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Tuesday, 30 October 2012

is this thing on?

Hi everyone; yes it's me: I finally got round to doing a post. hope you didn't miss me THAT much ^^

Sorry it took so long; the past couple of months have been riddled with sickness(sad times); deaths(sad times),engagements(that make me happy then depressed)and work(time-consuming,life-consuming and a drain on my happiness)

Therefore I just didn't feel like blogging. but while clearing out my room the otherday I found my list for things I was going to do with the blog. and I felt sorry that I hadn't posted in ages (I don't even want to calculate how long it is)

So today I remembered NaBloPoMo is starting again and I remembered how hard but rewarding that was to do.
I've resolved to post again; to do NaBloPoMo again. I'll try to do some of the challenges everyday and I'll try to post backwards as well.

Hope I can get some support in this.


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