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Sunday, 9 January 2011

Almost.... finished.....

---All Knitting and no work makes Lise.....very happy---

So After the cautious post last time where I didn't actually mention that it was my last day of work... and that I didn't know if I would get back to work or not.
Well On Friday I got a Call from My Line Manager (Richard; he's nice). Here's how it went
R: Hello Ellisa?
E:Yea, that's me (I didn't recognize the voice)
R: It's Richard here
R: From Tescos
E: Oh right! oh Hiya (I set down my needles; I have a habit of trying to knit while I'm on the Phone)
R: Hiya; just ringing to inform some good news
E: ooooh (Yes; I actually did go 'ooooh')
R: Yeah; since all the Christmas temps were so good this year we're offering all of you Permanent Part time jobs
E:OMW seriously?
R: Yeah; so are you free to do Saturday and Sunday
E:(while signaling to Mum that it was Ricard) um yeah I think so
R: how's 12 til 6 and normal hours Sunday? (mum mouths 'Richard?' and I point and my work clothes)
E: that's great (while frantically trying to write with my left hand; while my right held my phone)
R: there's some overtime available
E:ok what days?
(I won't bore you with the details of what overtime I got lol)
R: Ok; that's you sorted then
E: Yep, see ya tomorrow at work
R:yeah bye
E: byes (*hangs up)
Mum: What the heck have you wrote?
E: my hours for going back to work
Mum: I can't read any of that (it's not that bad is it? (==>)
E: well I got back

So in short: yes I got back; to a Permanent Part time job; but unlike the rest of the people like me who got back I can take overtime during the week; they all have School lol; so that's gonna keep me well sorted. A Happy bunny it made me.

---Knitting news ---
LittlebirchDemamores (link) have just put onto their site Rowan Kidsilk Haze. It's the Yarn that inspired the Yarn Harlot to knit such masterpieces as the Birch Shawl (pictured) and it is tempting me to try something of the Same thing. A 25g ball of this glorious Yarn cost £7.95.

There is 210m in that 25g ball (kidsilk doesnt weigh very much) which means 3 would be way more than enough to  knit up a Shawl (Steph says 2 and a 1/3rd, but I'd be tempted to make it just a little bit bigger; cus really: what can you make out of a little over a half a ball of Kidsilk Haze?

Ah well; it does have some good features (like coming in both white and Purple, actually called Cream and Blackcurrant)and Demamores has some tempting offers... like buy 10 balls and save £9.... trouble is it all has to be in the same colour.... that 3, nearly 4 Shawls all in the same colour..... I think I'd have to just bite the bullet and only order 3 of each of the 3 colours I like (cream, Blackcurrant and Trance, I do like the rest..... but maybe later on in Life...)

Craig's cricket Jumper continues to be the main project that I'm working on, I'm onto the shaping at the top (where it branches off into two sides, for each side of the V neck) and I've got the Right side practically done.

Then I need to  re-join and do the right. Will probably be finished before Valentine's Day (well I bloody well hope so anyway) Sorry; no pictures becase I seem to have lost my cable that connects my Iphone (aka: ican-do-anything-just-watch-me-phone)to my computer and by the time I find it again I will have finished the left side..... and it won't reflect what I've said.... and I'm damn well not putting down my needles just to go look for a stupid cable lol.

---Notes from the Last post---
As for the competion in Kate's Blog; no I didn't win anything; but I'm sure the Yarn went to a very good home/Stash.
The test thing that I will be trying to do; is record my blog (as a kinda podcast) so that If you don't really want to read a lot... or scroll becasue you're knitting... then instead you can listen to my voice... or you can do both and see if I change words or anything (I will; I know it, cus I'm like that )

---Ok; this is the bad news---
Ok; since I'm doing these twice a week now I'm gonna have less and less to say, so this is gonna be a short one. I'm going to stop here before I run out of things to talk about next week
I love every single one of you (one more; sorry but he IS my other half)

See ya's all then I try and do the 'test thing' to see if I can make this podcast-type thing a reality.

Toodles XX

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