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Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Results of the Yarn-Out 2015

---(Tardising) Nov 2015---
Each year before Christmas I clear out my Yarn stash, give it a nice, good airing. Then dust the Shelf/ Container/ Basket/ Desk and put them all back (more or less) where they were.
This year was different. This year I had Help. Two very good Yarny Friends came and helped. (Yes Yarny sounds like Carny, Which is bad. But say it like 'barny', or 'batshit crazy', with a smile, and it sounds better) The promise of Tea and Lunch was all it took and I'm sure at least one of them wasn't actually surprised at how large the stash was... The other may have looked at me a bit crazy when I pulled containers down from shelves, opened cupboards and generally 'pulled Yarn from thin air'. (His words)

It was magical. I found Yarn I'd forgot I had, frogged a few projects that were sitting there for truthfully FAR too long and drunk more tea than I ever get to usually at a Yarn-out. Below is listed some of the big bits of Yarn or the more interesting bits and what I plan on doing with them over the Year.

I have made a promise to myself not to buy any more Yarn until the stash has at least halved. So watch this space to see me descend slowly into (a deeper) madness.

---7 Balls of Mint Green 'Life' DK ---
I don't know why I have 7 balls of this. It could be that I had planned something big and majestic in a Light Green, then when the Yarn came, it was Mint so I didn't do it OR I meant to order 4, but my finger slipped to 7 on my Num pad. Simple as. It could become quite a number of things: all of them looking like Big projects (hence the 7 balls) so I'll list a few here.
This drapy pattern looks so comfortable and I bet I could work around those sleeves.
Is it bad that I want to this with some of it? replacing the White of course, not the black.

---2 Balls of Debbie Bliss Railto Lace, Whiter than White---
This will turn into my wedding Shawl, I havn't really decided what pattern to do. Everytime I think that I have two or so patterns that I really like, I, for some reason search Ravelry again and find like 20 more. Which is exactly what happened when I tried to find the ravelry link to 2 of the ones that I thought I liked last time I looked. I am weak.

--- 4+1 Hanks of Orielle (Louisa Harding) 4 in Ginger, 1 in Sage Green ---
I Have actually no Idea What The hell to do with so little Yarn. Each Hank is only 110m, so I feel whatever I do I need to use the Ginger separately, it does not blend with the Green well. Searching on Ravelry for 440m in Worsted Weight I am plagued by Hats. I don't like Hats, as I don't particularly like the shape of my own head, wearing a hat shows that off and I don't like it. Not sure what to do with them...

---The Sock Yarns that have contracted One Sock Syndrome ---
I will do the matching sock in the Autumn colorway, Mostly because those are the ones I liked the most. The other two I have been wearing together, as a tribute to my one sock syndrome problem, so I have two half-hanks that are cluttering my Basket. I may make two completely different socks again, so I have 4 random socks to choose from, just to mess with everyone that I know that is slightly OCD about that.

--- Cascade 220 in Baby Pastels and a few other random Yarns---
I am sick of ALWAYS being caught unaware when a new baby comes into my immediate circle of friends or Family. I want to start a Chest Which I will just put baby stuff into. It's also a great way to use up the tiny balls I have flying around the place and odd yarns.  Starting with this HAT for a very dear Friend of ours, who I believe will LOVE this.

---The BIG pile of yarn left behind after frogging those projects ---
Will become a Beekeepers Quilt. I LOVE this idea, that I could knock out a few while I watch TV and they're so small that each one wont take long, then group them all together and make a blanket. Great idea. (link here) And I'm not kidding on the BIG - This thing has taken over the Craftsy box (Yes, I saved the box. When you wait for something for nearly a month and you freak out a courier by hugging him for delivering a parcel: You keep it. You keep it all)

Aside from all that I will be completing the patterns I have on the go now. (hopefully)
and be keeping up with my ravelry. (not the stash side, that would take FAR too long,but the Projects side I want to definatly refirb in due time.

If you have time, drop this blog post a comment, or even friend me on Ravelry (I'm Akitombo)

Blog again soon.

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