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Tuesday, 27 March 2012

What to do with old....

...Knit/Crochet swatches

We all do it. Knitters I mean. We buy yarn for a certain project; knit a test square; decide not to use this yarn this particular project and throw the square into a bag, box or bury it in deep stash. think how many yards of Yarn are in that box/bag.... couldn't you make something a little more pleasing out of it?

On my desk I constantly have a bowl. It's full of scraps of yarn, off cuts, end-of-skeins, and swatches that are looking for a home are at the bottom. I'm going to list my top 5 ways to use these little bits of left over yarn

  1. Make it into a smoothie Hat...........................A 4x4 swatch will do a hat; simply frog from the cast off edge and knit again. (ravelry)
  2. Make into an Angelbear.................................This will need more than one swatch; which will result in a very technicolour bear.
  3. Use small leftovers as stuffing for Larger items (such as Angelbears)
  4. Use 2 sewn together to make a heatpack (various instructions online)
  5. Use as a dishcloth/ Make a blanket out of them..... all these you have probably heard before
This will probably not help your overall stashbusting... unless you have whole balls of yarn that you just don't like anymore or you swatch A LOT.

Happy Swatchbusting


Friday, 9 March 2012

My Last Purchace

My last purchace was a can of coke at work. That's not really that exciting is it? My last sizable purchace were these shoes.
The green ones are from Primark and the Red ones are from River Island. The red ones have a really cute nautical thing going on; with even stripy insides and gold eyelets on the outside. Topped with a cute red bow.                                             The green ones look like I've bought them out of Cath Kidson, If it weren't for the fact that they were a third of the price they would have been at Cath's.
Both are a size 9. And Both are wedges which I find myself wearing more often than heels. A girl my size has stability issues lol. The Green ones are about an inch higher tan the red ones Which probably explains why I like the red ones more. I don't feel like I sould be in some circus for the height of me; I also feel more womanly in the red ones. the green ones pinch at my toes.

That was my last purchace.


Friday, 2 March 2012

Good News

Good news!!!
I've just discovered that my PS3 can ead certain .avi files. So all those discs that I thought were useless because they were written by my old computer and therefore won't work on my new one are not waste anymore. Hurray

Here's to a sleepless night watching Tenchi Muyo and other animes.