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Friday, 15 October 2010

Here we see the knitting Feind in it's natual habitat before xmas.......

----Oh my Good Lord it's been a long time----
Hellos everybody. I'm very sorry if you missed me, a lot has happened it the past......MONTH!!! Oh my word I didn't think it would be that long sorry.
Well at the rate I'm going at it might turn into 2 if I don't get moving like now; so without any further ado; grab yourself a hot beverage, shut the curtains without looking outside (trust me; it's not pretty) and here we go :)

----Job Job Job----
I got one. I'm now working down in Tescos as a part time worker (with shed loads of overtime lol), which is why the blog (and the knitting) have been moving at a snail's pace over the last few days. I do however have enough money to buy myself a nice little thing for myself at Christmas which might make things easier.

----Preparations for xmas----
Some things have been coming along nicely...... other things I have swore to hell and back for the best part of a month lol. here's a quick (but long) compendium of all I have to complete and how I think it's going :D

Craig's Cricket Jumper
The Back is almost done, I estimate only about 10 more rows to go, then I have to do the same again for the front. there is a little glimmer of hope though, I've started the Armhole shaping, which means I'm nearly 50% done

Chance of getting done before Christmas: 90% positive

Monkey A socks (===>)
Have been coming along swimmingly. I'm just about to do the heel flap for the first sock, then there's the foot and toe. These are pictured on my mum's leg. simply because my legs are Large.... these socks are a Medium. I'd stretch the stitches beyond repair.

Chance of finishing in time: 70% positive

Interlocking Leaves socks

(not started so no picture)
Yeah, the pattern's printed and sitting beside the Yarn but with hardly any available time this seems more and ore unlikely.

Chance of finishing in time: 30% positive

Chloe Socks
See above
Chance: 10%

Outside In Socks
See above
Chance (slim to none)

GHN project
Will not picture lol; because she reads this blog, and I shall not let it out yet. It is showing signs of being finished. I'm about 20% done and I can already tell this thing's going to be a long ass thing lol

Chance: 60%

GBP project (====>)
Too cute for words. I have worked out a way that it doesn't look like a brown Jack Skelington (like in this photo) I am aiming to make another 3 before Christmas (total of 4) and since this little guy only needed 1 day to be knit up (started at Lunchtime and finished adding the features just after 10pm

Chance: 80%

Cross stitch Cards (1 = 10%)

Gloves for Craig (Finished)
Hallelujah!!!! they are finished :D even the logo on the front that He wanted; pictures to come when I get him to try them on XD

I also have a secret Santa gift to add to this List, for My bible Group. The budget is anything below £2..... which is hard. then I remembered the Cinnamon coloured Yarn I got for £1.50 at the bottom of my stash (yeah, it had to be at the VERY bottom) and pulled it out. Plans are set for a hat. but because I have  alot more important things to finish, it's on a back burner for now. I don't think I need it done til mid December; so I should be fine :D.

--- As if I didn't Have enough to do.... ---
What with the job and the knitting this year Christmas promises to be.... hectic. It's very unlikely that I'll be able to blog again before this event so I'm going to Showcase it now!

This Year I will be once again gracing Inver Garden Centre (near Larne <===Map) for their Annual Christmas Fair. It's being Held on the 4th/5th of December (that weekend) I will have a table with my lovely assistant/ other half; we'll be selling my handmade Jewellery, A few knitted items (Harlot scarfs mostly.... more on that Later)
Most Importantly I will be giving a brilliant 10% off to readers of my blog! all u need to tell me on the day is...... The Name of at Least 1 of my Amigurumi. If u name 2 you DONT get 20% off and so on, but if you name ANY of them (there's 4 in total) then you get a Yummy 10% your order.

----Stock---- (what I'll be selling)
-Masses of my Handmade jewellery
-Some Knitted items (Harlot Scarfs ===> yeah I know it's not finished Bear with me)
-Some Cute Christmas stockings.... (more on that....Now)

----Handmade Christmas stockings----
It's such a common thing to See at this time of Year, the Humble Christmas stocking, most of the store bought ones are made in mass, so it's Likely that you have the exact same stocking as someone in the same town as you..... I don't like that. I don't like going into Someone else's house and seeing things that I have the same in mine. What I do like however is someone coming to my house, seeing Lady's NEW Christmas Stocking and going 'Oh how cute! A Chrismas stocking for a Dog, Where'd you get it?' to which I'd reply 'I made it'. I love to see their Faces light up when that happens, even at this Simple design (<==)
I also Believe that everyone (even Lady) should have something unique. Something that no-one else has. These Stockings are a great way to accieve that. Because I made this for Lady myself I hold in my mind that No other stocking bought in some chain on the highstreet is even Like it.
I plan on Making about 5 to 10 more intricate designs to Sell at the Christmas Fair. I will also be making them with my Brigader Stiching Class in GB, I'll try and make their's A little bigger than Lady's, at least big enough to fit a Kingsize Galaxy Bar into, that way..... they can fit something of value into it without it looking like a poor, empty stocking because nothing will fit into it lol.
I also plan to make a quite Large one for a very special Friend this year. Which I will fill with Stuff, Wrap it and give it to her hopefully before Christmas day.

----Back to the Hamster Wheel----
Sorry if that was a little shorter than you first thought but I have Knitting to do, and A job to get back to and most importantly A better half to enterain and Love. What with the business of my Life now I can see myself posting just before the Inver Sale to let everyone know what I have instock and a greater idea of where to find the centre. I'd be chuffed to bits to see any of my blog readers there :D
So until next time.... don't get too cold, wrap up warm... - toodles

Friday, 1 October 2010

85..... 85

Hey to everybody. not that much to talk about this time, but a little to write about, So lets get to it. Unwrap a chocolate bar (I'm chooseing a NEW Galaxy Bar, this one's with Truffles), pour a glass of milk, sissyjuice or wine and come to read with me.

---Holy Crap---
Attention all crafters and people who like to be nice to their friends at Christmas. I have Grave news... its only 85 days to Christmas.
Yep. 85 (check if u don't beleive me) thats 12 weeks, exactly. Now's the time to start planning, panicing and (for me) yarncrafting. This year I have 20 people to get for. 20!!! That's including my Mum and Dad (which is gonna be difficult), Craig's Mum and Dad and of course Craig. (which I've already started on lol) Along with 15 close friends.

10 people are getting handmade gifts. Some Cricket jumpers (craig only) and others are getting Socks, Hats or ofter little accessories. Which brings to my mind something from Last week. Sock votes.

---What a waste---
I got 1 vote.... ONE!!! I'm.... disappointed. but at least I have somewhere to Start. Thank you Nadine for being the only voter. I won't talk anymore on the subject because certain people that I thought would vote didn't. That's all.

---Some sock news---
Nadine kindly voted for Monkey socks by Cookie A. which will be the socks that I will cast on First. then (because the voting system doesn't seem to work) I will pull names out of a hat or use a randomiser or something. In fact I'll do that all now.... please talk among yourselves lol)

**Frantic searching for a hat.... then learning we have no hats suitable for it....... uses a bowl instead.... finds it hard to come up with names for colourways of yarn....***

Alright, that was only 2 minutes for you at most but that was 15 minutes for me. Lol
Here are the Results and Photos of the Yarn that will be made into socky goodness:

1st to Cast on = Monkey (by Cookie A)
    In the brown colour (I'm calling it Sugar)
2nd to Cast on = Interlocking Leaves
    In the Bright rainbow colour (top beside the blue)
3rd to Cast on  = Chloe Socks
   In the Blue (which I'm calling River, beause there's Steel Grey in there too, and no Green)
4th to Cast on = Outside In
    In the flower-y colour (calling Iris)

I'm casting on as soon as I finish Craig's Gloves (because they're made on the same needles... go figure. (and no; I don't want another pair... I have too many needles already)I'm printing out a calendar now, trying to set myself timelimits and days to do certain things. So that I'm not madly rushing at the Last minute:
Mondays are for Criket Jumper
Tuesdays are for Stitching (cross or other)
Wednesdays are for Gloves/Socks
Thursadys are for Secret Project GHN
Fridays are for Secret Project GBP
Saturdays are for Gloves/ Sock (I have 3 pairs ppl)
And Sundays's the Day of Rest.... so I'm doing the rest..... things that don't fit into projects

A certain little blog reader and altoghter Dear friend's Birthday Present finally came to Fruition Last Saturday. She got me Tickets to See FAME in the GOH Belfast :D I loved it muchly. Thank you Tashi-Chan :D

---non-Knitting but Yarncraft related news ---
Since the Last time I blogged a certain creative activity was started in GB. Cross Stiching. I love Cross stiching and was happy to realise that we'd be taking part in it as a group of about 20 Brigaders. We're making Bookmarks so Far but A few seem to be going at the pace of a jet-propeller plane... others are going Lazily about it; but at least they're learning. Me and Mrs Mo (my Captain) have been talking about what to do after everyone's done with their bookmarks. Knitting was meantioned.... so was crochet until I said that I wouldn't be able to help (because I don't know how to do that 1 needle stuff)We'll just see.
But anyway: all this working with Cross stitch encouragted me to get out all my old Cross stiching stuff... I was overblown by the sheer amount of the material, So I've decided to make Xmas Cards for some special people this year. Showcasing my crosstitching skills lol.

Previews of all Xmas projects will happen on the 10th of December. That's the Cards, Cricket Jumper, Socks, Secret Santa projects and secret GBP, GHN and others.

I will blog again on the 15th of October. Hopefully with some pictures of socks and stuff
Until then I've got a Chicken Curry to tuck into (yep u heard me right me:curry....It's Craig's influence I tell ya) Toodles XXX

Friday, 17 September 2010

If the bottom of my stash could talk....


Greetings; readers of my trips into my insanity. Our heating's up the left and I'm cold, so lets get on with this shall we?

---Secret Project T?---

A few of my Ravellry people will have noticed this before anyone, and knew what it was before the bithday Girl herself :D. Seret Project T is a Scarf with Sakura flowers (8 of them) and 5 banch-like tails between the ends. I got the pattern off ( a very early issue; I think it was Fall 2005 or so )

I love it little flowers; they amuse me to no end :), even though they are baby Pink, a color which I hate, Tashi-chan was worth it though.

I'm now starting my Next Secret project. That's Secret project GHN. this Will not be up on Ravelry because she is very good at snooping about for info. (or as we prefer to call it; page stalking) so This project will remain off all electronic things until after Christmas. (which this is for)

---Other things that I've done this fortnight ---

Craig's Mittens are well underway :) I have 1 done and the other started. I am working on the ribbing of the second one now...... but I am afraid to wash them.... they are a little looser than I would of liked, especailly around the cuff and the granny finger. (thay look far too big on me; he's got bigger hands thou; so it's ok) I have taken a picture of the first one in it's production stage (left) and when its finished,(below both modeled by my hand.

I have also Started a Crochet case for Craig's Mum. :) just the detailing to do and a little but of ribbon and stichwork on the inside. I'll have it done by next blogtime. I'll also hopefully have the second glove done by then too.

And yeah; I know there's no pictures of the crochet hook holder; I'm saving that for next time lol (its very colourful)

---I am in need of Sock Patterns---
Alright; I put up last week that I'm starting my Xmas projects, and that I need to make 4 pairs of Scoks by Xmas (well one's my own, so it can wait like; I'm not bothered)
I realized that after my attempt at socks earlier this year it may not be a good idea to knit 8 socks that are exactly the same pattern (because.... well.... I'll get bored) So I am in need of 3 sock patterns, I have a few in my repitoir of online patterns. A few which I think will probably be nice.... but I want to Let you all decide before I print out the patterns. remember: I need 3(or 4, whichever)

So here's how it's gonna work :) Beween now and next blog post (thats gonna be the 1st of August) I need ppl to post their prefered sock patterns (pics in a mo) onto either this blog; or on my Facebook page (I'm Ellisa Haddock there, If you need to add me; go on ahead but put 'reader of blog' or something in the extra bit; so I'm not accepting any perverts or axe-murders.

Pick 3 (or 4 if u cant decide) and at the end of this month I'll Tally them and the most popular 3 will be the patterns :) I'm leaving this entirely in your hands. without any further ado : the socks (...... good god I'm insane)and bear with me; there's a lot of scrolling lol.

<--- Baroque (from designed by Janice Kang
Baudelaire (also from
Designed by Cookie A

Chloe Socks ( free pattern, no designer given)
Interlocking Leaves ( by Kelly Porpiglia
Mermaid's Lagoon ( by Sadie Bellegarde
Monkey ( by Cookie A
Outside In ( by Janice Kang
And Finally..... Pomatomus
If you are a Knitter you are also very welcome to suggest a design, as long as it's a free pattern and between ankle and knee height.

---Two weddings and an unforgiveable thing ---

Tonight I have just discovered that I have 2 weddings to go to next year. My cousin and his girlfriend/fiance are getting married next December (the 20th) and today we got word about my.... relative's wedding Lindsay Ann (it's too confusing to say my uncle's Daughter's Daughter which I think is my cousin but I can't be sure)
which is on the 23rd of September :) both of these weddings I have been invited to, as have my better half, my mother and my Dad. AND as they are both family weddings I cannot..... just simply cannot...... wear the same outfit. I have already made up my mind to wear my formal Tiara to my Cousin Neil's wedding, and I'll probably end up wearing my formal corset to Lindsay Ann's wedding :)..... which my need to be taken in but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.
So please excuse me if this time next year I am running around like a headless chicken; wondering what the hell to wear.

--- You may remember....---

A Great freind of mine (jenni, the one who I was teaching to knit) went off to America. She left with me Her stash. It was small but..... almost all in one colour.... a burgandy Maroon. I measured it all last night and I think I have enough to do these... I love them..... I hope will have enough time to start these on about Christmas Day or Boxing Day, So that I can start these while it's still cold. And if Last year is anything to go by then Snow is on the Agenga..... Lots of Snow..... until about ooooooo....... April?
---- And on that note----
I am going to leave you all now; please remember to Vote for the Sockathon (yeah; I'm calling it that) or If you dont want to vote, I would do my ego a very good thing to  have a lot of people post on my Facebook that they read my blog..... or that they read it and hated it, Whichever. I'll talk to ya'll in the new month (can you beleive it's 3 months til Christmas?) and I hope to have 2 or 3 completed things by then and a clear winner, 2nd and 3rd place of the sockathon. As soon as I see the results I will cast on the 1st place winner in sock Yarn.
Until then Toodles XXX

PS: Have just previewed this piece and have realised just how many things that are on feet or Legs..... I assure you; I do not have some weird foot Fetish. I just.... like to knit socks......

Friday, 3 September 2010

Wow, I get around a lot

Hellos to everyone :). sorry I havn't been updating during the past couple of weeks, its mostly because I have been busy going around practically everywhere in Northern Ireland for little Day trips with my better half. During this time I've been to Port Stewart, Ulster Transport Mueseum, Newcastle, Portrush and a couple of times to Belfast. During these times, while Craig was driving to these various destinations I was map holder and constantly 'Weird knitting girl in the front seat'.
Our trip to Portrush is the one were we took the most pictures.... mostly because of the insane amount of tickets we won at Barrys lol(pictured) turns out there was 575 tickets there...nice.

---You knit for how long?---
  • Port Stewart - worked on Garns bolero - 1.5 hours there (I didn't knit on the way home, I was soaked.)
  • Ulster Transport Mueseum -Worked on Secret project T (see to do list, later on in this post) 0.5 hours there, didn't knit on the way home, I had a chinese on my lap instead.
  • Newcastle - Worked on craig's cricket vest (again, more on that later) - 2 hurs there, 2 hours back
  • Port rush - worked on Secret project T - 1.5 hours there, 1 hour back (cus I had food too)
So all in all I have knit while traveling for a total of 8 and a half hours. AND still.... nothings's completed !!!!

---Nothing done ---
Craig's cricket vest is no-where near finished, I don't think I'm even at 20% yet... Secret Project T is about 80% done but the herdest part is still to come.... The Garns bolero...... every round I do on the garns boleo seems to get sucked into a black hole and I seem to be getting no closer to the sleeve than I was 4 weeks ago. Bugger.
The bag that I am to be doing with Jenni is lying unfinshed in my room; mostly because Jenni's buggered back away off to America. I am urging myself to finish it. It still needs 11 more little sqaures and the long strap around the bottom still needs a good 1 side. I've even taken to doing 1 square before I go to bed on some nights, but I always reach for Craig's vest instead; its just so much more.... interesting. On that note: I am onto the cables and they're super cool.

---Secret Project T ---
It is a certain follower's birthday this weekend; she'll be the grand old age of 20 (like me...and my other half), so because she's an avid reader I can't display what I've made for her until after she gets it, which'll be tomorrow night... so you won't be able to see it until my next blogness day.(which given my current roughness for dates could be awhile lol.
I will only give the clue that it is brown and pink. nuf said.

--- As if I didn't have enuf to do ---
I am a great magazine purchaser; I usually buy a knitting Magazine whenever I can; usually I like most of the patterns in them, I buy them for the socks sometimes too. The one I buy most often is a monthly called 'The Knitter' I got this month's edition, mostly because of the socks.... and the gorgeous pattern for like a houndsmooth jacket; which I would want to extend and lengthen; ah well.
My significant other (pictured at Portrush beach looking absolutely fantabulous) was looking over my shoulder while reading one of the patterns towards the back, and just says 'those'd be good for watching the rugby' pointing at a pair of fingerless Mittens (called Spencer for anyone who's got this month's issue)and I said....well here's the convo

E: I'll make them for ya; what colour?
C: Red and White, and I'll pay you
E: you dont have to pay me
C: yes I do; they're not gonna be for like chistmas or anything
E: so?, I can still do that
C: I'm paying you
E: No ur not
C: yes I am
(various Yes/nos here)
C: at least let me buy you somthing; like a coffee
E:.... coffee would be nice
C: Settled: Coffee and a muffin for u and tea and cake for me! (happy look on his face cus he knows my weakness to coffee)
E:................. damn

So I have now got something to be getting on with besides the.... oh I dunno about 10 other UFOs (unfinished objects) for various people. which brings me onto the to-Do list. This ALL is to be done before Christmas, which may seem like awhile away but I have 1 (possibly 2) sweater size projects to do and numerous other little things for christmas presents...... I may curl up in a ball and cry at any time during this list

--- To-Do list --- (In Order of importance)
  • Complete Secret project T   (that's almost done.... yeah; I know; cutting it kinda fine)
  • Spencer Mittens   (For my significant other, already started)
  • Craig's Cricket Vest  (yep, about 20% done... will hopefully be done before he gets to see me working on half of it lol)
  • Nadine's Chistmas present   (Yet another thing I can't show here; because Nadine reads this blog reguarly; she just knows its Guitar hero related :D )
  • Chloe Socks (pictured)      (For a special friend)
  • Chloe socks     (For another special friend)
  • Chloe Socks    (For self....they look so damn good)
  • Operation G & F   (for everyone who isnt getting socks or a special item)
  • Organizational Item    (for a crocheter I know and love)
  • Baby Jacket & Hat   (For Ashleigh's little baby boy)
Some great people may have noticed that my both my Bag and my Bolero aren't here..... that would be because It's gonna have to take a back seat while I worry about the Christmas things. this means I probably wont get the bolero done until nearly Valentine's Day, unless something magical happens and I get all my knitting done on time.

--- Happy birthday to you ---
Happy Bithday to Tashi-chan.
Don't worry about turning 20... you're only halfway to 40.... you're not there yet :)

lols, only kidding Chickie; luv ya really.
Lurve the cute photo? Inspired by ur little notes on your blog lol

-- Cherrio --
Until next time everybody :) bye byes

Monday, 9 August 2010

Something old, something new, nothing borrowed and quite a lot of blue

Hellos everybody :)
Sorry for the lateness of this post, I have a very good excuse though (but that's for my fist topic)and don't worry about the title; I promise Im not getting married yet... It's the only thing I could think of for a title that surprisingly goes with all my topics today. So sit back, pour a glass of your favourite beverage (alchoholic or sissyjuice)and enjoy this bloggyness time.
I was up cavehill again this bloggytime, here's the best photo of about 175 photos

---Something old---
First off; I know I said I would bog again on Tuesday, a couple of weeks ago. I didn't. That's because I had a funeral to go to... And there's no easy way to say this... It was my grandma's funeral. She'd been fighting a case of dementia for some years; and it was expected, but not prepared for it emotionally.
She lived to a grand old age of 89. She would have been 90 next March. In her lifetime she had 4 children, all home births. She never had a holiday, and had never even been on an airplane. She outlived 2 of her children, and her husband. At her death she weighed 5stone if she was even that. She was a mother, a grandma, a great-granny and even a great-great-granny, she passed away on the 21st of July at 4am in her nursing home in her bed, I loved her and if Im even half of as good a person as she was, I'd be happy.

R.I.P Granny

---Something New---
Back to something a little bit happier :) I bought new Yarn :) and I think I have finally overfilled my Yarn stash bag. So much that I am contemplating clearing the entire top of my bookcase and just putting a freeking lot of Yarn; like right there. lol. sorry, no theres no pictures of my haul this time... I kinda stashed some of it away so I wouldn't let my mum know just how much I actually bought.... I was also given Yarn this week; but more on that later :)

I also tried something completely new this blogtime. I am trying to loose some weight, so I went to the Gym with my friend Jenni, for like the first time EVER. and I enjoyed it so much that I'm going to take out a membership this Tuesday and do this thing :D

I also now have a Ravelry account, I'm Akitombo on there too; Feel free to add me if you're there. :D
I learnt about it through the numerous blogs I read, the amount of podcasts I listen to; I just never kinda thought 'Hey, I can use that too' lols. I have spent most of the last couple of days trying to reall all the stash I have littered about my house and name them.... haha; half of them are missing ball bands.... and I actually Found one with 2 ball bands..... that was strange.
Hello to my new Ravelry friends :D; I know there's only 4 at this moment in time so I'll name them, ravitar only:
flockewe ,  the-happy-hooker, LittleFire and Dulcinea
Hellos to all :)

There's also been a new arrival. Blog readers will know that my neighbour was expecting a baby the last time I wrote. Well ...Ashleigh had a little baby boy (god damn...) he hasn't got a name yet, but I think their deciding between Christopher and something else. I kept up with my promise and knit a pair of baby booties for the little Munchkin (==>) pictured In flowers that my mum got a while back.
The pattern was a Debbie bliss Pattern, I think it was from baby knits for beginners. and since its a boy I left off the frills.

Used Rico Cotton in a turquiose-y colour and Cast off in White to give a very thin stripy look about the top. They apparently dont fit him well ...yet.... as he's only a newborn... and I think I made the size for 3-4 months..... so they'll fit him by Christmas lol, even though I probably have enough to do for christmas.... a sweater for my beloved (he knows..... he seen the pattern)A secretive present for Nadine (which she has no clue what it is hehehehe) A little tiny thing for a couple of friends whom I like and I know would appeciate a little hand-knitted little thingy.

---Nothing Borrowed---
I'm still going to hell on the Garns Bolero, I think I will have broken the back of it by the end of this month (that's a very violent saying.... makes it sound like I'm hunting the yarn lol)
I'll then be on the sleeve.... I would have a picture of it up on ravelry but my Mum does not understand the concept of 'take a photo of only the knitwear; not my face, or my un socked feet'.... so it'll have to wait until I can get my beloved to photograph me.
However I can take photos of it; off me... like on a table... or doing a Harlot and arrange it artistically in something Green and leafy; so here's a good one. I'm about 65 to 70% done, I've got about 15 more inches on one side to do; then a furher 12 inches of the sleeve. then I might add a small collar; because the zig-zags of the decreases annoy me.
I have already went over the estimated yardage for the project, the pattern said 5 balls, I'm now on my 7th and I've got 2 more waiting in my project bag.... just incasy.

I was given Yarn this week; which I don't have a picture of ... I was given it by Jenni; my freind who I am trying to learn how to knit... I don't think I'm doing a very good job; if my facebook page hs anything to go by.... I think I've thrown her into a pit of insanity... I hope to recover herbefore she goes back to the states in September.

I have a couple of things I want to knit now for the baby.... especially these. they're baby booties in the shape of converse..... I feel an obsession coming on lol. I found the link on Ravelry (because it rocks like that) and now I want to makes them for baby next door.

I also have a couple of birthdays coming up; for friends and stuff... thinking about starting to knit them  something now lol :D and as she reads this blog..... I think, then I can't show it here.I will hopefully have finished it by her birthday.

---and quite a lot of blue ---
As I have already worte I am trying my hardest to teach my freind to knit. Her name's Jenni and she understands my weird teaching style better than I think I understand it myself lol. we're making a Market bag together; 9x9 square sides and a long scarf like thing for the bottom; handles too :D the pattern is copletely from my head and from Acyrlic yarn. next I want to introduce her to Merino... or maybe wool Baby blend. she says she wants to knit a lot of baby stuff; cus there always seems to be a want for it in America :D. So I am printing off a booklet for her of all the baby patterns that I think can be done by a beginner.... weither she will or not is a different matter altogether.
My bag that I am making will be made of different shades of blue; all of that Yarn that I got from Jenni will be made into something.... else.... Jenni's bag is going to be all bright colours.... yellow, white and shocking Pink....not my taste but it is certainally hers.
I'll let you know how it goes.

By this time next week I hope to have blogworthy progress to report, but I'll not blog until Thursday (the 19th) so I can get pictures of the hopefully completed bags and see what else we've decided to knit before Jenni goes back to Americaland.

Write to you's all again next week; toodles

Luv from Aki XXXXXXX

Saturday, 17 July 2010

Holy crap that felt like a long while

--- Alright;be prepared; this might will be a long one ---

Greetings readers of my bloginess; hope you've all been good. Quite a lot has happened in the last couple of weeks; so much that I'm trying so hard to remember some parts of it; however the photos on my camera might help jog my memory when I get to them; so hang tight.

---Announcements ----
  • I turned 20!!!! (holy crap) I just noticed I have to change the side bar crap; cus it still says I'm 19... that'll be interesting
  • My better half turned 20!!!! He loved all his stuff I got him... I think... the Lush was maybe a little step in the wrong direction but he loved his London Irish shirt I got him; which is a good thing.
  • I baked a cake (more on that later)
  • I got new knitting stuffs for my birthday(not too much but I'm allowed to order more :)  )
  • My internet's been going incredibly slow (which is why this is going up today and not yesterday, it wouldn't even start yesterday; so I left it)
  • I now remember what I was going to talk about first; so here we go
--- World Cup Knitting ---
Alright; the world cup's over (Congrats to Spain and extra special thanks; cus u won me a fiver from my better half (who still thinks I used some sort of witchcraft to make a European team win) which gets added to my Xmas budget)(and yes; I'm already thinking about xmas, much to the dismay of my local Yarnshop owner)
The world cup may be over..... but I'm not finished my World cup socks. I have in fact not worked on them since I wrote in this blog last. I have been working on something else... that you may remember.

Yep; that's the unmentionable Bolero; now re-christened the Garn's Bolero. I am now nearly at the neck shaping; which escapes me, I have to have 22 inches from sleeve to needles before I cast off for the neck arranging. I measure my work.... 20 inches, knit for a few rows and measure again... 20 inches.... I take my knitting to Craig's and  knit for hours infront of the television..... 20.5 inches.......ALL THAT WORK FOR 0.5 OF A FRICKING INCH ??? I know there is a black hole at the point where there's jointing of the sleeve to the body and it's just sucking in my perfectly good knitting; all like 90 inches (or so there should be) of it.
I ususally knit while I type this blog, a couple of stitches here and there; until I think of a word; or what I'm going to do next; and I'm doing that now, I will measure at the end of this blog and report back.
(I think that was well skimed over)

--- New stash ---
With money that I got from Aunties; Uncles and relatives I didn't know I had (Like 'here's a card from your cousin Laura' ....' I have a cousin Laura?') I bought enough Yarn to keep me busy for at least a little while. I bought 1 ball of the lovley sock yarn I was talking about Last time (in blue; because the Purple had already sold out :(, but I still like it), some Black Robin DK for a present to someone, some green Silcress.... which I dont actually know what to do with yet (what? it was a pound for like 50g of 25% silk/ 75% merino blend) and a GIANT ball of off cream aran weight wool (thats 980m; take a good look; cus its taking up about have the size of my stash cupboard.) which I'll be using up as soon as I get the Garn's boloero finished, for a very special pullover. and Finally the pomegranate cotton is ecause I dont think I have enough of it to complete the Garns bolero.

--- Baking ---
I had a baking day acouple of days ago. I baked a cake (victoria sponge with Raspberry jam and whipped cream in the middle) and I also made vanilla biscuits (which you can see in the background) which both turned out perfectly; so pefectly that Mum's letting me bake the cake again next week; which shows whe liked it :D all good.                                                             A little bit more of Extra news: I have a baby to knit for :D. My neibour at the back of my house is ready to pop at any given day. As soon as I find out the sex of the Baby I'm probably going to Cast on a pair of booties for it's little toesies. I actually have baby pink yarn, so I'm routing for a girl ^ ^
Also; remember the verigated scarf/shawl from last time? I added buttons (so I can wear it of course) and wore it out shopping last Wednesday. it kept my neck lovely and warm and I love the buttons.
----That wasn't as long as I had thought ----
Well; what with my internet cashing halfway through this post (thank God for Autosave) I think I've ran out of things to talk about.... On Monday I will be venturing up Cave hill again (providing it stays dry) with my digital SLR, my knitting and my better half. will hopefully post again on Tuesday with photos of that, and I think that by tuesday I will have gotten to the neck opening for the Garns bolero so I'll post for that as well. Until next tuesday; toodles       (|/)
                (^^) -Byes

(Oh yeah and the bolero now measures 21.4 inches.... knitting for stress relif actually does work..... surprisingly well)

--------Editor's note (aka; me) --------

Alright; my internet's bugging me; it won't up load my photos that I want it to, its seems now incapable of running two internet pages at the same time and in short it's annoying me so much I'm going to publish this now and try this again tomorrow. apologies for the lateness and absentness of all but 2 of the photos, I'll do this again tomorrow; I'm going to  go Knit myself out of the stress

-----The following day -------
Alright; that seems to be working again, on with the blog (I'll put this at the bottom;so you won't be disturbed :D

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

OK; that wasn't one of my best ideas

--- Socks aren't a good idea for me ---

Ok; I've fallen behind schedule; but only a little bit. I have 1 Sweet home sock done. Pictured => (sorry about the not so attractive leg)
the sock has a leaf pattern around the top; which is knit in such a way that it forms points at the top ot each pattern repeat. I knit it in a flecked cream yarn that I got about 3 months ago; its a Robin Yarn and I think I got it for £1.25 per ball. I got 2 balls, made 1 sock and have plenty left on one ball and the other ball hasnt even been de-labeled yet. great value for money; as I think I can get the sock out of the leftover bit; so I have a ball spare lol. the parren said 2 balls; I got two balls..... used a half.
You may have noticed that my other leg is not covered with socky goodness. I have had this sock finished since the 16th of June; I just havn't blogged about it because I thought 'leave it til the date that I said last time and start the next sock, so that it looks really good that I'd have like 1  and a half socks done well before schedule........... that didn't happen.... at all like I planned.
I finished on sock, tried it on, paraded aroud the house for a couple of hours showing it to everybody and getting compliments like 'wow, that looks difficult' or 'At least it makes your leg look tanned'
and 'when are you going to do the other one?'

I sat down on my sofa and cast on for the other sock. Craig arrived, congratulated me on the sock that was still seemingly glued to my left leg and we watched football. This is where it goes haywire. I get bored very easily, especially of things that I have done before; which is why socks are not a good idea for me; because in order for them to be wearable you have to make 2..... the same pattern twice. I didn't like it; the points at the top that amused me to no end last time.... now annoy me.... and my head thinks 'wait, we've done this row, cus I remember it.... from the first time or this time?.......hmmmmm'

So to make it so I can make the other sock without confusing myself I tried to make another small project; so I can erase the memory of the sock pattern from my mind. I went to the yarn shop and had a look about. I wanted to make myself a shawl; or a cowl (a cowl is a short thick scarf that can fasten closely around the neck; its extremely warm and comfortable, and uses less yarn than a full scarf)
and I remembered a free pattern I got Knit today magazine a while ago; it came with size 13mm needles (that's not a typo, they're massive ==>
pictured with a 4.5mm needle, which I learnt with, which feel big to me now. these feel like I'm knitting with smartie tubes or pritt-sticks)
and checked the yarn requirements of the cowl / shawl / shrug / throw-over-shoulder-thing
It says that Sidar Escape would be good. I know that they come in 50g (70yard) balls so I was looking for 2, maybe 3. I was searching the bagain remnants bin for something else when I came across 2 balls of Sidar escape. same colour and same dye lot, £1.25 each. considering 1 ball is normally £2.30 I grabbed them and brought them home with me. Along with a ball of  Sidar Click that's like a violet/white striped yarn..... which I plan to make......nothing in particular out of lol.

So I knit for a while...... with the incredibly large gigantic .... colossal needles and they worked fine.... I learned that I could knit perfectly and watch TV at the same time.... which freaked out my dad quite considerably. I finished within one day.... and here it is ====>

I.Love.It. the varigated, striping yarn contain colours that I love and its knit in such a way that if you grab the two corners and shake it it gets bigger lol. And for £2.50 its not a bad cowl / shawl / shrug / throw-over-shoulder-thing.

It didn't work though.... its been ages and I still dont want to knit the other sock.... but I was in the yarn shop and they have THE most beautiful sock yarn in the world, just as you'd go in the door, it comes in many many colour variations, but I like the blue variation the best...... closely followed by the purple..... I might buy 2 balls of both..... and just keep them in my stash; just to look at a to feel.... and to roll about in like a cat when I feel like it..... and I cant do that when its in the store, so I have to buy it. I need £20 spare moneys to get said yarn.... I also need a pattern that would show off the varigations beautifully..... that could be difficult.......

I also want to make this.... it made my eyes boggle when I seen it on my favourite blog ever (yarnharlot, link at the side of the page, the wool-house one)

But she's using lace.... and laceweight is expensive..... too expensive for me to even think about...... but I still want it lol.

---Summer days ---
I have an actve better half.... and while this is good for my waistline and my lungs its whenever he takes little notions like 'its not raining, lets go for a walk' or 'its mindbogglingly sunny, lets go up cavehill'

The latter of these ideas happened not once, not twice, but one and a half times. yep; I know. Let me explain. The first little expidition to Cavehill; I had brought my knitting to his house because 4 matches were on that day and I thought; hey why not; his mum crochets so it wouldn't be that weird. I get there and within 15 minutes of getting Lunch we were out the door; in his car; with his sister with the idea of 'lets get to the top of Cavehill'
We look at the map and decide the shorter, quicker route up the rockface rather than the lovely pictureesce view... because we've been told to be back to his by 5, and apparently this'll be quicker.... we start and have to stop halfway like a tenth of the way up... because I'm dying..... couldn't breathe and my legs were screaming to me to stop or they'd fall of me.

We decided to go a little further (up to the 'Cave') and I sat in the grass with my boyfriend's sister, Lindsey, as my better half scales the rest of the way to the cave. he reports back that the path gets worse, steeper and more broken. (pictured) He looks at my redened face and we decide to head back.

2days Later and a little more prepared (with water, trainers and snacks) Craig and me scaled the hill, using the longer, scenic route. We got lost...a little but soon found our way back to where we went wrong. Here are a few pictures from near the top.

It was awe-inspiring; being so high up that you can't even hear the traffic anymore. We reached the top to find that there was info point telling people what they can see from the top. it was made of wood and looked quite heavy. The first thingthat came to my poor, air-starved brain was 'Who in their right minds hauled that all the way up here? lol' and then shortly after 'I wish I had of brought my digital SLR'.

---And now....----
I'm sitting here with a glass of Rose Wine (Hardy's, bloody gorgeous) and slowly sewing buttons onto the cowl / over shoulder thing. this will be my last blog post as a teenager, because on Saturday the 3rd of July..... I turn 20. it is the end of an era..... but also the start of a new one. and since it's my birthday my mum has allowed me to spend my birthday money online this year; which means yarn.... and books about knitting....... and just a lot of stuff :) however I am not aloud to buy anything until it is all over and done with; and my other half's birthday is done too (with is on the Wednesday after mine; creepy eh?)

So I will be blogging again on the 16th; right after this blog post I'm going to try and re-do the layout.... because the purple's not really doing it for me anymore.Even I don't know what I'll end up with so it'll be a suprise for me too. I'll be a year older and so will my better half. Incidently:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CRAIG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Luv you lots and lots XXXXXXXXXX

(sorry; thats a little bit early; but still the effect counts :) ....)

Monday, 14 June 2010

World cup; oh dear God

----- Some people are mad; some are unique, me: I'm normal; and that's weird ------

World Cup fever has truly hit the world; what with the TV being taken over at least twice a day by thousands of people screaming 'COME ON (insert team name here)'. Although I do have to say it is entertaining to see the stupid mistakes some of the players make.... England Goalie..... need I say more? ( I swear I laughed so hard at that; mostly because all the England fans were all going nooooooo in slow motion as it went in lol. ..I wonder how many people wanted to step into the net themselves; cus I think even I cold have saved that)
However; onto more pressing.... yarn-y issues :D

----- World Cup knitting -----
I started my world Cup knitting; the Sweet home socks from Lion brand pattern centre, and knit up to row 40 within the first couple of matches. It is now the 14th and I am on row 48. I am halfway through the last patterned bit at the top (called the flower); after that I can pretty much knit without looking at it; because its in plain stockinette; which is the easiest stitch pattern to do in the round (K every round). I have to keep doing that until it's 12 inches long. Then the pattern says 'try on to see how much longer you need to make each sock'

TRY ON??? I'm using metal DPNs, I cannot physically try on the sock unless I want to do surgery on my leg to make it triangular. I'm afraid that won't be happening; I like my legs.... so I guess this is going to be another bit of guessing. But we'll cross that bridge when we come to the ....12 inch bridge. it then says 'when ready begin to shape heel.' which has then a complicated 20 st repeat pattern which makes the piece turn at one side; making the heel..... it looks more complicated than it sounds..... but I think I will have these done well before the end of the world cup.
+++ Success (well nearly) +++

I also learned how to make a bobble in this pattern..... thats a weird, annoying and hard looking thing.... and even more difficult to do. Thank God I dont have to do it again until after June 26th (when I'm supposed to start the next sock)

----- New stuffs -----
Before you say it; no I did not buy Yarn. I actually bought 2 magazines. Knitting Magazines.Knit today and Lets Knit. the Knit today magazine came with THE most gorgeous pair of 4.5mmm needles in bright, metalic purple ==>
And yes; that is a new project on the pointy end. its actually a joke present for my dad for fater's Day. A cup arrived in the post for my dad a couple of weeks ago; a help the aged mug; which he got free..... cus he's one of the aged apparently. It has his name on the mug and everything. it was basically saying 'you're old'. So I'm making him a mug-cozy so that he doesn't have to look at the 'HELP THE AGED Mr J Haddock' anymore. lol.
Fount a really nice pattern on Vogue knitting website for a cabled mug pattern which I am going to make (within this week hopefully; cus its like 24 sts long....... which isn't that long. so I'll work like mad on this whinever I am sick of the sock pattern.

----- In other news -----

  • Sport is taking over. not only is the world cup on but the tennis is also on, and so is the cricket :S. This weekend I've been tired just looking at half the people I see on TV running about the place.

  • I did not get the unmentionable bolero half finished. It is sulking in my stash.

  • I have to soon clear out my stash; mostly to find the other ball of wool that I'm using for the world cup socks

  • Sandy, Candy and Cottontail look lonely; so I might start Xmas knitting soon (more on that in the future)

  • I want to make a show of my stash. I might clear out the top shelf of my bookcase and stach it all there. it'd look prettier than my gorlous amount on pens I have collected over the years.
----- Birthdays -----
There was no birthdays this time :(. but next month has the most importeant birthday of all; My better half's :D

----- Sayonara -----
Well this is Goodbye from me; I'll be talking you all again on the 24th. 2 days before the 1st sock deadline; We'll see how far I am from finishing; or if I have already finished.
Until then amuse youself with a 'Where's Lady' Picture (or 2) (they're easy :)

Toodles :) and have a nice Father's Day. xxxxxxx Luv u's all