time I get to show off and Sell my creativity. I am planning
for the Xmas sale in Larne too. ( I nkow; Xmas just past, but that means all the kits, patterns and yarn for the Xmas season is on sale at the moment, so I save myself money :) Notes and a post to come on the xmas sale Items and what I'm taking/ making :)

I'm knitting bags and hearts
I'm Jewellery-making Frogs and bunnies in different colours.
I want the plan for making the Bunny hats I found on Etsy (by Born with it)
I want to start hats for Xmas sale
I will therfore need to find a head I can model them on :)

No pics this time, will make up for it, hopefully next Monday.

Luv to all