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Thursday, 13 January 2011

The Good teh Bad and hte Ugly

---You'll Giggle---

The other Day (Monday) my mum asked me (Convo below)
M:' what do you do all day on that computer?'
E:I write to my blog, I am trying to podcast so I do that, I go on Facebook, I play endless Games like Sims and FB games and if it's kinda boring I knit.
M:Wait; What's a blog?

(Yet another time where I ask myself I how I became so computer happy whaen neither of my parents know how to work one)

E: ..... It's just a website where I write about things I do and things I make.
M: I'm sure the only person wanting to read that would be Craig
E: no.... I'm sure lots of people read it

I do find it annoying that I can't find out who read my blog other than going into GB and some of the seniors coming up to me and going 'you're blog's fun' But I know that none of my Family read it. That in itself is kinda sad, but anyway.

---The good---
There's a new Page to this blog (mostly because I only just found out how to do it) and it's about my newest venture into Mitten knitting. Take a Look. it's exciting to be starting something lol :)

---The Bad---

All other projects have been going along swiminly. Although I have doubts about the amount of Yarn that I have left for Craig's Cricket Jumper. I may need to buy another ball (yes another ball of Hayfeild bonus...... which is the massive 400g / 840m/ 920yrds ball ... planet-like thing of slightly off white/cream Aran weight yarn. I hope I won't need to but I might)

Also,The app on my Phone that I am trying to use for the podcasting thing for this doesnt seem to be working. Going to be posting a 'Test' soon if it ever gets through my email system.

---The Ugly---

Irealised I never even showed you a picture of the Christmas Secret Santa Hat which I was trying to knit for GB's secret Santa..... and I won't. it's made out of a white wool for the bottom ribbing and a brown Sidar Click for the mainwork. I don't like it. I don't even like it enough to show it to you... and I won't have people talking about me......
well I'd rather they say
'That Aki's a chicken, not putting up a picture just pecause it's ugly? What a moo!'
'I seen that picture on Aki's blog... Don't look... I heard A girl in England threw up because of it'
So I won't.
 It's going to be talking buddies for the world-cup socks at the bottom of the stash.

---More Good---

Because I like to leave you close to the happiness that I found you in I have started a new Hat. I started it on Tuesday morning and was working at it all through GB and after it. It's Fair-isle, and made from 2 DK weight yarns.
One is the Yarn left from the World -cup socks (don't worry, it still has a full ball and a half in it's bag, should I ever want to re-incarnate it.)
and the other, contrast Yarn is a yarn from Jenni, A red wine colour which She didn't like.... from a company that I don't recognize (it's called Concorde, from Waterwheel, 100% Acyrlic.... I cant even find it on Deramores)
I'm taking some of the pattern from issue 25 of 'The Knitter' ( a magazine which I love and would appeciate a subscription to) it's the main cover pattern, just the Hat, because the cowl doesn't look that good to me. I'm just finishing the Snowflakes and moving onto little Squares just above them. I shall show you a picture of it when it is finished. This is probably going to be a present, I wont be wearing it... but I'll find something to put it onto.

Well I think that shall do me for awile. I'll contact you all in a couple of days to do the test thingy. Until then my dears:

From Aki

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