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Monday, 4 April 2016


---- D&D Hiatus ----

If you look at it: We have been playing D&D for just about over a year, every 3-4 weeks. As much as I would love to keep playing every 3-4 weeks I feel that I should put my D&D on hiatus, until........... well until I say so. I know a few of you will be disappointed but because of the following reasons I believe this is the right decision.
  1. I'm getting severe writer's block; not knowing where to take the story or how to get some thing accoplished without seeming boring. 
  2. At least one of our party will be leaving us for at least a year; while I feel we could almost continue without them; What I dont want is to leave them out and when they return they are terribly underpowered. I'm not blaming them (I love them too much for that)
  3. (Spoilers) At our last gathering two characters bit the dust in a battle of the ages against an Ancient White dragon. Their new characters are going to have to be formulated, rolled and written in, which will take time and effort. 
I do of course want to keep on going, just not right now. I will keep writing slowly or the next year(s) or so, until eveyone is back in the county  or we can ALL approve a time (like if everyone's home at christmas lol)

I'll keep you all posted.

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