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Sunday, 18 December 2011

Falling further down....

---....the Lace Rabbit hole of Death---

I'm blogging to you from beneath my bed. I've lost the will and self respect for myself to sit ontop of the bed.


It's the 18th of December and thanks to a certain Lace shawl that's taking far too long to complete: I have next to no knitted items to give out this year as presents. This is annoying me to no end. I have 5 projects on the needles that need to be finished within the week.
The sad thing is: I know I won't do any of them today... Because of this badass Shawl. It's two days to the wedding and I have 16 rows to go. Those rows would need to be done.... Now in order to block; so I am again falling at the last hurdle.

I've got a cramp in my leg so im moving to a chair (still not bed)

I found a needle under there. Knitters should search under their beds for stray needles and yarn.

Wish me luck. I'm giving up on the shawl FOR THE MOMENT. I have chistmas presents to knit. Including a very nice pair of socks for a great friend. A hat for someone else and a scarf to match the mitts that I knit earlier in the year (Camila mitts).

So please forgive me for doing exactly what I have done everyday of my life. Falling at the last Hurdle.

I will post again on Christmas day. To show what ppl will be opening up.

It is unlikely that I will get any time before that anyway. so Merry Christmas.
From Aki

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