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Friday, 3 September 2010

Wow, I get around a lot

Hellos to everyone :). sorry I havn't been updating during the past couple of weeks, its mostly because I have been busy going around practically everywhere in Northern Ireland for little Day trips with my better half. During this time I've been to Port Stewart, Ulster Transport Mueseum, Newcastle, Portrush and a couple of times to Belfast. During these times, while Craig was driving to these various destinations I was map holder and constantly 'Weird knitting girl in the front seat'.
Our trip to Portrush is the one were we took the most pictures.... mostly because of the insane amount of tickets we won at Barrys lol(pictured) turns out there was 575 tickets there...nice.

---You knit for how long?---
  • Port Stewart - worked on Garns bolero - 1.5 hours there (I didn't knit on the way home, I was soaked.)
  • Ulster Transport Mueseum -Worked on Secret project T (see to do list, later on in this post) 0.5 hours there, didn't knit on the way home, I had a chinese on my lap instead.
  • Newcastle - Worked on craig's cricket vest (again, more on that later) - 2 hurs there, 2 hours back
  • Port rush - worked on Secret project T - 1.5 hours there, 1 hour back (cus I had food too)
So all in all I have knit while traveling for a total of 8 and a half hours. AND still.... nothings's completed !!!!

---Nothing done ---
Craig's cricket vest is no-where near finished, I don't think I'm even at 20% yet... Secret Project T is about 80% done but the herdest part is still to come.... The Garns bolero...... every round I do on the garns boleo seems to get sucked into a black hole and I seem to be getting no closer to the sleeve than I was 4 weeks ago. Bugger.
The bag that I am to be doing with Jenni is lying unfinshed in my room; mostly because Jenni's buggered back away off to America. I am urging myself to finish it. It still needs 11 more little sqaures and the long strap around the bottom still needs a good 1 side. I've even taken to doing 1 square before I go to bed on some nights, but I always reach for Craig's vest instead; its just so much more.... interesting. On that note: I am onto the cables and they're super cool.

---Secret Project T ---
It is a certain follower's birthday this weekend; she'll be the grand old age of 20 (like me...and my other half), so because she's an avid reader I can't display what I've made for her until after she gets it, which'll be tomorrow night... so you won't be able to see it until my next blogness day.(which given my current roughness for dates could be awhile lol.
I will only give the clue that it is brown and pink. nuf said.

--- As if I didn't have enuf to do ---
I am a great magazine purchaser; I usually buy a knitting Magazine whenever I can; usually I like most of the patterns in them, I buy them for the socks sometimes too. The one I buy most often is a monthly called 'The Knitter' I got this month's edition, mostly because of the socks.... and the gorgeous pattern for like a houndsmooth jacket; which I would want to extend and lengthen; ah well.
My significant other (pictured at Portrush beach looking absolutely fantabulous) was looking over my shoulder while reading one of the patterns towards the back, and just says 'those'd be good for watching the rugby' pointing at a pair of fingerless Mittens (called Spencer for anyone who's got this month's issue)and I said....well here's the convo

E: I'll make them for ya; what colour?
C: Red and White, and I'll pay you
E: you dont have to pay me
C: yes I do; they're not gonna be for like chistmas or anything
E: so?, I can still do that
C: I'm paying you
E: No ur not
C: yes I am
(various Yes/nos here)
C: at least let me buy you somthing; like a coffee
E:.... coffee would be nice
C: Settled: Coffee and a muffin for u and tea and cake for me! (happy look on his face cus he knows my weakness to coffee)
E:................. damn

So I have now got something to be getting on with besides the.... oh I dunno about 10 other UFOs (unfinished objects) for various people. which brings me onto the to-Do list. This ALL is to be done before Christmas, which may seem like awhile away but I have 1 (possibly 2) sweater size projects to do and numerous other little things for christmas presents...... I may curl up in a ball and cry at any time during this list

--- To-Do list --- (In Order of importance)
  • Complete Secret project T   (that's almost done.... yeah; I know; cutting it kinda fine)
  • Spencer Mittens   (For my significant other, already started)
  • Craig's Cricket Vest  (yep, about 20% done... will hopefully be done before he gets to see me working on half of it lol)
  • Nadine's Chistmas present   (Yet another thing I can't show here; because Nadine reads this blog reguarly; she just knows its Guitar hero related :D )
  • Chloe Socks (pictured)      (For a special friend)
  • Chloe socks     (For another special friend)
  • Chloe Socks    (For self....they look so damn good)
  • Operation G & F   (for everyone who isnt getting socks or a special item)
  • Organizational Item    (for a crocheter I know and love)
  • Baby Jacket & Hat   (For Ashleigh's little baby boy)
Some great people may have noticed that my both my Bag and my Bolero aren't here..... that would be because It's gonna have to take a back seat while I worry about the Christmas things. this means I probably wont get the bolero done until nearly Valentine's Day, unless something magical happens and I get all my knitting done on time.

--- Happy birthday to you ---
Happy Bithday to Tashi-chan.
Don't worry about turning 20... you're only halfway to 40.... you're not there yet :)

lols, only kidding Chickie; luv ya really.
Lurve the cute photo? Inspired by ur little notes on your blog lol

-- Cherrio --
Until next time everybody :) bye byes

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