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Sunday, 3 April 2011

Day 7

--- Day 7 : Your Knitting time ---

Write About your typical crafting time. Where? When? who do you craft with? what items do you sorrund yourself with? Do you snack?

I usually craft whenever I can get 2 minutes and just before I go to sleep. I have also been known to Knit on long car/bus jouneys. Ask my Mum and Craig; it's now gotten to the point where; if Craig knows that we're going to be a while in the car he asks 'Have you got your knitting with you?' before he starts the engine lol. My mum has been know to mutter under her breath 'Oh my God she's knitting on the bus to Belfast'.

Aswered in the last question. I have once been caught knitting until 2am... I was trying to get a certain Cricket jumper finished.

---Who do you craft with ---
Most of the time I craft by myself. Sometimes Craig is there and fewer times Jenni is there. I sometimes Knit at GB so I suppose all them are there with me. I'm not part of any knitting group or anything... mostly because there's basically none where I live. Loads of crochet groups... only 1 knitting gruop and it's on a Saturday..... when I usually work.

---What items do you surround yourself with?---
  1. my knitting -all wips... I never really know which one I'll pick up
  2. Scissors - I always seem to need them when they're not around
  3. Large eye sewing needle - For sewing in ends
  4. A good DVD/ boxset - I have Scrubs, House and various animes all on DVD
  5. My phone - ...sometimes on silent and if theres no good DVDs or I'm not able to watch them (eg: on a bus) then I listen to podcasts/ music
  6. Select Yarn from my stash - to cuddle and Fondle when I get something wrong
---Do you snack?---
Not often. Chocolate melts and gets onto the knitting, crisps and nuts also get onto the knitting. I usually have a cup of tea or glass of wine beside me when I'm knitting (depending on the project)

---That's it---
That's the knitting and Crafting blog Challenge thingy done! 7 days of challenging writing and  challenging things to thing about. now I'm off to knit.

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