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Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Blog didn't happen again....

---- Long time no blog (again...) ----

Having been doing this blog for awhile I have realised how hard it actually is to complete a project within one week...... this had frequented in many 'I have no finished objects but here's some pretty pictures blogs'. and I don't like doing that... it makes me feel that I have cheated you all in some way; shape or form... so I'm not gonna. Instead of the once a week schedule I have decided to turn this into a twice a month schedule blog (that's every other week) it'll still be on a Wednesday and I'll try and do special blogs every-so-often.
All that sorted? I'm sorry. got it? good; now onto bloginess

---- The end of GB ----

This Tuesday ended the teaching year of my GB (349th Holy Trinity) and instead of having a display we decided this year to  have a formall-y affair at which everyone can get their awards. This year was very productive if I do say so myself and I'm actually looking forward to getting back to it next year with a whole new set of tinys (which are soo cute). but I'm even more looking forward to Tuesday nights off.

-Things we've learnt from this year at GB-
  • Parades should not be held anywhere near the sea. (bloody freezing)
  • Give a child a balloon and they will amuse themselves for hours
  • Some little girl's favourite colour is brown (at not pink; I was shocked)
  • You should not put shower creme in a foot Spa (==>)
  • Girls; no mater how small are powerless to resist Chocolate
  • The second people see you in Church with a Boy then you will undoubtedly get 20 Questions about him and limitless 'have to meet him's and 'bring him to GB's
  • It is possible for a 5 year old to punch out a tooth (don't ask about that one lol)
  • Santa is a powerful swinger of the conversation if you're a 5 year old (you just have to remind them 'Santa's watching u and their good )
  • Candles are not safe around Juniors (9 to 12 yr olds)
  • If small people here you are 20 the next question is usually what 'P' are u in?

---- New knitting stuffs ----
When I left u last I was talking about how I had found the needles for Pink buuny; Well she is finished :) she stands a cool 9 inches tall (ears included) and since she stood for so long without being finished I even gave her a red formal dress; which was leftovers from the Dog's sock (lol). Also the Wine bottle cover is almost finished; needing only a cord to go around the neck and some decorations on the side :) I have gave her a name of Candy (short for Candyfloss; the name of the shade of yarn)

--- Learning ---
A few people will remember the disaster I had with The best Bunny Amigurumi and I said I would try to learn crochet to make this bunny. I have not re-acquainted myself with the single needle just yet; and it feels weird; not having anything to do with my other hand.

I have also learned from my attempt at that hat; where I ran out of Wool at the last hurdle; and instead bought 2 balls of the wool to do my second; it's a slightly off Sand colour; and since I know I will have lots of Wool left over I am going to do what I have been threatening to do for awhile and make the Hat have Bunny ears that droop down the back. I am just onto my second ball of Wool and I'm on my 20th row (out of 35); I then have the ears to do.

As soon as I am finished this Hat I have decided on my first big project; it's going to remain a secret until I've saved up enough to buy the yarn. (that should be about £30)

So farewells til then - til the 12th of May (dear god) I hopes to have lots done by then :D

PS: just before I go; I would like to know how many people actually read this; so if you would please post a comment on this blog post. (just a rough post; not a life story lol)

Luv From Aki

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Double blog = double the fun

---- Long time no blog! ----
As many may have noticed there was no blog last week; I will not address why that was here; because it'll ruin the mood of this; happy; sunshiny blog.

In the Last blog I moaned that it was snowing; in April. Well: Mr. Weather must read this blog because on Sunday just past we had hot weather; 18 degrees with not a cloud in the sky. the good weather maintained and is stillmaintaining as I write this on Wednesday afternoon. I actualy think I have a tan :). All good stuff
The good Weather enabled me to work outside and to take some very cute pictures with Cottontail and Sandy. which will follow now. (apoligies; some of them turned out blueish.... I don't know why that happened lol)
Sunshine :)
Cottontail & a Daisy

----Well thats enough of that ----
And now onto something different; This was almost a Case file report but it was resolved is the last minute by.... tidying my study/kniting room.
 I thought I had lost my size 2mm needles; and was going to have a small funeral for the knitted Pink bunny was was knit with them; but not completed. I even took the Funeral pose picure (<====) when magically mum shouted down from my knitting room 'was it the 2mm you were looking for?'  (me:)'Yes...'  (Mum:) 'Found them'  to which I bolted to the room and quizzed where they were. they were in one of the gift bags that sit below my knitting stuff. I got right to work re- making the rest of the bunny. right now; as I'm writting this She still has 1 more leg to be made and attached, both her ears have to be done and miracusly I found a tiny pink pompom for the tail :)
So she will be done to show you all next week; if I finish her before Sunday I'm going to re-start the fox, then we'll see where it goes from there :)I actually managed to

but before All that; I have a wine-bag that I want to complete.I have to make it to 12 inches long and everytime I measure it; no matter how much I knit it hasn't grown. Knit; measure; 7inches; knit; measure; 7inches; knit a lot; measure; 7inches damn it!!! That and I am so not looking forward to the shaping on the bottom, I fail to see how I'm going to do it without steel circulars..... which are expensive and I won't buy....yet... I'll probably treat myself to them with birthday money.....probably..... I feel a large Yarn order coming on, the Yarn money in my bedroom has reached £14. when it reaches £35 I am allowing myself to order Yarn from knit and sew .co .uk ....or Dragon Yarns.... or maybe both lol.

No finished objects this week; but I'll probably have 2 finished for you all next week, and 1 more started. I'm also going to post an extra Long blog probably next Monday; on what topic this is..... welll....lets just say I have a lot of knitting patterns that I want to organise to what I want to do. I'm going to try and put them into some sort of order by monday and store them here.

----- Until then then -----
so then Until next monday faithful bloggy reader people; go and enjoy the sunshine while it lasts. :D

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Happy Easter !!!!!!!!

---- A Happy Easter to all ----
I hopes that the.... huge...upright-walking bunny.... bearing chocolate(or made of chocolate).... came to yous all to. I have lots to report; but lets first see what the Easter Bunni brought me. I actually got two eggs; but the second one just came and I cba taking a picture of it lol. The white was opened this morning and the giant bar of Caramel is for tomorrow night; when Craig's here :)

I have some very good news..... and some accidental news.... :L; Lets get this started:

---- Case File 002 ----
I felt bad about starting another bunny before finishing the fox I had already started; so Last night I pulled out the ball and the needles... much to my horror they had detached from the needles in the bag. After a frantic search; This is what I was left with (===>)

its half the size it was when I left it and asit wasn't attached to needles the stitches had become indistiguishable; I had to rip out a full row to get it right for picking up the stitches with the needles again. I cast off to make an Amigurumi scarf (a small one mind). It's still the same orange I will use for Foxy when I make him; so the effect of this scarf is if the same effect if you have a fox pelt draped around your neck at a posh dinner lol

End of case file

---- What the heck is that ----
I'll post a picture first; then I'll tell u what it was meant to be
I know; its deformed. Truth is I didn't even notice it was deformed til I stiched up the back lol. I was trying to knit it when the lightning was happening; so that maybe explains why its disfigured.

Yes; this was my attempt at the Best bunny. Lots of things went wrong with this one, I forgot to fill the arm; I messed up the nose so much that it looks, not like a nose; but a knot lol. I know I'll re-do the best bunny (cus he actually looks so easy) I might use this oppourtunity to actually learn myself how to crochet........ God help me.
But I also want to have something to do with this..... I don't like wasting yarn.

----- The good news -----
I completed that damn hat!!! :D but however every silver cloud has a brown-y shite-coloured lining. Let me explain: The knitting was going great; I was getting used to the cables and the pattern; I was about 5 rows from the end when I look down at my ball..... and realise its not a ball anymore; that I could see right through it. I paniced and measured; then I knitted a little bit more til I got to this point (\/)
It hit me that kniting the next row  without something on the end of that would be stupid. I searched my knitting bag (because of course I didn't buy 2 balls of the wool; that would be organised; the wool closest to the thickness of the original white one.... is the same wool I used for Craig's Valentine's Heart; yes people; that is bright red and orange. It had to do.
Picture of the completed hat. *it looks like the Japanese Flag from the top; so I guess thats ok*
Hat was modelled by my beautiful Mum's head; she got chocolate as a thank you. I also promised not to show her face; which is why u see the back lol.
I actually love these cables and I plan to do another hat for myself. Some may remember that I bought 2 Balls of the Sidar Big Softie; one in this white and another in a chocolate brown colour. I am going to make this hat again; but I am going to change it slightly. I am going to put a 2x2 rib to start the hat off in the Valentine's Wool and I'm going to do some of the design in the Valentines too; so that I'lll have enough chocolate to finish the hat this time. AND with whats left over of the Valentines I am going to attach either cat ears of long bunny ears to the hat. depending on how much I have left lol.
But for now I am knitting Wine bags. Quite a few birthdays are coming upa nd I want to have something special to give to people :) lol Also I want to make this(<=====) Mostly because it rocks. I want to make it in almost a cyan blue colour..... or a rusty brown colour (to match hat to be made). I want to make it over the summer so I can wear it in the Autumn... hopefully. it will however take nearly 10 balls of wool.... all the same colour....... sigh.... thats expensive.
----- some news that doesnt involve knitting -----

Due to my recent obbession with the sims I have decided to re-try to install both Sims games onto this computer. thats Sims 3 (already installed) and Sims 2 (was installed on my old computer; but was.....stuttery cus the specs for the computer weren't as high as this one. I want to test this computer lol. I dug out ALL my old Sims 2 stuff and set it infront of me.... I've been doing this blog and it's been sitting there.......ominous.... and kinda big..... it's half the size of my  32' screen.... I'm going to play....install then play lol.
---_- Toodles -_---

Thursday, 1 April 2010

Yesterday..... the blog didn't happen

---- A small note ----
When you live in a place like Northern Ireland you come to expect certain things off the weather, for example:
  • If you plan an outdoor activity; say a picnic or a park visit, the weather will undoubtedlty rain on you and Laugh as you eat your picnic in your car or retreat to your nearest fast food place.
  • planned a day shopping? it'll either be unbearably hot or Rain on you..... most likely rain.
  • and of course if you have planned a day in; watching TV and getting reacquainted with the sofa the weather will be strikingly good. so good it'll make you want to take your knitting (or whatever you normal people do infront of the TV) outside. As soon as your ass has left the sofa a dark cloud comes over the sun; it will obviously start to rain even before you've gotten to your back door and if u do venture outside it will be so cold that u swear the grass is shivering.
However; in my years on this piece of land I would have never expected that sort of weather over Easter. In one day it rained, sleeted, snowed and there was even a sheet lightning storm in higher places. thousands lost power; roads were closed due to floods; and worst of all: I lost the will to knit.

A small amount of my friends have seen me in a Lightning storm... Infact I think only my significant other has seen me in one (so; yeah; 1 person's a small amount) but he's seen me like that twice. Appently I squeek when the lightning illuminates my living room for a split second. Yes I am afraid of Lightning... and Thunder... anything that comes out of the sky that shouldn't normally scares me.
Through all the squeeking I was doing I managed to get no knitting done whatsoever. I almost blogged about some random rubbish when I sat down at my computer; instead I realised that there was no internet connection (yet another problem for my fear-stricken; bunny-like state) therefore no blog yesturday

 :| Gomen issai (sorry; in japanese)

To make up for the lack of Blog today I will do a Special one on Sunday; which is Easter (which my stomach knows only too well; as I've got 2 eggs and quite a few bars to munch; but I'm not allowed to touch them until Sunday.
Oh yeah; Lady got an Egg too lol and we discovered that she likes the creme out of creme eggs.

----- Happy Easter to all until then -----
Sorry about all the bloggy delays. Luv u's all eternally (one in a differnet way to everyone else obviously lol)
Toodles x x x x x x x x