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Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Happy Sunshiny blog

----- Deal ------
I have the hat finished. the bunny Hat. the one that when I wear it keeps my head abnormally warm. yeah that hat. My other, better, half lost a little bet with me.

E: Almost finished my hat
C: no ur not; you still have to close it up
E: yeah; that'll only take 5 minutes, less actually
C: no it won't
E yeah it will
(E looks at TV; sees it is 2 mins til half time on the football and forms a deal)
E: bet I can get it done before the 2nd half
C: that's impossible
E: ok; If I win then u pose with the hat and if u win then I pose with the hat.
C:............. deal

Well he lost lol. so without further ado the next part of the blog.

---- 1 finished hat; 1 found....I think ----

I cleaned out my Stash the other day; and found this at the bottom.... I don't remember what it was meant to be but I think it was a hat.... before I started the bunny hat.
I can't find the pattern for it; nor do i know what row; or even what pattern to do. and I didn't even know I had 5mm DPNs.... weird. Good bye little unknown thing. we'd have a small funeral or case File.....if I knew what you were.

This was quickly froged back to its original state and since there is a little over 400g of this colour I think I feel my first pair of me sized socks when I touch that yarn. screw the little socks, I'm thinking nearly knee highs lol.

Is thinking about something a little bit special for a certain person... I just need a pattern and Yarn (and probably needles, cus a knitter can never have too many lol).

---- In other news ----
Lady was staring at something for qite a long time while I was knitting at Lunch. she doesn't usually just sit at the back door.... and if she had wanted out then she would have barked or came to just look at me (as if to say 'uh; hello? bathroom?') So I went to see what she was staring at.

It seems the pigeon Mafia has decended on our Garden. I swear they stayed in that 1 spot for like 15 minutes; I was knitting the unmeantionable shrug, so I could watch)

----Goodbyes ----
Yep; that's it from me; by the time I next blog to all you loverly people I will hopefully have finished or be within toasting distance of finishing the unmeantionable bolero.

Luv from Aki X

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