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Monday, 4 February 2013

False Starts and when I don't learn

===What happened there??====
OK; Work killed me over the past few months. In the 4 weeks over Christmas (ie the 17-12-12 > 7-1-13) I worked a total of 137 hours that's almost 35 hours a week.I crashed and burned over Christmas and I'm still feeling the effects now.

So I'm tring to do so many things this year - 2012 was pretty crappy; except for the end of it. But instead of making a big thought-provoking list of posts I'm just going to do what everyone else seems to do.

I will now post every Thursday unless something big has happened, something has been finished or stuff like that; when I will most probably post that day.

I also have a NEW non-buggy blogger app for my phone; so I can make posts on the move. Although these posts will not have photos - I think I can live with that.

===What I plan this year===

Finishing. I want to finish things. I'm only allowing myself to purchase crafting materials if It will help a current project or if I'm on holiday (most probably Dublin) So this year will see the completion of the shawl of many stitches (ethereal) and various other things I have lying about gathering dust.

I know Craig and I aren't going away on Holiday this year (mostly - we can't afford it)So I might do a tiny blog challenge over July because work will be slow and we won't be going anywhere.

I've also started a tiny book club with my friends. (just a small mention ^^)

Another small note: I'm slowly leaning Spanish again (I know - really it's just busy-work)

===Clean-up ===
I have been quite ruthless today (there's an interesting word:ruthless. Ruth means friendship so ruthless would mean unfriendly...aint words great?)
I frogged 2 hats. They were intended for the same person but I forgot about them and she forgot about them; so I'm just harvesting the yarn and the project bag.

I will also be cleaning up the blog's appearance (I don't know the last time I changed that bar - thing and most of the projects have been either frogged or finished)

===A note on Last year====

A few have expressed that they were disappointed that I didn't post the promised videos. I'm sorry about that. I will try to do a few videos to make up for it ( I already have one in the pipeline) And I know I've lost readers from last year's blog-hiatus. I hope I will get some more followers and I also pray for comments.

I know I'm only a small blog writer but I still would like people to comment or like my post of this on Facebook or.... really just something. (I think that's why I stopped, I felt like I was just sending this stuff into the void and no-one was reading it)
Oh and I also must appologize to any of my Ravelry friends. I stopped going on the forums for most of last year and I've only just got back to them. Sorry about that.

Here's to a new start

(Thanks for sticking around)