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Monday, 14 June 2010

World cup; oh dear God

----- Some people are mad; some are unique, me: I'm normal; and that's weird ------

World Cup fever has truly hit the world; what with the TV being taken over at least twice a day by thousands of people screaming 'COME ON (insert team name here)'. Although I do have to say it is entertaining to see the stupid mistakes some of the players make.... England Goalie..... need I say more? ( I swear I laughed so hard at that; mostly because all the England fans were all going nooooooo in slow motion as it went in lol. ..I wonder how many people wanted to step into the net themselves; cus I think even I cold have saved that)
However; onto more pressing.... yarn-y issues :D

----- World Cup knitting -----
I started my world Cup knitting; the Sweet home socks from Lion brand pattern centre, and knit up to row 40 within the first couple of matches. It is now the 14th and I am on row 48. I am halfway through the last patterned bit at the top (called the flower); after that I can pretty much knit without looking at it; because its in plain stockinette; which is the easiest stitch pattern to do in the round (K every round). I have to keep doing that until it's 12 inches long. Then the pattern says 'try on to see how much longer you need to make each sock'

TRY ON??? I'm using metal DPNs, I cannot physically try on the sock unless I want to do surgery on my leg to make it triangular. I'm afraid that won't be happening; I like my legs.... so I guess this is going to be another bit of guessing. But we'll cross that bridge when we come to the ....12 inch bridge. it then says 'when ready begin to shape heel.' which has then a complicated 20 st repeat pattern which makes the piece turn at one side; making the heel..... it looks more complicated than it sounds..... but I think I will have these done well before the end of the world cup.
+++ Success (well nearly) +++

I also learned how to make a bobble in this pattern..... thats a weird, annoying and hard looking thing.... and even more difficult to do. Thank God I dont have to do it again until after June 26th (when I'm supposed to start the next sock)

----- New stuffs -----
Before you say it; no I did not buy Yarn. I actually bought 2 magazines. Knitting Magazines.Knit today and Lets Knit. the Knit today magazine came with THE most gorgeous pair of 4.5mmm needles in bright, metalic purple ==>
And yes; that is a new project on the pointy end. its actually a joke present for my dad for fater's Day. A cup arrived in the post for my dad a couple of weeks ago; a help the aged mug; which he got free..... cus he's one of the aged apparently. It has his name on the mug and everything. it was basically saying 'you're old'. So I'm making him a mug-cozy so that he doesn't have to look at the 'HELP THE AGED Mr J Haddock' anymore. lol.
Fount a really nice pattern on Vogue knitting website for a cabled mug pattern which I am going to make (within this week hopefully; cus its like 24 sts long....... which isn't that long. so I'll work like mad on this whinever I am sick of the sock pattern.

----- In other news -----

  • Sport is taking over. not only is the world cup on but the tennis is also on, and so is the cricket :S. This weekend I've been tired just looking at half the people I see on TV running about the place.

  • I did not get the unmentionable bolero half finished. It is sulking in my stash.

  • I have to soon clear out my stash; mostly to find the other ball of wool that I'm using for the world cup socks

  • Sandy, Candy and Cottontail look lonely; so I might start Xmas knitting soon (more on that in the future)

  • I want to make a show of my stash. I might clear out the top shelf of my bookcase and stach it all there. it'd look prettier than my gorlous amount on pens I have collected over the years.
----- Birthdays -----
There was no birthdays this time :(. but next month has the most importeant birthday of all; My better half's :D

----- Sayonara -----
Well this is Goodbye from me; I'll be talking you all again on the 24th. 2 days before the 1st sock deadline; We'll see how far I am from finishing; or if I have already finished.
Until then amuse youself with a 'Where's Lady' Picture (or 2) (they're easy :)

Toodles :) and have a nice Father's Day. xxxxxxx Luv u's all

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