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Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Good Lord!

---Appropriate title no?---
A post!!!
Sorry it's been so long since I wrote anything here; I disappeared into the world of work for awhile; immersing myself in Night shifts and 11 hour days that were grouped so close together it left me barely any room for much else.

I apologise(yet again) for my absence. I know I said that in my last post that I would have the video posts up by the end of May. Here we stand well into June and nothing has rose to the surface. For this I can only make excuses. I will try my best to get the posts done to a fitting standard in the next few weeks. I am however still taking a small Holiday over Summer. My work time points my conscience to the well known drab that I need: Craft time.
During the last couple of weeks I have had precious little time to call my own; that I have time or am in the mood for crafting (7am with no sleep=not in the mood)

That said: I had last weekend off. My knitting bag called to me and I managed to get something actually finished. 1 sock of the pair of socks that I call 'Inspired by spring socks' They are for my tootsies and fit me quite well.
I have cast on the second sock and already I can see that these socks will be Fraternal rather than identical because of the colour changes.

----Dreaming of dreams----
Is it bad that I'm dreaming about days in the future when I will have my own shop? I'm already looking at this tutorial (here) and dreaming of making a couple of my own for clothes making and display purposes.
I realise that this is far off dream; somewhere in between getting married and having kids (I want this shop before kids...I'm just that way) but as a child cannot help but dream what she wants to be when she grows up; I am dreaming of my livelihood in this shop.

So please ignore me if I seem to go off in a daydream; I'm probably putting a new handmade dress on a mannequinn made according one of my friends' measurments. Or chalking on the shop's noticeboard that there's a sale today. Anything to make that dream seem a little bit closer.

Sat daydreaming

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