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Friday, 1 April 2011

Day 5

And now for something completely different? 

There are no rules of a topic to blog about but this post should look at a different way to present content on your blog. This can take one of many forms, but here a few suggestions: Wordless, photographic post Video blog post Podcast Cartoon/sketch of an idea Write about a subject from a different perspective (for example, you could write about a day in the life of a knitted sock from the point of view of the sock). Interpretive modern dance (why does someone always suggest this?) A poem or piece of rhyming verse Stop motion animation.

----Let me tell you a story----
I fished into my stash this morning; looking for the Mitten that I completed a couple of Days ago(I wanted to knit the other one but couldn't remember the exact colour of blue...I have a lot of blue) and I felt a small papery substance, trying to remove it from the stash something bit me. The secondary stash layer moved and I heard a low growl. Cursing (and not learning from my mistake) I dove straight back in and pulled the papery thing out so quick I don't think the thing that bit me had a chance. What I pulled out was a small book. The words 'Diary' written on the front in Yellow Ink. Attached to my hand was also a ball of Sock Yarn. The rainbow-y coloured one at the back from this picture ==>;

I made assumpions there and then and put the Yarn  ontop of my jewelery box and then thinking that it might go for my hand again at the slightest off chance I put it inside the box.

'Well that was rude' came a muffled voice from inside the box. I stopped, turned and opened the box. 'I Landed on one of you're earrings.... It hurt' said the ball of yarn.

'You shouldn't have tried to bite me then' I said
'You were trying to take the only the only thing I own' complained the ball of Sock Yarn.
(At this point my mind wondered how a ball of sock yarn managed to get itself a tiny book but I quickly put it to the back of my head; It seemed to angry for questions)
'I just wondered what a tiny book was doing in my stash'
'YOUR stash? HA! don't make me laugh. that stash is full of discarded projects, bags, recepts and the occassional Good Ball of Yarn, like me. And even then, you choose to ignore this stash for the stash you have in your bedroom' Said the ball of yarn.
'yeah; we know about the other stashes' piped up a ball of 'Big softie' near the top of the stash.
'Quiet you' scolded the Sock Yarn and the Stash fell silent. Clearly she was some sort of leader.

'I admit I use the Yarn in my bedroom more often. but the stash you're in is the bigger, main stash. There's a wide variety in here' I reasoned with the ball of Sock Yarn
'I still want to be used' she said
'You're a ball of Sock Yarn: you will be used, just not right now' I said, looking at her ball band for yardage
'I have a name: it's not just 'Sock Yarn' 'it's Minnie'
'As in... Mouse?'
'Don't insult me Knitter'
'Don't Sass me Minnie'
We stared at each other for a while. Then I realised Minnie was shaking.I blinked and she started wailing like an Banshee
'WAHHHH!!!!! I'm sorry; it's just been so long since I was held or talked to I haven't seen a pair of knitting needles since I left the shop! Read that (pointing to the diary) and you'll understand!

So I opened the first page and he're's what it said:

Diary of a Ball of Yarn (from the top)

Property of Minnie Ballosockyarn
Touch and be unraveled.

3rd September 2010
Dear diary:
Cut, washed and spun all in one week can do wonders for a girl's self-happyness. They dyed me today. I'm no longer all colours of white: but every bright colour under the sun. I'm sitting here lying under the factory's industrial heater; drying; and I'm so excited for my new life with my soon to be owner (pang of guilt x1) that I can't contain it anymore.

5th September 2010
After dying and then Drying I got a ball band (good thing too; I did feel kinda naked) and my lot number and shade were stamped on it. I was then unceremoniously stuffed in a box filled with a few other Balls, all the same as me, but in different colours. Apparently we're very popular and were dyed to an order. the address Label says we're going to Carrickfergus; somewhere in Northern Ireland. Sounds sunny.

9th September
It's not sunny. it's Rainy, dull and the shop we're in put us on a white plastic stand on the front of the shop. Everytime the door opens (which isn't very often: no-one seems to knit around here except the occasional old person wanting to knit something for a new baby. I'm screwed to live here for the rest of my life being put down because I'm too bright (is it cus I is Yellow) too soft (?) and too expensive.(I'm merino Microspun; You have to pay big to get a piece of this action) Guess I'll never be sold, we weren't as popular as everyone thought. At the moment the only things that seem to be selling are a few odd balls of Babysoft.

12th September
It's a Sunday and the shop's not open; but the Lady who unpacked me is here she's cleaning and writing out our price Tags again; same price, just...neater. She was also on the phone alot.

15th September
I was picked up today by a customer! then she looked at my price and went 'For Socks? no thanks' and walked out... wow I feel lonely. I'm obviously not worth the £5.99 for me

18th September
A Ball that came with me was sold today to a little Girl with her mother. She picked me up too... her fingers were sticky..... why are children always sticky?

20th September
Today was the first day that was sunny since I got here. There were alot of people in the store today and alot of the Balls of Yarn that came with me were sold today, some even the same colour as me, so it's not my color... maybe it's my shade.... or dye lot..... or maybe I can't see it but there's a giant ink stain ontop of me from that pen the owner was using

23rd of September
it's raining again. only 3 people came into the shop; one was a slightly chubby blonde Girl who bought £20 worth of yarn.... that's the most I've seen someone spend in here. Then she spotted me on the way out. She ooooohed and looked at my ball Band. Then she put me down again and said something along the lines of Friday... just wait. I am going to wait.... it's not like I can go anywhere lol. Especially since Friday's tomorrow. I hope she buys me.

24th September

SHE BOUGHT ME!!!!! more tomorrow; I'm being fondled.

26th September
it's Sunday and I was bought on Friday. Today I was photographed and put on something called Ravelry. She bought me along with 3 other Balls of Microspun and an oddball of white Acrylic.
Today she went to Church and I was sitting, pride of place with my Brothers beside a big Bag with butterflys on it. I hear other balls of Yarn. She's definatly a Knitter because I see her knitting all the time. I'm sure I'll be knit into something really beautiful!

*Here I turned the page and  realised it was the back cover, there were places for other pages, they lokked like they'd been torn out*

'You never even looked at me! my brother in Blue disapeared early, I thought you knit him first. (I didn't, he's lying in my room, like new but shhh) and then I seen you knit up the coffee coloured ones, but they seemed small for your massive hooves' said the Ball of Yarn
'They weren't for me, They're for a friend of mine for Chistmas'
'When's that?'
'ummmmm..... about 8 months away
8 MONTHS? you could so knit me in that time!
I am going to; I think you're also going to go as a present'
I don't want to go anywhere else, I've been shipped around all my yarn Life, I'm dusty, my Ball band's torn and frankly I'm feeling neglected. I think you owe it to me to keep me

So with that I Gathered up the Ball of Sock Yarn (she was a little loose in places and tangled in others) and I wound her into a nice Ball. I enjoy working with a Ball more than the commercal wound ball. and we looked through patterns together. We chose one and I started knitting with her and now she won't let me out of her sight. She's in my Handbag for  Bus jouneys and waiting rooms and whenever I sit down to watch TV I automatically pick her up.

She said she doesn't want photographed til she's done and on my Feet. I'm kniting her in a pattern called Interlocking Leaves and so Far she's coming on beautifully.

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