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Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Clean-up Done

I actually did this on Monday - but I'm posting about it now - I've changes the background and got rid of the bar- thing (because when I went to edit it I could' remember how to - so I didn't.

I'm blogging to you from my bed - I've just woke up (I know its about 3pm - I was on Nightshift; give me a break) and now I'm going to turn on my playstation and try to Finish Assassin's Creed. (yeah - using the NEW blogging poster App on my Iphone.

I will record a video for this blog tomorrow. a little how to, but that'll be Thursday's post.

I will hopefully be heading into town on Wednesday or Thursday (dunno which yet) to get the new Handbag (which I have been saving for) from Cath Kidson

Until Thursday - toodles

Aki XX

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