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Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Worst. Day. Ever

 I won't give names or specfics but new years 2008/2009. Very worrying, annoying and generally I don't really want to talk about it.

---In other news---
It's the last day of Selfish January, given that tomorrow's Febuary. Besides 1 mitten I have not comleted anything this month. I have started many a thing; finished? not so much.
Charity knitting has kinda taken over my knitting basket. I have Angelbears & Innocent hats all fighting for waste yarn. I have the most projects ever on the needles and around the blogs that I looked at this morning people are talking about Christmas knitting again! AHHHH!

So I have made up my mind. I have about 8-10 friends that I love altogher dearly. it is these 8-10 that will be getting knitted gifts this year. I am putting aside a folder, patterns and Money to knit them all something they will love. 1 friend a month should do the trick.

#Lise's making a list....checking it twice...# God; it's too early.


Friday, 27 January 2012

Nicest Thing ever

I have to say that the nicest thing I have experienced was on Holiday. It was waking up in the morning. My mind went 'It's a Saturday-do you know when ur working?' Suddenly I was wide awake. then my mind went 'Why is it so warm? This isn't your room.... Oh yeah we're on Holiday'

I then rolled over; Craig was there sleeping on the other bed. It was just the nicest thing. I didn't have to go to work; Breakfast was waiting for me when I wanted it and I got to spend the entire day(or 10) with the Man I love.

Sorry; that was kinda Mushy.

Knitting catch-up

OK; it's been awhile since I blogged about my knitting. Since it is STILL selfish January there are still only things for me going on on the needles. We have...
  • The Abalone Shawl - (AKA: What can you make out of 2 balls of 75% discount yarn) {Pattern:link} [my Rav Link)
  • The Twisted socks in origami Yarn - I don't think I'm going to like these socks... I HOPE the yarn might be better after blocking.... [Rav link]
  • Inspired by spring socks - in forgotten Rico yarn; these are my my bus buddy socks at the moment. They have taken up the room that the monkey socks used to be in; and are coming with me on bus journeys or if I know that I'm going to be waiting awhile. [Rav link]
  • The pair of Mitts from the weird Brushstrokes Yarn - A pattern that I'm pulling directly from my head. I will therefore be the only person to blame if it goes wrong.
Then there's the Charity knitting: The innocence Hats. I've make 6.5 so far. My target is 20 so I'm well on the way.

----In other news----
We've finally got round to booking our holiday. We're going to Gran Canaria on the 7th of July for 10 days. ^.^ so excited!!!!
So since I'm putting my foot down this year I need a project to take with me. It needs to be light, because Gran canaria is 45C on a normal day in July. That's warm for me: a girl who's used to 10s and 20 is a hot day here. So I won't be working on an aran sweater by the pool.
It needs to be interesting; but not conversation stopping. I can't tell you how many times during the Ethral Shawl that I stopped mid-sentence and Craig had to check if I was breathing.
Gran Cararia's Expensive to fly to; so the Yarn needs to be relativly cheap. I'm talking £15 for the entire project.
It's 10 days. it needs to last me 10 days. Socks and all that when I'm not working usually take me 4 days, 5 tops.
Any suggestions?

Aki X

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Things that will never happen (top 5)

  1. It seems that I'll never complete the Garns Bolero. I found it in a Deep Stash raid the other day. The guage is off and since I've lost weight it hangs off me in an unattractive way.
  2. I'll never win the Lottery (God: prove me wrong)
  3. I'll never find a good use for the masses of Curling ribbon that I have. Although it always seems to disappear around the time I wrap presents in December; which is so far: the only use I have for it.
  4. I will never know how to cook Lobster or Blue cheese; given that I'm allergic to one of them and can't stand the look of the other.
  5. I will never own a Farrari, a Lamborgini or a Bugatti. Toyota all the way :)

Things that will never happen (top 5)

  1. I'll never open another blog. This one's trouble enough lol. Even if I do get my dream and Open up a Shopthis will be the blog everyone's directed to lol
  2. Now that I've had an Iphone: I don't think I'll ever go to any other type. I might just go up a number or a letter. Anything else feels like a step backwards
  3. I know I'll never be a size 14 again.... or a 10 or anything below that.... that is without a personal trainer or going under the knife
  4. I will never use up the Yarn in my stash. There's stuff in there; like 1 skein of Manos Lace; that I just don't want to do anything with. It all just seems unworthy.
  5. I will never get bored of Sims. there always seems to be something else todo; and most of the time I just can't tear myself away from it. If I ever say 'I'm bored of sims' or 'there's nothing else to do with XCDX family' then shoot me: I am being very badly impersonated.
Toodles X
from Aki

Friday, 20 January 2012

Quote of the day

Do not be anxious about anything; but in everything, by prayer and petition, with Thanksgiving, present your requests to God.
( Phillipians 4 v6)

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Life MOT

Funnily enough my Car is going through MOT at the end of the week - coolio.

Overall Running Order - Good; a Few sniffles and I still never wear Socks but so Far no Cold this Year.

Love Life - Fantastic.    -10/10

Sizing issue - Lets not talk about my size. A lot of women want big Boobs, they don't know how hard it is to get a Bra, to not be looked at like a darn Floozie when you wear low cut. And Muffin top has a whole new meaning when you aremy size.

Knitting progress - Today's the 17th of January. It is still selfish knitting Month (except for charity knitting) so I still have stuff for myself on the needles.
  • I have Abalone OR 'try to get something out of these two Balls' Shawl. it works on a percentage system and I've worked it out to the Best of my ability.
  • I have 2 pairs of Socks - the Inspired by spring Socks and the Twisted Origami Socks. Both far from Completion.
  • I have the Mind Mitts using a very cunky Yarn called Brushstrokes.
  • And Last but by no means least I have the flossie bear pattern. ===> Yes; I'm finally making him. I bought myself some new Yarn including crofters Fair-isle for his face and various shades of purples and wines for his jumper. Photos will be up when it in any way resembles a bear. I know it's supposed to be a Hot water bottle cover but I'm just going to fill it with stuffing and make him to a pillow.

Overall MOT score 29/ 40 - (B)

(I would have Failed if I was a Car lol - but as a human bought up in an education system - B is good. Not great but good)


PS: A little note for those who have tried to view the video I am uploading to Youtube. It ain't happening. I pretty much need to be able to sit infront of the computer for 5+ hours and not let the screensaver go on, I have learned that this re-sets the timing.

So basically the next time Craig is at the Rugby and I'm at home on my lonesome I will try again to upload it.

I have asked my cameraman if there is any possiblility to decrease the File size - maybe by not recording in HD. we're going to try this with the next video. I hope to God it works.

PPS: I didn't win the lottery. The custom house will have to wait.


Monday, 16 January 2012

I never even knew this stuff existed

---Smoothie Hats---

Has anyone seen these?  ===>
Nope; me niether.

They are Hats for Innocent Smoothie bottles. It isn't just a neat way to  sell bottles - it's to promote a UK charity. Age UK to be specfic. for Every Hat Knitted, sent, worn by a bottle and sold Innocent donates 25p to Age UK. you simply send them off and then feel good abbout yourself.

I've made up my mind that I want to knit them 20 hats. That means if all my Hats get sold that's £4 to Age UK.

I might even host a knit-in or an event at Costa or something to help get the numbers up.

I'm casting on for my very first Hat as I type. I'll let you know how I get on.

(BTW: I found all this from a link on Ozzy Blackbead Knits -link- I jus found her blog and then I realised... She's from NI too! that was a fantastic feeling - that I'm not the only Knitting weirdo in NI)

Toodles - Aki XX

Friday, 13 January 2012

What I would do If I won this week's lottery


I bought tickets today. Lottery tickets. I was too late to buy Euromillions tickets but I bought some tickets for tomorrow. I bought £5 worth - a £2 scratchcard; 2 Lucky Dips for Lotto and 1 lucky dip for the Thunderball.

Wish me luck

---If I win---

House would be the first thing on my mind. I'd want to build my own.... because I'm quite pernickety like that. I am forever drawing room and house sketches in notebooks and I think I'd have it down to a Tee.
Then I'd furnish the house. I'd want to make some of it myself; so I'd buy no cushions or soft furnishings. A part of me will even feel bad for buying bed linen, because I have a sewing Machine. That and there's numerous tutorials online for making you're own bed Linen... I might end up doing it anyway lol.

Then (since I have a craft room-hehe) I'd full it with Yarn; Fabric and everything a crafter could ever want. Including a spinning wheel. Yes. I want to learn how to spin. the current proportions for my house prohibits me from doing that. So likely I won't be learning til I have my own place. It looks like that will be a house with Craig.

I'm not sure how Craig will react to me bringing a Giant Spinning Wheel into the house and saying I'm going to make my own Yarn. He'd probably blow a gasket.

And to say I was sorry to Craig for dragging him through the whole House making and furnishing and the whole 'that Blue doesn't match that Blue' and the whole spinning thing; I'd buy him a Car to put in our Garage. I'm pretty sure a Delorian would get him back to liking me.

Then the rest of the money I'd put into a high intrest ISA. I'd Live off what Craig gets paid (because he'd want to stay in work; I might to keep the Yarn habit going) and once I get the massive kitchen sorted (with enough room for 15-20 people I'd host a Dinner Party. I do cook nice things when given half the Chance.

Then I'd calmly sit back and wait for Craig to spend some money on a ring. hehe. Then the whole planning thing will begin again... lols. God help him.


Tuesday, 10 January 2012

What I made today

---Mr. Kate's Bow ties---
I logged onto Youtube to try yet again to upload a video and a person who I'm subscribed to Had posted a new tutorial. The Upload bar says it's going to take 290 minutes so I watch the new tutorial.

Here's Mr. Kate (link to video) who showed me how to do it. and here's mine.

I sewed the seams on mine - because I didn't have an iron Handy but my sewing machine was just sitting there. the rest I used the glue like you are supposed to. I also added an old odd earring I found lying about to jazz it up.

I'll probaby wear it the next couple of Days. maybe even to work.

I'm so proud of it lol. and now that the sewing machine's on I might make myself A little something else. something to actually wear.

Luff from Aki XXX

Thank You

---Thank You---

Thank  you for you're patience with me over the Last couple of weeks. Work has been hectic and I haven't really been able to knit much or even show that many finished objects or what I'm working on.

There's a very special person I also want to say Thank you to. That's my Craig.

Thank you for being with me all the time. Thank you that you didn't run screaming for the Hills the first time you seen me knit. Thank you for not calling me weird or strange everytime I complain about the project I'm on.Thank you for Driving me to town when I want.
Thank you for keeping up with my mood swings, my work schedule and my shopping Habits
Thank you for being my Camera-man. I hope you don't mind it (we're going to have to get a tripod-I want you in some of these videos.)
Thank you for Saying 'I love you' first. Thank you for being brave enough to ask me out.

Thank you for being mine. Love you sweetie

---Some knitting news---

Some of the knitters I know are deaming this month Selfish Knitting Month. Lets Face it you've spent the last 2-4 months Knitting for everyone execpt for youself for Christmas present. Indulge youself.

So I am. I've Cast on a pair of Socks for myself and a pair of Mitts in a Rusty Fluffy Yarn. Photos when they get to an approprate stage of completion. The sock pattern is Twisted Socks (socks) in Origami Sock Yarn. These are purple and White veritated.
The mitts are from my own mind. they're kind of basic and I'm adding a frill at the bottom for a feminine touch.

That's about it really - Talk to yas all again on Friday.

And one last Thank you to everyone who visited this blog because of the campaign that I done on Friday.
Toodles Aki X

Sunday, 8 January 2012

New year's resolutions

I think I should put these out there- while they're fresh in my mind. Last year's lasted til March; so I'm determined not to let that happen again.

1. Read 1000 pages of books per month (not Magazines or Manga) (books do include Night Circus; Gun Seller, Yarn Harlot's books (3-wound up; free range & Yarn Harlot) Big Girl knits; Heritage Knots; , Rose Labyrinth;
And any other book I see as great and orderable.

2. Blog Challenge (more on that soon)

3. Wear more Makeup. (seriously- I have LOADS and never wear it lol)

4. Make something For Craig at least once every month. (this excludes Selfish January) because - He's special.

5. Read my Grannie's Stitch binder (she learned how to sew, knit and make stuff from this when she was a Mom at the tender age of 25 - it was one of the only things I took from her house when she died. That and her Giant collection of buttons)

6. I will try not to cry at the GB display this year. Even though I probably will.

7. Make myself a dress- one that fits me. Not that Sausage Facory reject dress that's sitting in my closet.

That's it. I'd appreciate any encouragement for any of these 7. It doesnt have to be here- or even to my face; just a prayer; a referral of a friend to here (I'd love it if I got up to 20 listed readers) or even a 'read ur blog you are doing great' on FB (Ellisa Haddock- Add me)


I feel like something different

---Life is short; I feel like doing something different; blog-wise ---

I've changed the background to my blog I will be changing this regulary now and possinly with my own photos ect if I get good ones.

Ta if you noticed

Friday, 6 January 2012

Things that Have to Happen

Today I started going round a lot of blogs. I know I get some readers and I'm altogether grateful to have those few. It just seems so Bad when I look around and there are Blogs with20,50 or 100 followers.

So I really went on a 'Visit my blog' Campaign lol. I commented, I followed.... I did everything I could to make people come to my Blog. I even joined a Fibre Arts Blog Group (link) to get a good number to here.

This is the First Day of my Blog Challenge so Off we Go

--- Things that Have to Happen (top 5)---

1. I have to send these Guys off at Easter. My group at GB have Knit about 6 of them and I've contributed As many as I can. All in All we Have 10 Angelbears to Send off to the Girl. I'll take a picture of them all before I send them off.

2. Talking of GB - it has to have an End of an Era thing this year. Our Captain is retiring and as I know her quite well I have promised myself to not let myself cry at the closing cerimony/display

3. I have to knit myself a sweter this Year. I have the Yarn and the Pattern to do it - just seemingly not the time.

4. I want to Finish the Ethereal Shawl. It would only take me a good 5 hours to sit down and get the Darn thing done, then I could show it off on the blog and then perhaps I'd have a proper 'follow' Picture.

5. I want to order Yarn this year before Easter. When I have the money to spare and I'm not saving for the Holiday(because hopefully by the End of April it will be all paid for lol)

It's nearly certain that we're going on Holiday this year. AND I'm putting my foot down. I'm taking Knitting. Last year I didn't take any and had to buy the crapest thing ever (thread. not Yarn, Thread) and a set of needles (which were quite good for all the price of them) Why? I had nothing to do beside the pool from the 3rd Day. I had finished the book I brought and the pool was absoloutly full of Children. It also didn't look good to be going up to the Bar every half hour for cocktails. and I can't just sit. I feel like I'm wasting time if I just sit. I have to be doing something.

So this year I'm taking something. It will pobably be either Cotton or Lace, But it will be something. Any suggestions please leave a comment.

---That's pretty much  it.---
Well that's the First of many Blogs this Year. See ya all again on Tuesday.


Blog Challenge List

OK; I missed a few Days in the Video and repeated a few days and stuff like that. With as little Change as I can manage here's the list for the entire year. I'll be posting on Tuesdays and Fridays

6th Jan - Things that Have to Happen
10th Jan - Thank you
13th Jan - What I'd do If I won this weeks Lotto
17th Jan - Life MOT
21st Jan - Quote of the Day
24th Jan - Things that will never Happen
27th Jan - Nicest Thing Ever
31st Jan - Worst. Day. Ever
3rd Feb - My Work
7th Feb - Red Day
10th Feb - Things I love (A top 10)
14th Feb - A Logical World
17th Feb - My Guilty Pleasure
21st Feb - ***Missing Day***
24th Feb -  What I made today
28th Feb - Etzy Rumble
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6th Mar - VIDEO - Excited Dog
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16th Mar - VIDEO - New's Broadcast
20th Mar - Draw your ideal Home (Paint)
23rd Mar - Where's Lady?
27th Mar - Tutorial: What to do with old.....
30th Mar - ***Missing Day***
3rd Apr - In my Handbag
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10th Apr - What on TV now & opinions
13th Apr -  IQ test
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20th Apr - Recipe
24th Apr - You May have Forgotten
27th Apr - Life
1st May - Something you didn't Expect
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8th May - ***Missing Day***
11th May - VIDEO -  Self Interview
15th May - Books on my shelf
18th May - Tutorial: Make it Day
22nd May - Today as my Laft Hand
25th May - Orange Day
29th May - What I love most about Knitting
1st June - Video Gaming
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22nd June - How many days til Christmas?
26th June - My Make-up collection
29th June - A cake recipe
3rd July - What I got for my Birthday (that IS my Birthday lol)

6th July - 31st July - **** SUMMER BREAK****

3rd Aug - Creepy
7th Aug - My Fwends
10th Aug - Recipe
14th Aug - Green Day
17th Aug - Attention please!
21st Aug - Doodle Me!
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21st Sept - My Shoes!
25th Sept - VIDEO - Day Make-up
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2nd Oct - What's on TV now and opinions
5th Oct - The Perfect Day
9th Oct - Anti-Aging
12th Oct - My DVD collection
16th Oct - Things that Don't work
19th Oct - Culture Explosion
23rd Oct - Invisable for a Day
26th Oct - My Perfume Collection
30th Oct - Best Present Ever
2nd Nov - Things that Scare me
6th Nov - Thins That make me Angry
****Winter Break****

---Missing Days---
(I re-drew them from the Days left over)
21st Feb - Worth
30th Mar - One Day I hope to...
8th May - I love Craig - Here's Why
19th June - VIDEO - Me Knitting
28th Aug - VIDEO - Tour of My stash

Great! - I hope to see lots of people getting involved!

Apologies for the video yesturday - it seems to not have uploaded at all - I'm trying again today and will fix the Link when I can :)

Toodles XXX

New year Blog Challenge

---A very Ad-libed Video---
Basically; I'm ashamed of my very little blog posts in most months of 2011; so I'm setting myself a challenge to blog twice a week using these guidelines. it's my New Years Blog Challenge (NYBC) and anyone can take part if you like the idea. Just do exactly as I do in the video or go with my ideas)

Watch the video; I'll upload the entire list when I can and I'll start today...... later.

Video is too big to be uploaded to here; says it's going to take an hour(so I give it an hour and it still says an hour) cus it's 1.4 GB (it's HD)

So I'm uploading it to Youtube - in a new Channel on my account.
It's called The Akitombo (akitombo was taken - how the hell I do not know)

And to watch the video here's the Link - video enjoy (I'll post the list in a minute too)

OK - Youtube's giving more acurate claims - 445 minutes. that's 7 and a half hours. nice.