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Thursday, 19 May 2011

Holiday snaps

---Sunny Day---
A few of you know me personally, and even more of you know that I went Holiday this year. Craig and me Booked a holiday to Salou in Feburary, for May which felt like such a long while away that we were certain we'd be OK.

It came quicker than we expected... and here's the photos from it. most are of Craig... who tuns out is camera shy..... hehehehe.
Craig kidnapped my camera =>
Craig thought that tuning his back would make me stop taking pictures..... you can still tell it's him from the Barcelona shirt with Meaklim on the back lol

We had an 18+ area ontop of our hotel with a Hottub and no kids, Craig and me therefore spent nearly all day up here.   It was the place place to get tanned... cus it's on the roof
The Bar on the roof; it was closed at dinnertime but after 8pm it was open again til 1am (we never stayed that late) and since we were all inclusive all the Drink was free unless you wanted a brand (like a smirinoff Ice was 2Euro but a Sex on the beach cocktail was free)
Craig finally looked at the camera (beside the name of our hotel)
One day while we were away we went to Barelona, where we found a place called El Corte Ingles... that name sounded familiar to me so we went in... it's 9 floors of things you can buy...9!!! ok; like 1st floor was Cosmetics and fragrance (where I got a perfume for a fraction of the price I'd pay for it in the UK) 2nd &3rd floor was Ladies clothes and shoes 4th was Underwear (craig covered his eyes lol) 5th was Men's clothes (2 floors for women, 1 for men, good stuff) 6th was Kids and Toys (mad floor)
and 7th was Textiles..... this one interested me so we went there. there was fabric for sale, thread and in a small corner it clicked in my brain where I know this store's name from. It's a Rowan Outlet. The only Rowan outlet in Spain! and we found it. I wish I  had brought more money and left more things at home so I could get some. I did come home with 3 balls.   " were the same colourway of Rowan Kidsilk Haze that I believe is called Trance, a blue-y green featherweight Yarn. Also a ball of Rowan Cashsoft 4ply in Amethyst. A jewelly Purple.
I have plans for both of these yarns, the Kidsilk is going to be a shawl when it grows up and the purple will probably be a pair of mittens for a very dear friend or myself.... I haven't decided yet.

Incase you're interested the 8th floor was Appliances (if you think you can get a spanish washing machine home lol) and 9th was outdoor things and miscellanus (like parasols and luggage)

We had a Fantastic time on Holiday and I'm already saving up for the next time we can go next year. Same place; cus we loved it and it was perfect for us :)     
---Until next time---
Next post will probably be just after my birthday about the festivities.
Thanks for reading
Aki X

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