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Friday, 18 May 2012

A lot will happen tomorrow; here's why:

Ok; I'll be frank; I don't know that much about rugby. I know some of the basics and I know most of the important team names. I'm also very proud of my home team, Ulster, making it to the Finals of the Heiniken Cup this year. The match, against Leinster, kicks off tomorrow. I know my Better half Craig has been quite Literally beating his chest about this all week.

I'll be very happy (and a little deaf) if they win tomorrow.

---What this has to do with the Blog---
I will be sitting in one place for practically all day; rather than knitting (which I would normally be doing) I shall be writing. I'm taking a big file-block onto the sofa with me and my schedule which I drew at the start of the year and I'm going to write all the one's that I physically can with a Man screaming beside me.

I will then type these up and have them all put out before Tuesday night. Then I will post Tuesday's blog (Today as my left hand) and hopefully everything will be back to normal.

So yes; A lot will happen tomorrow. The result of the match will probably determine the overall mood of myself and of Craig over the next few days; so here's hoping that everyone does well



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