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Friday, 28 January 2011

Goddamn it.... Some changes needed

---Ok; so that was fecked up---
I was at GB the other night. Said to one of the girls who I know reads my blog 'what did u think of my last post?' she says 'yeah ur sound thingy doesnt work' to which I said 'I posted since then'..... No you havn't....

To which point I discovered that the blog publisher I have been using on my phone to publish blog posts... Doesn't work. According to it there's 5 new posts since I started using it. Nope... None. So I'm gonna type them all up again and post them the old fashioned way. Then try and get a new remote blogger. Bear with me; I'm at work today and all weekend, then hoping for some overtime next week. But I'll probably backwards blog (the re-type) on Tuesday.

I also found out why the sound thingy didn't work and I'll be redoing it soon too. Note to self asking questions =good thing

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