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Friday, 17 September 2010

If the bottom of my stash could talk....


Greetings; readers of my trips into my insanity. Our heating's up the left and I'm cold, so lets get on with this shall we?

---Secret Project T?---

A few of my Ravellry people will have noticed this before anyone, and knew what it was before the bithday Girl herself :D. Seret Project T is a Scarf with Sakura flowers (8 of them) and 5 banch-like tails between the ends. I got the pattern off ( a very early issue; I think it was Fall 2005 or so )

I love it little flowers; they amuse me to no end :), even though they are baby Pink, a color which I hate, Tashi-chan was worth it though.

I'm now starting my Next Secret project. That's Secret project GHN. this Will not be up on Ravelry because she is very good at snooping about for info. (or as we prefer to call it; page stalking) so This project will remain off all electronic things until after Christmas. (which this is for)

---Other things that I've done this fortnight ---

Craig's Mittens are well underway :) I have 1 done and the other started. I am working on the ribbing of the second one now...... but I am afraid to wash them.... they are a little looser than I would of liked, especailly around the cuff and the granny finger. (thay look far too big on me; he's got bigger hands thou; so it's ok) I have taken a picture of the first one in it's production stage (left) and when its finished,(below both modeled by my hand.

I have also Started a Crochet case for Craig's Mum. :) just the detailing to do and a little but of ribbon and stichwork on the inside. I'll have it done by next blogtime. I'll also hopefully have the second glove done by then too.

And yeah; I know there's no pictures of the crochet hook holder; I'm saving that for next time lol (its very colourful)

---I am in need of Sock Patterns---
Alright; I put up last week that I'm starting my Xmas projects, and that I need to make 4 pairs of Scoks by Xmas (well one's my own, so it can wait like; I'm not bothered)
I realized that after my attempt at socks earlier this year it may not be a good idea to knit 8 socks that are exactly the same pattern (because.... well.... I'll get bored) So I am in need of 3 sock patterns, I have a few in my repitoir of online patterns. A few which I think will probably be nice.... but I want to Let you all decide before I print out the patterns. remember: I need 3(or 4, whichever)

So here's how it's gonna work :) Beween now and next blog post (thats gonna be the 1st of August) I need ppl to post their prefered sock patterns (pics in a mo) onto either this blog; or on my Facebook page (I'm Ellisa Haddock there, If you need to add me; go on ahead but put 'reader of blog' or something in the extra bit; so I'm not accepting any perverts or axe-murders.

Pick 3 (or 4 if u cant decide) and at the end of this month I'll Tally them and the most popular 3 will be the patterns :) I'm leaving this entirely in your hands. without any further ado : the socks (...... good god I'm insane)and bear with me; there's a lot of scrolling lol.

<--- Baroque (from designed by Janice Kang
Baudelaire (also from
Designed by Cookie A

Chloe Socks ( free pattern, no designer given)
Interlocking Leaves ( by Kelly Porpiglia
Mermaid's Lagoon ( by Sadie Bellegarde
Monkey ( by Cookie A
Outside In ( by Janice Kang
And Finally..... Pomatomus
If you are a Knitter you are also very welcome to suggest a design, as long as it's a free pattern and between ankle and knee height.

---Two weddings and an unforgiveable thing ---

Tonight I have just discovered that I have 2 weddings to go to next year. My cousin and his girlfriend/fiance are getting married next December (the 20th) and today we got word about my.... relative's wedding Lindsay Ann (it's too confusing to say my uncle's Daughter's Daughter which I think is my cousin but I can't be sure)
which is on the 23rd of September :) both of these weddings I have been invited to, as have my better half, my mother and my Dad. AND as they are both family weddings I cannot..... just simply cannot...... wear the same outfit. I have already made up my mind to wear my formal Tiara to my Cousin Neil's wedding, and I'll probably end up wearing my formal corset to Lindsay Ann's wedding :)..... which my need to be taken in but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.
So please excuse me if this time next year I am running around like a headless chicken; wondering what the hell to wear.

--- You may remember....---

A Great freind of mine (jenni, the one who I was teaching to knit) went off to America. She left with me Her stash. It was small but..... almost all in one colour.... a burgandy Maroon. I measured it all last night and I think I have enough to do these... I love them..... I hope will have enough time to start these on about Christmas Day or Boxing Day, So that I can start these while it's still cold. And if Last year is anything to go by then Snow is on the Agenga..... Lots of Snow..... until about ooooooo....... April?
---- And on that note----
I am going to leave you all now; please remember to Vote for the Sockathon (yeah; I'm calling it that) or If you dont want to vote, I would do my ego a very good thing to  have a lot of people post on my Facebook that they read my blog..... or that they read it and hated it, Whichever. I'll talk to ya'll in the new month (can you beleive it's 3 months til Christmas?) and I hope to have 2 or 3 completed things by then and a clear winner, 2nd and 3rd place of the sockathon. As soon as I see the results I will cast on the 1st place winner in sock Yarn.
Until then Toodles XXX

PS: Have just previewed this piece and have realised just how many things that are on feet or Legs..... I assure you; I do not have some weird foot Fetish. I just.... like to knit socks......


  1. there may be a lot of feet; but no-one's voted :( no 1 actually reads this thing

  2. Thankies Nadine :D ur the first to vote (and probably the only one too)

    Others reading this: please remember that u can vote by my Facebook page :P