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Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Trip to Dublin

---So much for that then----

I didn't post last Thursday. That was because I was on Nightshift. I therefore had to sleep till 3pm to cover not sleeping all night. When I woke I had to get ready for a Romantic trip to Dublin with my other half; In short = no time for blogging.

I seemed to have had a bit of camnesia; as I didn't take any photos the entire weekend. Sorry about that.
We visited the Guiness storehouse in Dublin (very fun for Craig and myself) Craig had to drink 2 pints of Guiness before Lunch. Why? I don't like the taste of it. I know;I know; Why go If you don't like the taste of it? To make Craig happy thats why. (and it was a very interesting tour anyway.)

Today I have been recording and doing odd little bits to make the blog fully function almost back to normal again. There will be a new tutorial video on Thursday (If my new copy of Adobe Premire actually gets up and running) and then another video next week too (to say sorry about the yearly hiatus)


I've realised I havn't posted a picture of myself in so long - so here's one of myself supposting a Tiny top Hat.
Thanks for reading


Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Clean-up Done

I actually did this on Monday - but I'm posting about it now - I've changes the background and got rid of the bar- thing (because when I went to edit it I could' remember how to - so I didn't.

I'm blogging to you from my bed - I've just woke up (I know its about 3pm - I was on Nightshift; give me a break) and now I'm going to turn on my playstation and try to Finish Assassin's Creed. (yeah - using the NEW blogging poster App on my Iphone.

I will record a video for this blog tomorrow. a little how to, but that'll be Thursday's post.

I will hopefully be heading into town on Wednesday or Thursday (dunno which yet) to get the new Handbag (which I have been saving for) from Cath Kidson

Until Thursday - toodles

Aki XX

Monday, 4 February 2013

False Starts and when I don't learn

===What happened there??====
OK; Work killed me over the past few months. In the 4 weeks over Christmas (ie the 17-12-12 > 7-1-13) I worked a total of 137 hours that's almost 35 hours a week.I crashed and burned over Christmas and I'm still feeling the effects now.

So I'm tring to do so many things this year - 2012 was pretty crappy; except for the end of it. But instead of making a big thought-provoking list of posts I'm just going to do what everyone else seems to do.

I will now post every Thursday unless something big has happened, something has been finished or stuff like that; when I will most probably post that day.

I also have a NEW non-buggy blogger app for my phone; so I can make posts on the move. Although these posts will not have photos - I think I can live with that.

===What I plan this year===

Finishing. I want to finish things. I'm only allowing myself to purchase crafting materials if It will help a current project or if I'm on holiday (most probably Dublin) So this year will see the completion of the shawl of many stitches (ethereal) and various other things I have lying about gathering dust.

I know Craig and I aren't going away on Holiday this year (mostly - we can't afford it)So I might do a tiny blog challenge over July because work will be slow and we won't be going anywhere.

I've also started a tiny book club with my friends. (just a small mention ^^)

Another small note: I'm slowly leaning Spanish again (I know - really it's just busy-work)

===Clean-up ===
I have been quite ruthless today (there's an interesting word:ruthless. Ruth means friendship so ruthless would mean unfriendly...aint words great?)
I frogged 2 hats. They were intended for the same person but I forgot about them and she forgot about them; so I'm just harvesting the yarn and the project bag.

I will also be cleaning up the blog's appearance (I don't know the last time I changed that bar - thing and most of the projects have been either frogged or finished)

===A note on Last year====

A few have expressed that they were disappointed that I didn't post the promised videos. I'm sorry about that. I will try to do a few videos to make up for it ( I already have one in the pipeline) And I know I've lost readers from last year's blog-hiatus. I hope I will get some more followers and I also pray for comments.

I know I'm only a small blog writer but I still would like people to comment or like my post of this on Facebook or.... really just something. (I think that's why I stopped, I felt like I was just sending this stuff into the void and no-one was reading it)
Oh and I also must appologize to any of my Ravelry friends. I stopped going on the forums for most of last year and I've only just got back to them. Sorry about that.

Here's to a new start

(Thanks for sticking around)