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Friday, 28 May 2010

yeah; finished..... right.

----I lied..... or overestimated myself.....----
Late blog; sorry. : <
Alright; two weeks ago (last blog) I reported the terrible fate of the Garns bolero; is has then been re-christened 'The Unmentionable Bolero' in my head. I kinda said I'd have it within spitting distance of being finished by this blog..... well that also depends on how far one could spit...... OK I can't get outta this. Let me explain myself:
After getting the unmentionable bolero back on the needles and knitting 1 row to turn the stitches round the right way..... I put in on my knitting tray..... and didn't look at it (or as I refer to it as not talking to it) for a week and a bit. So really there's only about 5 days of knitting sporadically on the bolero; because Uni's over and my other half's far more important to pay attention to than a godforsaken bolero, which is why with the unfinshed-ness.
I do have good news though; I have 1 sleeve done. Don't break open the champagne (or Hardys pink wine if you're like me) yet though; because I am very confused with the next piece (the body).... I've done the math before I started; to avoid the project being banashed to the tray for another week.... and I'm getting it wrong somewhere; I'm sure of it.

129 sts(from sleeve) + 5st each side of 7 rows = 13 st
129 +(5x2x7)+13..... it should equal 225(according to the pattern.... but I'm getting 212.....I'm 13 sts out....... unless the pattern means 13 on each side........ It probably does; but at least If I go wrong this is where I'll go wrong.....

Now that that's sorted and I am not worrying anymore I want to start a random new project: remember the 2 balls of ahatithink yarn? I said I wanted to make socks? well I found the socks I want to knit with them; they're not knee high; as I found out that it would need about ooooo; 4 balls.... and I don't wanna buy more yarn yet....

They are from Lionbrand pattern finder (I love this website; shame I cant get the yarn over here; in the UK though) and they look like this (<===)
THey're called Sweet home socks and apparently have lace at the top... but theres a couple of problems....
1. I don't have the needles (size 5 (3.75mm)DNPS; I have 2mm, 5mm and 6.5mm) but that's easily solved.... with £2 from the yarn fund and a trip into town
2. the size for these gorgeous socks are Women's Medium.... and 1 size... I have big legs.... so that dosent work well..... I'm gonna need to make the pattern to a bigger size; which means a lot of math and stiches..... I've only done this once before (bunny hat) and that was sorta easy because of the pattern; all I had to do was repeat it. this will be harder; probably.
Well I'm just back from town and I got myself new needles (3.75 DPNs) so all I need to do is find out if the yarn I have is good enough for the socks; then knit them.

-----World Cup knitting -----
Following the Harlot's idea (yarnharlot; type to google; of Oylimpic knitting I have decided to tweek it a little and make it World Cup knitting; as the football will be going on at least 5 matches in a week throughout the Month of June and into early July (a match is even on my Birthday :-/) I have decided to set myself a challenge. Cast on the socks at the beginning of the World Cup (I'm taking this as June 11th cus thats when the first Game is) and be casting off or finished by the Final Match (July 11th).
This means I wold need to have one sock done by the mid-point (say June 26th) which gives me 15 days to do each Sock. I'm going to do all the calculations today; so wish me luck!
World cup knitting will also mean that I can't work on the unmeantionable bolero after June 11th; so I'm trying to get half-way across the back; so I can at least shove it in a bag; half way done for a month. so all you'll be seeing here will be socks...... or bits of them; for that I'm sorry (already)

----- Happy Birthdays -----
OK; its a little Late; but Happy Birthday to Nicole; Lauren and Charlotte; who were all 1 year older This month. I'll try to make this a regular thing in my blog :)

----- Until June 11th -----
yes I know thats a little bit more than 2 weeks; but it'll be a special; long- socky blog; along with news from the front line of the World Cup; with my Better half probably trying to teach me what's going on... and who He thinks'll win....or lose; whichever. I'll say at this point I don't really care who wins; as long as its not England.......(cus by then I'd be deaf) hehehehehehe.
Toodles xxx

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