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Friday, 1 October 2010

85..... 85

Hey to everybody. not that much to talk about this time, but a little to write about, So lets get to it. Unwrap a chocolate bar (I'm chooseing a NEW Galaxy Bar, this one's with Truffles), pour a glass of milk, sissyjuice or wine and come to read with me.

---Holy Crap---
Attention all crafters and people who like to be nice to their friends at Christmas. I have Grave news... its only 85 days to Christmas.
Yep. 85 (check if u don't beleive me) thats 12 weeks, exactly. Now's the time to start planning, panicing and (for me) yarncrafting. This year I have 20 people to get for. 20!!! That's including my Mum and Dad (which is gonna be difficult), Craig's Mum and Dad and of course Craig. (which I've already started on lol) Along with 15 close friends.

10 people are getting handmade gifts. Some Cricket jumpers (craig only) and others are getting Socks, Hats or ofter little accessories. Which brings to my mind something from Last week. Sock votes.

---What a waste---
I got 1 vote.... ONE!!! I'm.... disappointed. but at least I have somewhere to Start. Thank you Nadine for being the only voter. I won't talk anymore on the subject because certain people that I thought would vote didn't. That's all.

---Some sock news---
Nadine kindly voted for Monkey socks by Cookie A. which will be the socks that I will cast on First. then (because the voting system doesn't seem to work) I will pull names out of a hat or use a randomiser or something. In fact I'll do that all now.... please talk among yourselves lol)

**Frantic searching for a hat.... then learning we have no hats suitable for it....... uses a bowl instead.... finds it hard to come up with names for colourways of yarn....***

Alright, that was only 2 minutes for you at most but that was 15 minutes for me. Lol
Here are the Results and Photos of the Yarn that will be made into socky goodness:

1st to Cast on = Monkey (by Cookie A)
    In the brown colour (I'm calling it Sugar)
2nd to Cast on = Interlocking Leaves
    In the Bright rainbow colour (top beside the blue)
3rd to Cast on  = Chloe Socks
   In the Blue (which I'm calling River, beause there's Steel Grey in there too, and no Green)
4th to Cast on = Outside In
    In the flower-y colour (calling Iris)

I'm casting on as soon as I finish Craig's Gloves (because they're made on the same needles... go figure. (and no; I don't want another pair... I have too many needles already)I'm printing out a calendar now, trying to set myself timelimits and days to do certain things. So that I'm not madly rushing at the Last minute:
Mondays are for Criket Jumper
Tuesdays are for Stitching (cross or other)
Wednesdays are for Gloves/Socks
Thursadys are for Secret Project GHN
Fridays are for Secret Project GBP
Saturdays are for Gloves/ Sock (I have 3 pairs ppl)
And Sundays's the Day of Rest.... so I'm doing the rest..... things that don't fit into projects

A certain little blog reader and altoghter Dear friend's Birthday Present finally came to Fruition Last Saturday. She got me Tickets to See FAME in the GOH Belfast :D I loved it muchly. Thank you Tashi-Chan :D

---non-Knitting but Yarncraft related news ---
Since the Last time I blogged a certain creative activity was started in GB. Cross Stiching. I love Cross stiching and was happy to realise that we'd be taking part in it as a group of about 20 Brigaders. We're making Bookmarks so Far but A few seem to be going at the pace of a jet-propeller plane... others are going Lazily about it; but at least they're learning. Me and Mrs Mo (my Captain) have been talking about what to do after everyone's done with their bookmarks. Knitting was meantioned.... so was crochet until I said that I wouldn't be able to help (because I don't know how to do that 1 needle stuff)We'll just see.
But anyway: all this working with Cross stitch encouragted me to get out all my old Cross stiching stuff... I was overblown by the sheer amount of the material, So I've decided to make Xmas Cards for some special people this year. Showcasing my crosstitching skills lol.

Previews of all Xmas projects will happen on the 10th of December. That's the Cards, Cricket Jumper, Socks, Secret Santa projects and secret GBP, GHN and others.

I will blog again on the 15th of October. Hopefully with some pictures of socks and stuff
Until then I've got a Chicken Curry to tuck into (yep u heard me right me:curry....It's Craig's influence I tell ya) Toodles XXX

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  1. ETA: I receved another vote just a couple of mins ago; It's for the same sock pattern so the result doesn't change lol.