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Sunday, 4 September 2011

And I'm back!

---Hello everybody---
Did y'all have a nice summer? I know I did. For me it doen't change much, from Summer into Autumn, I still work 10 hours a week with some overtime, I still get to see Craig near enough every day and I still knit alot.

There's something though; that's changing. Something that's scaring me just a teeny bit. it's GB. Not only am I doing officer training this year (I know... feck) I'm also taking not 1 but two new classes this year. A knitting class (oooooh; that's scaring me) and a cooking class with Sandra (that'll just be fun).

Along with my 4-5 yr olds and my scripture class with the juniors that's 4 classes I'm taking part in teaching this year. Along with craft sessons, physcial sessions and 4 (holy crap) openings to do. I have a mountain to climb. I'm also starting to re-go to Church every Sunday with Craig. I had stopped because of work starting at 12:30 and I was afraid that I wouldn't make it intime. Last week was a trail run and we got outta there by 11:45, back to mine and I was changed and out the door by 12:25. That's a good sign.

---Now; onto more knitterly things---

I planed on making wristlets with the Brigaders for my Knitting class; but somehow they came up with wanting to knit a bear for Angelbear (trauma charity for children) so now we're mostly doing that. (I still think it'd be too hard; but anyway)

At first I tried the original bear. (which is knit in pieces then sewn together) and it didn't turn out well. Then someone brought in a completed all in one bear and it looked better. I casted it on and completed it within one day speratic knitting. and about 4 trys at the Face gave me this one.

So we're knitting them.


There's also the option to knit the Bunny like the one I did for Lynn and Ian's baby. it's just so cute and I love it. when they're done they'll get donated somewhere. Probably to the Pregnancy resource centre in Carrick.

All in all there will be cuddly things happening on everyone's needles from Tuesday the 11th of October and I'll try to blog about them when I can.

---New knits over the Summer ---
A few will know this but I have a wedding to go to in December. I'm knitting a Shawl  to go with my dress from the Rowan kidsilk that I got on Holiday. I'm about to start the edge and the 270 stitches on my needles will increase to 425 before starting to go down. In short: i'm scared of it.

I'm also scared of blocking it.... blocking is where you soak the fabric (some say to use cold; others warm) and then; using pins, pin it out to dry, insuring all pints and such are clear and... well pointy. this means that I need to either pin it to my bed (not a good idea) or buy the plastic matting that looks like jigsaw pieces that people normally use for kid's playrooms ect and pin it to it. Theres a set of 4 in tescos that I seen for £10. I'll always use it.... it's just starage is what's worrying me.

I also seem to have an endless amount of people to knit for this christmasI have 2 hats already accomplished and  3 pairs of socks on the go.between now I have to cast on 2 more hats and countless other wee things.I have also re-discovered my love for Cross stictching and I plan on doing someting with it too.

---That's pretty much it :) ---

I'll post again in a couple of days :)
Thanks for coming back to join me on another year of Knittery things form me.
Much much Luv Aki XXX

PS: welcome to my honerable daughter; Charlotte who subscribed to the blog during the summer

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