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Sunday, 16 October 2011

knit and stitiching show


Hellos to everyone; I've got lots of stuff to show and tell and quite a few little anecdotes to get through. So without any further ado lets get started.

---The (expensive) show must go on---

This Friday(the 14th if ur counting) a very tired Craig and a very excited me made our way to the kings Hall in Belfast. It was for the Christmas version of The Crative Stitch and Crafts show that was hosted there in April/May of this year.

I didn't get to go to the summer version because of work; which made me want to visit this time even more!

I meet Craig in town and I get in his car (driving in Belfast is scary: so I let him do it) and he says 'I hope you know how to get to this place' ..... No... I don't. 'then we're lost already'

A few inquiries into my phone and what seemed like endless driving around; pointing at signs later we spot a big yellow sign telling us that the Creative Craft Show is up ahead and then in small letters it says (king's Hall). I squeak when I see it and Craig keeps driving. we pull up infront of the....very run down hall (seriously) and pay an terrible amount for parking. (£4 if you're gonna ask) and get into the hall. we pay £8 each at the door (total: £20 already and I havn't even started buying) and I buy Craig his Lunch (im not factoring in that cost... as I would have done that anyway)

We start off around the stalls. The first stall I come to is a Yarn stall. theres a bin right at the front of their stall with '50p a ball' painted on it (classy) right on top are 4 balls of Stylecraft Rustic (<--)

I've never knit with this Yarn but I like the colours. when it's in my hands it feels like it needs a good wash. I bought all 4 balls for £2 and looked again at the bin. It was filled with fun-fur and eyelash yarn.Things that I know I would never knit with. so I moved on.

The rest of the show was passed with not much interest.I made a few purchaces that I'm proud of but every store seemed to be more filled with Cardmaking and decopadge than anything. and I know I used to make cards and that I still do scrapbook on occasion but the papers didn't interest me. My cardmaking hobby died when Papermill in Junction 1 closed down (as my scrapbooking hobby will probably do; only to resurect when I have children)

The Yarn however did interest me. I think I'll always be a knitter at heart; even if for some reason Selections do close I would get my Yarn online or make some bargaining ploy with the owners (that I know quite well - when you knit as much as me from the same store..... you get known) by screaming something along the lines of 'I'll take over the store!!!' (which: btw; has taken over my jewellery shop idea...thats scary)

I bought 1 ball of a hand-spun Yarn. it's called intertwined and is a lovely pea-green colour. it's a knobbly texture and I have plans for a Hat for it (probaly a fair-isle one, cus ther'e not enough for an all over)
From the last stall in the Hall; right at the back beside the cafe I got 2 balls of Passion in the 'under the sea' colourway. and when I was leaving the hall the 50p bin called to me again and I got 2 balls of Sidar Snuggly for £1.

---Other things that interested me---
   1. Material & Beading

Since I have brought my sewing machine out of hiding I have just kept wanting to made things on it. I bought 2 Fat Quaters and a half matre of materials. the three togehter don't go but I have more material at home that it will go with.

The beads are for myself. For 2 separate necklaces that won't feature on my christmas stall. (more on that later) I'll show you them but they are either for me or for presents for people. :)

2. Buttons

I purchaced quite a few buttons on my travels. 3 big buttons that are reserved for Christmas gifts, green flower buttons and best of all: little wooden christmas tree buttons. I'm not quite sure what to do with these yet; I bought them because I liked them and I knew I'd regret not buying them in the future.

I was also temped by little snowmen buttons but I reasoned wit myself that I'd never know what to do with them...
All in all the day; including dinner after the show the Day cost me a little over £100. And if I had spent that kind of money online I would have came out with alot more. Which is probably why I won't be making that trip again anytime soon. Especially since I'm saving for so much... holidays, christmas presents... everything.

That plus I have about 10 secret projects going all at the same time.... my fingers are ragged from all the knitting for Christmas and the sewing machine is going to get a good go on it sometime just after Halloween, again for a secret project.

That's all from the Belfast  Stitch and craft show... except... well... I caught this picture on the way out. (<===)

Uhoh. I didnt know there was a spinner so close to me... She was sitting spinning away on her wheel and there was a chair right next to her.I resisted the urge to go sit beside her,
  1. I think Craig would have a heart attack if I started to take a lesson about something I've never tried befor
  2. The thought of a spinning wheel in my house ontop of a sewing machine, endless Yarn and material would probably set my mum's face in perminant displeasure.
  3. It would make the whole ' open a yarn shop' idea that much more real. there's a couple of things wrong with it. The big one being the lack of money to get the business off the ground.
In short; it's not possible yet.... but give me 10/15 years and we'll see.

That's pretty much it people; I'll talk to ya again soon :)

Much luv

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