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Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Books on my shelf

---Books---                                                                                      (please note I'm time-travelling)
I'm going to list all the book that I have out on my shelf. Why? Even I forget what I have sometimes and it is good to re-evaluate space and layouts of things that I use most often. Here goes:

NB-I'm not classing magazines as books... else this should take the rest of the day to write. I'm also not including Manga. For the same reason.

Knitting books
  • 3 Yarn Harlot books
  • Modern top-down Knitting (gorgeous book that I got recently)
  • Glamour Knits
  • The Knitter's Bible
  • Inspired Cable Knits
  • Big Girl knits
  • Vintage Gifts to Knit
  • Not tonight Darling I'm Knitting
  • Heirloom Knits
  • Knitting in no Time
Cooking books
  • Two Greedy Italians
  • Christmas with Gordan
  • Ken Hom's Quick Stir-fry
  • Various Baking books.
Other books
  • Fifty shades of Grey (I haven't stared this yet; but apparently it's good and sexy.)
  • The secret Life of Dresses
  • The House of Silk
  • The Complete Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
  • Gun Seller (Hugh Laurie)
  • Rose Labyrinth
Please note these are not ALL my books but the books that I read/refer to most often.


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