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Saturday, 17 July 2010

Holy crap that felt like a long while

--- Alright;be prepared; this might will be a long one ---

Greetings readers of my bloginess; hope you've all been good. Quite a lot has happened in the last couple of weeks; so much that I'm trying so hard to remember some parts of it; however the photos on my camera might help jog my memory when I get to them; so hang tight.

---Announcements ----
  • I turned 20!!!! (holy crap) I just noticed I have to change the side bar crap; cus it still says I'm 19... that'll be interesting
  • My better half turned 20!!!! He loved all his stuff I got him... I think... the Lush was maybe a little step in the wrong direction but he loved his London Irish shirt I got him; which is a good thing.
  • I baked a cake (more on that later)
  • I got new knitting stuffs for my birthday(not too much but I'm allowed to order more :)  )
  • My internet's been going incredibly slow (which is why this is going up today and not yesterday, it wouldn't even start yesterday; so I left it)
  • I now remember what I was going to talk about first; so here we go
--- World Cup Knitting ---
Alright; the world cup's over (Congrats to Spain and extra special thanks; cus u won me a fiver from my better half (who still thinks I used some sort of witchcraft to make a European team win) which gets added to my Xmas budget)(and yes; I'm already thinking about xmas, much to the dismay of my local Yarnshop owner)
The world cup may be over..... but I'm not finished my World cup socks. I have in fact not worked on them since I wrote in this blog last. I have been working on something else... that you may remember.

Yep; that's the unmentionable Bolero; now re-christened the Garn's Bolero. I am now nearly at the neck shaping; which escapes me, I have to have 22 inches from sleeve to needles before I cast off for the neck arranging. I measure my work.... 20 inches, knit for a few rows and measure again... 20 inches.... I take my knitting to Craig's and  knit for hours infront of the television..... 20.5 inches.......ALL THAT WORK FOR 0.5 OF A FRICKING INCH ??? I know there is a black hole at the point where there's jointing of the sleeve to the body and it's just sucking in my perfectly good knitting; all like 90 inches (or so there should be) of it.
I ususally knit while I type this blog, a couple of stitches here and there; until I think of a word; or what I'm going to do next; and I'm doing that now, I will measure at the end of this blog and report back.
(I think that was well skimed over)

--- New stash ---
With money that I got from Aunties; Uncles and relatives I didn't know I had (Like 'here's a card from your cousin Laura' ....' I have a cousin Laura?') I bought enough Yarn to keep me busy for at least a little while. I bought 1 ball of the lovley sock yarn I was talking about Last time (in blue; because the Purple had already sold out :(, but I still like it), some Black Robin DK for a present to someone, some green Silcress.... which I dont actually know what to do with yet (what? it was a pound for like 50g of 25% silk/ 75% merino blend) and a GIANT ball of off cream aran weight wool (thats 980m; take a good look; cus its taking up about have the size of my stash cupboard.) which I'll be using up as soon as I get the Garn's boloero finished, for a very special pullover. and Finally the pomegranate cotton is ecause I dont think I have enough of it to complete the Garns bolero.

--- Baking ---
I had a baking day acouple of days ago. I baked a cake (victoria sponge with Raspberry jam and whipped cream in the middle) and I also made vanilla biscuits (which you can see in the background) which both turned out perfectly; so pefectly that Mum's letting me bake the cake again next week; which shows whe liked it :D all good.                                                             A little bit more of Extra news: I have a baby to knit for :D. My neibour at the back of my house is ready to pop at any given day. As soon as I find out the sex of the Baby I'm probably going to Cast on a pair of booties for it's little toesies. I actually have baby pink yarn, so I'm routing for a girl ^ ^
Also; remember the verigated scarf/shawl from last time? I added buttons (so I can wear it of course) and wore it out shopping last Wednesday. it kept my neck lovely and warm and I love the buttons.
----That wasn't as long as I had thought ----
Well; what with my internet cashing halfway through this post (thank God for Autosave) I think I've ran out of things to talk about.... On Monday I will be venturing up Cave hill again (providing it stays dry) with my digital SLR, my knitting and my better half. will hopefully post again on Tuesday with photos of that, and I think that by tuesday I will have gotten to the neck opening for the Garns bolero so I'll post for that as well. Until next tuesday; toodles       (|/)
                (^^) -Byes

(Oh yeah and the bolero now measures 21.4 inches.... knitting for stress relif actually does work..... surprisingly well)

--------Editor's note (aka; me) --------

Alright; my internet's bugging me; it won't up load my photos that I want it to, its seems now incapable of running two internet pages at the same time and in short it's annoying me so much I'm going to publish this now and try this again tomorrow. apologies for the lateness and absentness of all but 2 of the photos, I'll do this again tomorrow; I'm going to  go Knit myself out of the stress

-----The following day -------
Alright; that seems to be working again, on with the blog (I'll put this at the bottom;so you won't be disturbed :D

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