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Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Falling at the last Hurdle...

--- ...on my face ---

I tend to do this alot. I blogged everyday for all of November. Except 1. The last one. I was so Happy to put up a post everyday and I was getting some good viewing figures.

Then I had a meeting at work. My Christmas Hours meeting.

Except ... 8 days ... I am near enough expected to be in work from the start of this week (the 5th) til when the new year's rush is over (Jan 5th apparently) working 7,8 and 9 hour shifts (there's a 10 in there for good measure too *shudder*)

This is giving me next to no time to feel Christmasy.It also leaves me no time to knit; except when I'm with my better half or sleeping. both of which are vital to me keeping my sanity; therefore I have no intention of giving up.

Even though I knit on the bus and on the rare times I have time to go for a coffee nowadays... I am hesitant to knit in work. (not on the tills; I'm not that mad: im talking about on my breaks) but there is something about not really wanting my work to... see me as the weird lady who knits instead of eating on her breaks. No. Not this creature. Not yet anyway.

--- Remember this? ---

Its the Ethereal Triangular Shawl. I'm making it in Rowan Kidsilk Haze.

I am making it For my cousin and his Fiance's Wedding. I will hopefully be wearing it over my Blue Coast dress in both the cerimony and the Dinner. I will then probably put in in our room for dancing. I wouldn't want to leave it on the table. I forsee a small child playing with it and stretching it.... or it setting on fire by some stray Candle. Therefore - folded in our room is the best possible place for this wonder; being a first shawl. (and first laceweight too)

It takes me about 20/ 25 minutes to knit one row of this monster now. Less for the purl rows but not much. I'm just about to move onto the final chart. (Chart 2B if you are famaliar with it.) that means I am on row 40 of the last part (out of 82)

I hope it grows when it gets a bath. because at this time  it can't even cover both my shoulders... I hope so anyway. Reports on ravelry say that the yarn grows quite considerably

---In other news---
Other than that we have quite a few things going on; I'm planning two parties; a couple of new year's resolutions and more importantly what to do all next year.
You will of course hear all about everything here, on the now rare occasion that I do have time to post in December; I will of course do it.

Incase I dont get time: Merry Christmas and a Happy New year.

Luff from Aki (toodles) xxxxx

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