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Sunday, 25 December 2011

Knits people got

My friend Rachi got the Coffee socks that were complete about 2 hours before the party (lol)
This is her picture - on her actual feet... I'm so proud :D
Really - I'm just glad they fit.

Charlotte got this Hat (don't worry Chaz - I washed the Hat before I gave it to you; after being on the Dog's Head)

I hope it keeps you're Lovely head warm and cosy :D

My freind Tashi SHOULD have got a Hat; but it wasn't finished for me to give it to her; so it is still sitting here; christmas wrapped and ready to be given lol.

And Last but by no means least Craig got this.

Happy Days!

It's fixed! Thanks to some very brave frogging from my Auntie Judith. (she took a pair of scissors out and I went into the next room and started deep breathing exercises) When I came back she had the stitches back on the needles and that was that.

I am incredibly Happy with this now and I'm also so Relieved it fits him.I want to make him another jumper but I've been reminded about 20 times that He'd like his gloves first, so that'll be done when I order the new Yarn.



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