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Tuesday, 15 February 2011

I think I might take the umberella to work today

---Weather perfect---
That is perfect for knitting and wondering what the hell noise the chimney just made. The Wind here it at break-neck speed. Countless branches have been trown onto roads and last night I seen a house with a large tree lying against it. would not have liked to be there when that happened (what the f$%& was that???) therefore: glad I wasn't.
My Dad's been telling me that cars can swerve when hit by wind this strong, its making me nervous of driving. A much safer option would probably be to strap myself to an umberella and put my knitting and work clothes in a Carpet bag... wonder how she steered that thing.

A certain person will be flying up there tho, Jenni's coming home from Americaland. I have heard stong arguements that planes are heavier than cars and therefore less likely to be affected by wind..... but I'd still be worried. Better you than me Jenni

---Back to Knitting---

All projects have been coming along..... steadly. I am however very proud of one item which I've been working at non-stop for the last few weeks.
And that would be Craig's Cricket Vest. it is now roughly 95% finished. With the entire Right side done, even the Arm ribbing I am ready to tackle the collar.  The Patten say to do the 2 sides first, then tackle the collar.... using a circular needle.

First off I don't own a 4mm circ needle. I only own 1 circ needle and thats a  2mm. The only reason I have that one was to work on the unmentionable Bolero (which will be taken out of sleeping as soon as March rears it's spring-ish head)and that's because I don't like working on circs

I prefer having a set of DPNs rather than a circ. And I know about Magic Loop. Tried it... Didn't like it. I don't know why but I find them just too annoying.
So rather than going out and buying a circ that I'm not going to use again apart from this once I am going to use a set of 6 Double points. and do the collar before joining up the other side. I think it'd be easier that way.

Had to include a picture of the sleeve ribbing. I love it. Craig tried it on last night...(yeah that was entertaining... only one sides done... I am I supposed to try it on then... put your arm through..... oh...)

So I am going onto the collar. I'll let you know how it gets on.

Until next time- Toodles
From Aki

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