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Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Trip to Dublin

---So much for that then----

I didn't post last Thursday. That was because I was on Nightshift. I therefore had to sleep till 3pm to cover not sleeping all night. When I woke I had to get ready for a Romantic trip to Dublin with my other half; In short = no time for blogging.

I seemed to have had a bit of camnesia; as I didn't take any photos the entire weekend. Sorry about that.
We visited the Guiness storehouse in Dublin (very fun for Craig and myself) Craig had to drink 2 pints of Guiness before Lunch. Why? I don't like the taste of it. I know;I know; Why go If you don't like the taste of it? To make Craig happy thats why. (and it was a very interesting tour anyway.)

Today I have been recording and doing odd little bits to make the blog fully function almost back to normal again. There will be a new tutorial video on Thursday (If my new copy of Adobe Premire actually gets up and running) and then another video next week too (to say sorry about the yearly hiatus)


I've realised I havn't posted a picture of myself in so long - so here's one of myself supposting a Tiny top Hat.
Thanks for reading


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