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Monday, 9 August 2010

Something old, something new, nothing borrowed and quite a lot of blue

Hellos everybody :)
Sorry for the lateness of this post, I have a very good excuse though (but that's for my fist topic)and don't worry about the title; I promise Im not getting married yet... It's the only thing I could think of for a title that surprisingly goes with all my topics today. So sit back, pour a glass of your favourite beverage (alchoholic or sissyjuice)and enjoy this bloggyness time.
I was up cavehill again this bloggytime, here's the best photo of about 175 photos

---Something old---
First off; I know I said I would bog again on Tuesday, a couple of weeks ago. I didn't. That's because I had a funeral to go to... And there's no easy way to say this... It was my grandma's funeral. She'd been fighting a case of dementia for some years; and it was expected, but not prepared for it emotionally.
She lived to a grand old age of 89. She would have been 90 next March. In her lifetime she had 4 children, all home births. She never had a holiday, and had never even been on an airplane. She outlived 2 of her children, and her husband. At her death she weighed 5stone if she was even that. She was a mother, a grandma, a great-granny and even a great-great-granny, she passed away on the 21st of July at 4am in her nursing home in her bed, I loved her and if Im even half of as good a person as she was, I'd be happy.

R.I.P Granny

---Something New---
Back to something a little bit happier :) I bought new Yarn :) and I think I have finally overfilled my Yarn stash bag. So much that I am contemplating clearing the entire top of my bookcase and just putting a freeking lot of Yarn; like right there. lol. sorry, no theres no pictures of my haul this time... I kinda stashed some of it away so I wouldn't let my mum know just how much I actually bought.... I was also given Yarn this week; but more on that later :)

I also tried something completely new this blogtime. I am trying to loose some weight, so I went to the Gym with my friend Jenni, for like the first time EVER. and I enjoyed it so much that I'm going to take out a membership this Tuesday and do this thing :D

I also now have a Ravelry account, I'm Akitombo on there too; Feel free to add me if you're there. :D
I learnt about it through the numerous blogs I read, the amount of podcasts I listen to; I just never kinda thought 'Hey, I can use that too' lols. I have spent most of the last couple of days trying to reall all the stash I have littered about my house and name them.... haha; half of them are missing ball bands.... and I actually Found one with 2 ball bands..... that was strange.
Hello to my new Ravelry friends :D; I know there's only 4 at this moment in time so I'll name them, ravitar only:
flockewe ,  the-happy-hooker, LittleFire and Dulcinea
Hellos to all :)

There's also been a new arrival. Blog readers will know that my neighbour was expecting a baby the last time I wrote. Well ...Ashleigh had a little baby boy (god damn...) he hasn't got a name yet, but I think their deciding between Christopher and something else. I kept up with my promise and knit a pair of baby booties for the little Munchkin (==>) pictured In flowers that my mum got a while back.
The pattern was a Debbie bliss Pattern, I think it was from baby knits for beginners. and since its a boy I left off the frills.

Used Rico Cotton in a turquiose-y colour and Cast off in White to give a very thin stripy look about the top. They apparently dont fit him well ...yet.... as he's only a newborn... and I think I made the size for 3-4 months..... so they'll fit him by Christmas lol, even though I probably have enough to do for christmas.... a sweater for my beloved (he knows..... he seen the pattern)A secretive present for Nadine (which she has no clue what it is hehehehe) A little tiny thing for a couple of friends whom I like and I know would appeciate a little hand-knitted little thingy.

---Nothing Borrowed---
I'm still going to hell on the Garns Bolero, I think I will have broken the back of it by the end of this month (that's a very violent saying.... makes it sound like I'm hunting the yarn lol)
I'll then be on the sleeve.... I would have a picture of it up on ravelry but my Mum does not understand the concept of 'take a photo of only the knitwear; not my face, or my un socked feet'.... so it'll have to wait until I can get my beloved to photograph me.
However I can take photos of it; off me... like on a table... or doing a Harlot and arrange it artistically in something Green and leafy; so here's a good one. I'm about 65 to 70% done, I've got about 15 more inches on one side to do; then a furher 12 inches of the sleeve. then I might add a small collar; because the zig-zags of the decreases annoy me.
I have already went over the estimated yardage for the project, the pattern said 5 balls, I'm now on my 7th and I've got 2 more waiting in my project bag.... just incasy.

I was given Yarn this week; which I don't have a picture of ... I was given it by Jenni; my freind who I am trying to learn how to knit... I don't think I'm doing a very good job; if my facebook page hs anything to go by.... I think I've thrown her into a pit of insanity... I hope to recover herbefore she goes back to the states in September.

I have a couple of things I want to knit now for the baby.... especially these. they're baby booties in the shape of converse..... I feel an obsession coming on lol. I found the link on Ravelry (because it rocks like that) and now I want to makes them for baby next door.

I also have a couple of birthdays coming up; for friends and stuff... thinking about starting to knit them  something now lol :D and as she reads this blog..... I think, then I can't show it here.I will hopefully have finished it by her birthday.

---and quite a lot of blue ---
As I have already worte I am trying my hardest to teach my freind to knit. Her name's Jenni and she understands my weird teaching style better than I think I understand it myself lol. we're making a Market bag together; 9x9 square sides and a long scarf like thing for the bottom; handles too :D the pattern is copletely from my head and from Acyrlic yarn. next I want to introduce her to Merino... or maybe wool Baby blend. she says she wants to knit a lot of baby stuff; cus there always seems to be a want for it in America :D. So I am printing off a booklet for her of all the baby patterns that I think can be done by a beginner.... weither she will or not is a different matter altogether.
My bag that I am making will be made of different shades of blue; all of that Yarn that I got from Jenni will be made into something.... else.... Jenni's bag is going to be all bright colours.... yellow, white and shocking Pink....not my taste but it is certainally hers.
I'll let you know how it goes.

By this time next week I hope to have blogworthy progress to report, but I'll not blog until Thursday (the 19th) so I can get pictures of the hopefully completed bags and see what else we've decided to knit before Jenni goes back to Americaland.

Write to you's all again next week; toodles

Luv from Aki XXXXXXX

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