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Friday, 15 October 2010

Here we see the knitting Feind in it's natual habitat before xmas.......

----Oh my Good Lord it's been a long time----
Hellos everybody. I'm very sorry if you missed me, a lot has happened it the past......MONTH!!! Oh my word I didn't think it would be that long sorry.
Well at the rate I'm going at it might turn into 2 if I don't get moving like now; so without any further ado; grab yourself a hot beverage, shut the curtains without looking outside (trust me; it's not pretty) and here we go :)

----Job Job Job----
I got one. I'm now working down in Tescos as a part time worker (with shed loads of overtime lol), which is why the blog (and the knitting) have been moving at a snail's pace over the last few days. I do however have enough money to buy myself a nice little thing for myself at Christmas which might make things easier.

----Preparations for xmas----
Some things have been coming along nicely...... other things I have swore to hell and back for the best part of a month lol. here's a quick (but long) compendium of all I have to complete and how I think it's going :D

Craig's Cricket Jumper
The Back is almost done, I estimate only about 10 more rows to go, then I have to do the same again for the front. there is a little glimmer of hope though, I've started the Armhole shaping, which means I'm nearly 50% done

Chance of getting done before Christmas: 90% positive

Monkey A socks (===>)
Have been coming along swimmingly. I'm just about to do the heel flap for the first sock, then there's the foot and toe. These are pictured on my mum's leg. simply because my legs are Large.... these socks are a Medium. I'd stretch the stitches beyond repair.

Chance of finishing in time: 70% positive

Interlocking Leaves socks

(not started so no picture)
Yeah, the pattern's printed and sitting beside the Yarn but with hardly any available time this seems more and ore unlikely.

Chance of finishing in time: 30% positive

Chloe Socks
See above
Chance: 10%

Outside In Socks
See above
Chance (slim to none)

GHN project
Will not picture lol; because she reads this blog, and I shall not let it out yet. It is showing signs of being finished. I'm about 20% done and I can already tell this thing's going to be a long ass thing lol

Chance: 60%

GBP project (====>)
Too cute for words. I have worked out a way that it doesn't look like a brown Jack Skelington (like in this photo) I am aiming to make another 3 before Christmas (total of 4) and since this little guy only needed 1 day to be knit up (started at Lunchtime and finished adding the features just after 10pm

Chance: 80%

Cross stitch Cards (1 = 10%)

Gloves for Craig (Finished)
Hallelujah!!!! they are finished :D even the logo on the front that He wanted; pictures to come when I get him to try them on XD

I also have a secret Santa gift to add to this List, for My bible Group. The budget is anything below £2..... which is hard. then I remembered the Cinnamon coloured Yarn I got for £1.50 at the bottom of my stash (yeah, it had to be at the VERY bottom) and pulled it out. Plans are set for a hat. but because I have  alot more important things to finish, it's on a back burner for now. I don't think I need it done til mid December; so I should be fine :D.

--- As if I didn't Have enough to do.... ---
What with the job and the knitting this year Christmas promises to be.... hectic. It's very unlikely that I'll be able to blog again before this event so I'm going to Showcase it now!

This Year I will be once again gracing Inver Garden Centre (near Larne <===Map) for their Annual Christmas Fair. It's being Held on the 4th/5th of December (that weekend) I will have a table with my lovely assistant/ other half; we'll be selling my handmade Jewellery, A few knitted items (Harlot scarfs mostly.... more on that Later)
Most Importantly I will be giving a brilliant 10% off to readers of my blog! all u need to tell me on the day is...... The Name of at Least 1 of my Amigurumi. If u name 2 you DONT get 20% off and so on, but if you name ANY of them (there's 4 in total) then you get a Yummy 10% your order.

----Stock---- (what I'll be selling)
-Masses of my Handmade jewellery
-Some Knitted items (Harlot Scarfs ===> yeah I know it's not finished Bear with me)
-Some Cute Christmas stockings.... (more on that....Now)

----Handmade Christmas stockings----
It's such a common thing to See at this time of Year, the Humble Christmas stocking, most of the store bought ones are made in mass, so it's Likely that you have the exact same stocking as someone in the same town as you..... I don't like that. I don't like going into Someone else's house and seeing things that I have the same in mine. What I do like however is someone coming to my house, seeing Lady's NEW Christmas Stocking and going 'Oh how cute! A Chrismas stocking for a Dog, Where'd you get it?' to which I'd reply 'I made it'. I love to see their Faces light up when that happens, even at this Simple design (<==)
I also Believe that everyone (even Lady) should have something unique. Something that no-one else has. These Stockings are a great way to accieve that. Because I made this for Lady myself I hold in my mind that No other stocking bought in some chain on the highstreet is even Like it.
I plan on Making about 5 to 10 more intricate designs to Sell at the Christmas Fair. I will also be making them with my Brigader Stiching Class in GB, I'll try and make their's A little bigger than Lady's, at least big enough to fit a Kingsize Galaxy Bar into, that way..... they can fit something of value into it without it looking like a poor, empty stocking because nothing will fit into it lol.
I also plan to make a quite Large one for a very special Friend this year. Which I will fill with Stuff, Wrap it and give it to her hopefully before Christmas day.

----Back to the Hamster Wheel----
Sorry if that was a little shorter than you first thought but I have Knitting to do, and A job to get back to and most importantly A better half to enterain and Love. What with the business of my Life now I can see myself posting just before the Inver Sale to let everyone know what I have instock and a greater idea of where to find the centre. I'd be chuffed to bits to see any of my blog readers there :D
So until next time.... don't get too cold, wrap up warm... - toodles

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