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Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Here comes the Summer!

---I seem to do this alot....sorry----

Ok; I know What I said... I also know that it has been way too sunny to stay inside to do... Anything basically.
I have been knitting outside, machine stitching outside and cross stitching outside.
Yesturday was 23'C; which may not be Hot for some places but for Good old Norhern Ireland: that's Hot. I have therefore been making the most of it.
Yesterday Craig took me to the park for a BBQ. We had the usual though-fair; Burgers and sausages; we also got some chilli prawn skewers and BBQ pork Kebabs. It was a lovely day sat near enough on the beach looking like I was holiday and knitting. I stupidly didn't take any pictures. Don't be angry.

I worked on an imaginary project. (ie: a project which I have no pattern for but that I have devised in my brain.I'm making it out of Yellow Cotton (because it's hot)

---And now today---

Today it's raining. I've realised that I am working a lot and therefore the Room I use most has become messy with the traffic of getting ready day after day. I set myself to today clear out this trffic so I actually have room for moving in and out of the sewing bit of the room. During tidying I came across a ball of Yarn that I had bought ages ago from that craft Fair that was absurdly expesive.

And now I ask you: What the hell do I do with this ball of Yarn? It's in a lovely moss green ... thing is ... it also has the texture and the knitablity of Moss. it's mistake ridden, fun-fur like and when I try to knit on 5mm needles (the size suggested) I end up parting, tearing and  knitting through the yarn. It short; it's hell to work with. had this been a yarn that I had paid £2 for I would happliy cut it up into tiny pieces and use it for stuffing I would go out of my way to insure none of this yarn was seen by me again.                         But it just so happens that I didn't pay £2 for this ball.... no.... the label on the back of the ball band tells me I paid £5.99 for this. £6!!!! For a ball of yarn that would send even the savvyest of knitters running towards the malabrigo and nice sock yarn.

I must have been a little less knitterly than I am now.But the frugality of my inner being will not allow me to throw this Yarn away. I must make something of it... a Hat, Mossy wristers..... Anything.


Friday, 18 May 2012

A lot will happen tomorrow; here's why:

Ok; I'll be frank; I don't know that much about rugby. I know some of the basics and I know most of the important team names. I'm also very proud of my home team, Ulster, making it to the Finals of the Heiniken Cup this year. The match, against Leinster, kicks off tomorrow. I know my Better half Craig has been quite Literally beating his chest about this all week.

I'll be very happy (and a little deaf) if they win tomorrow.

---What this has to do with the Blog---
I will be sitting in one place for practically all day; rather than knitting (which I would normally be doing) I shall be writing. I'm taking a big file-block onto the sofa with me and my schedule which I drew at the start of the year and I'm going to write all the one's that I physically can with a Man screaming beside me.

I will then type these up and have them all put out before Tuesday night. Then I will post Tuesday's blog (Today as my left hand) and hopefully everything will be back to normal.

So yes; A lot will happen tomorrow. The result of the match will probably determine the overall mood of myself and of Craig over the next few days; so here's hoping that everyone does well



Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Books on my shelf

---Books---                                                                                      (please note I'm time-travelling)
I'm going to list all the book that I have out on my shelf. Why? Even I forget what I have sometimes and it is good to re-evaluate space and layouts of things that I use most often. Here goes:

NB-I'm not classing magazines as books... else this should take the rest of the day to write. I'm also not including Manga. For the same reason.

Knitting books
  • 3 Yarn Harlot books
  • Modern top-down Knitting (gorgeous book that I got recently)
  • Glamour Knits
  • The Knitter's Bible
  • Inspired Cable Knits
  • Big Girl knits
  • Vintage Gifts to Knit
  • Not tonight Darling I'm Knitting
  • Heirloom Knits
  • Knitting in no Time
Cooking books
  • Two Greedy Italians
  • Christmas with Gordan
  • Ken Hom's Quick Stir-fry
  • Various Baking books.
Other books
  • Fifty shades of Grey (I haven't stared this yet; but apparently it's good and sexy.)
  • The secret Life of Dresses
  • The House of Silk
  • The Complete Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
  • Gun Seller (Hugh Laurie)
  • Rose Labyrinth
Please note these are not ALL my books but the books that I read/refer to most often.


Monday, 14 May 2012


I must apologise to all my frequent readers. I have not posted since Febuary. That's nearly 2 months of updateless blog. There's a reason for that:

I have been working non-stop  since Valentine's weekend. Over the past 2 months there has not been a week that I have not been in work 6 days out of 7. (some weeks 7 out of 7)

Thankfully I have had 2 weeks now when I' only in 3 days a week; I have been able to recover.

I'm going to time-travel a little bit. I'm going to go back and do all the posts that I should have done, so I should be up to date by the end of this week. Except the video ones; which wil be up before the end of the month.

So if you see a lot of activity on my blog - I'm contacting a certain Doctor and will be timetraveling.

Thank you for your pacience with me.


PS: blogger's changed while I was away.... it's strange.