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Monday, 12 September 2011

What I've discovered

---Discovery is not just in space nowadays---

I did take the summer off, like I planned but everyone here didn't know..... why? Because I made that announcement on my phone.... and I've discovered something....

My programme that I have on my phone that I use to update my blog is slow. It also tells Lies and not little white ones; big stinking porkers!!!!

Turns out when I hit the 'Post' button on my phone what it actually does is save it as a draft. and you don't see any of it. to actually post it you have to have the application open for more than 15 minutes....... which never happens with me.

Which is why I have 5 posts in my drafts folder that are complete.... but not posted. I'm posting them all today lol.... so I'd go back and read the last couple of posts if you're interested....

Damn phone. (pic is from Etsy; which I discovered over Summer)


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