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Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Etzy Rumble

---How an Etzy Rumble works ---
  1. Log onto etzy
  2. go to your favourites and click a random seller.
  3. Give yourself 10 minutes. Explore. save pictures; and at the end of the 10 minutes make a colage of the things you like that you found.
  4. Simple!
Is it bad that I can imagine using ALL of these?


Friday, 24 February 2012

What I made today

---time travelling---

So I'm out of the time vortex. I've arrived at the 24th Feb. I was meant to write about something I made on that day. instead I'm going to catch you up on EVERYTHING I've made in the past 2 months.

I got myself 2 knitting books  this time. Inspired Cable Knits by Fiona Ellis and Modern Top Down Knitting by Kristina McGowan.

They are both fantastic books, full of inspiration for me and I've already made something out of  Modern top Down knitting (MTDK), a pair of slippers for a very great freind of mine, Charlotte who's 21 in May.

You have to cut around your foot on fabric(she used leather, but as I don't have part of a dead cow hanging about I used Fabric) The n you pierce it and knit in the round to make the slippers. I loved making them and am now wanting to make a pair for myself.

I have also knit quite a considerable bit on the Angelbears. These are the little knitted bears I made with the GB; except.... well I've made more than all of them put together. (I knew half of them wouldn't get one finished) I will post a picture of all of them before I send them off.

I have re-taken up the challenge of Nadine's Scarf. I have realised what was wrong with the old one and am sorting it out in the new design. I hope to hand it to her at Christmas.

Everything else knitting has been going along very smoothly.

---Cross sticthing ---
I cross stictch on Sundays. it's less cubersome than knitting in bed and even seems like a lot less work(even though I know it's actually MORE cus you have a very specific pattern) and I'm stitching my very own story village (picutres unavailable til I get it noticly finished.)

I have finished Night Circus AND the complete adventures of Sherlock Holmes, I am now reading House of Silk (a Sherlock phantom writer story) and the book everyone's talking about - Fifty shades of Grey. So far I love both of these books; though I think I am concentrating more on the Sherlock Holmes book than on the other. That's purely because of my personal taste.

--- Everything else ---
Everything else is still steady. I lost a little weight in April; put it back on in May and basically everything has stayed the same.

I'm off now back to the Future with my Doctor to do more posts. toodles

Tuesday, 21 February 2012


This was originally a Missing Day. I re-drew from the day topics left over and this is what came out


Another deep post.

What are you worth?
A lot of people would look at that Question and assume I'm going to ramble that you are worth Everything to God; And while that is True that's not what I am going to talk about.

Imagine you are under Terriorist attack. Your entire street. They post ransoms for everyone and everything in your street. What makes you worth more than say the girl next door, or the single guy up the street? What makes the Family of 4 worth more than the old couple with 7 grandchildren?

Now imagine you are the terrorists (not saying you are: stick with me) How do you post what every person is worth?

Should the Beatiful people be worth the most. That young teenage Girl next door is more beautiful than the old Lady who lives alone at the top of the street right? she should be worth more then? To the Girl's Parents She is the most beautiful Girl in the world. The Old Lady's Husband still believes she is the most beautiful person in the world. So who's right? Beauty is in the Eye of the beholder...

What about amount of close Family?
Should the Family of 4 Kids be worth more than the Old couple who live alone but have 15 grandkids who live far away? How about the Family who's just had their First little Baby? are they worth less than the Family which cannot have children?

Size of the house you live in?
So If your street is full with house of a normal 2 story houses should your life be worth less that the family next to you because they have a conservatory?

It's up to you. Logically every person should be worth exactly the same amount, but there are selfish people in this world who believe they are worth more than everybody else. Like-wise there are Selfless people who put themselves at the lowest possible worth. Society has a way of putting worth on people depending on all sorts of qualities.

Me? I believe that everyone is worth nothing. Or Everything. That way there's no fighting and Everyone will Love who they are.

Food for thought. Brain cookies if you will


Friday, 17 February 2012

My Guilty Pleasure

--- Shoes ---

I swear. I have to date 58 pairs of shoes. I keep buying more. mostly gorgeous heels and a few flats. When I go out I don't class it as a shopping trip unless I get a good pair of shoes. My latest aquired pair are these beauties.

They are Tan coloured Leather Heels. I got them *half price* from Tescos (£8). I have taken to putting them on around the house... just becasue they're so pretty :)

Between these and Tapdance shoes My feet feel all special.

I also have my eye on a few designer shoes. But the £135 pricetag is doing everything to my brain. (it's going 'that's 27 GOOD balls of Yarn!!!' or more convincingly 'That's 20 metres of that Fabric you liked at Craftwoman') and I have silenced the wants for these shoes until the Lottery notices that I deserve a win.

But a girl can dream.....


Tuesday, 14 February 2012

A logical World

Did you get a Valentines Card this year?

Did your friends get one? Did your Mum? your Gran? The Geek at School?

Logically; with the amount of people in the world Every person should have recieved something.

A logical world would mean that love, wealth, food, health-care, space and importance would be spread evenly across every member of this planet.
That is obviously not true. I know there are people in the world who do not have a piece of clothing to their name; yet we in the rich countries throw away enough clothes to fill 10 double deacker Buses every Month.

It pains me; I know that as a Knitter with a quite formidable Stash I probably have enough Yarn to leave me comforably off the rest of my life. I know knitters who's stash takes up a whole room in their house; more than they could possibly knit in their lifetimes. I'm not going to drag on the point; We get hit with Guilt every day. Just a please; before you think of throwing out that old t-shirt...Take a look at this website

That is all

Oh yeah; Happy Valentine's Day <3


Friday, 10 February 2012

Things I love ( A top 10)

---In Acending Order---

10. I love spoiling people
     Naturally I am a kind creature; I enjoy showing my friends how much they are loved.

9.I love being called Awesome
   When I dress up; when I knit something for someone I love the look on their face when they see it.    Then if they actually come over to me and say that I'm doing a good thing: I love that.

8.I love Lady Gaga
   When/If she announces her tour to here I will kill people for tickets

7.I love Coffee
   I love Coffee; but I have to say  Starbucks: I don't like. I prefer Costa or the good old coffee at home.
6.I love a Bargain
   More on this in a non-calendar post later

5.I love Food
   C'mon: look at the size of me: of course I love Food. Especially cooking food

4. I love my Friends
    Real, internety or imaginay. You are all dear to me :)

3. I love My Family
    Especially the parts with 4 legs

2.I love to Knit
   It is a rare thing to see me withount Yarn or not knitting.

1. I love Craig
   Lets Face it; You knew he was going to be No.1.

---Knitting update ---
Those little Innocence Hats are addidctive. I have 8 done. I hope to have number 10 before next post; then I can post the montage.

That's it really
Toodles Aki XXX

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Red Day

----Happy Red Day----

Today according to my Blog Calendar is Red Day. The Blog went through some changes on the background ect. This will be up for a week (until next tuesday) when things go back to normal.

To Honour Red Day I am knitting something Red (Craig's Gloves are mostly red and I'm wearing all the red I can. (yes: I'm even wearing Red underwear.) And I'm going to do something I don't normally do: I'm going to paint my toe-nails.

I hate my toenails. what's the point of painting them if no-one sees them? it's not even near the weather for my peep toed shoes yet; over here we're getting warnings of Frost, Ice and even the occasional snow. My tootsies would rather be nice and warm rather than showing off.

I'm also knitting a Red Smoothie Hat. Ok; I realise I haven't took pictures of these yet; but I'm waiting til I get to 10; then there will be a montage. I'm at 6 at the moment; so it won't be long :)

until next time :)


PS: I finally got the video uploaded to youtube. Through much swearing and going over and over the same form time and time again *dedication* It can be found here

Friday, 3 February 2012

My work

I work in Tescos. Yes; I know; Global Superpower that's killing small businesses and all that; Thing is: it pays well. Unhealthy hours, food and shameless self-advertising makes up for the fact that I'm able to buy all the Yarn and things that I need. Sure I know that the current hours I have won't get me anywhere near a morgage; but I have to keep believing that a full time position will come up; or that I'll get those numbers up on the Euromillions tonight, or the Lotto tonight.

A girl can dream