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Sunday, 18 January 2015

Is this thing on?

---Hello again---

It's been awhile- sorry about that. Last year and the bit of 2013 that I haven't got in touch about has been about waiting, patience and overall faith that everything will be ok... Eventually.

I'm now living with my fiancé Craig (can't remember if I told you all- I got engaged on the 11th May 2013) post about that coming later in a maisonette (ino-posh) , still in Carrickfergus, still in the posher bits, just not with mum and dad anymore.
I miss them terribly, I also miss the pup terribly.

I'm restarting this blog- there's no regime- no planned posts; just the strict "Ill post whenever the bloody hell I feel like it"  schedule.

---What are all these sticks for again---

I had fallen out of love with knitting there-don't worry-nothing too drastic; but while I was moving a funny thing happened. Craig had seen the stash before-well, the fancier bits anyway, but had never actually touched or even shown interest in the stash. This changed when he was helping me unload the stash (this shows the absolute trust I have in my partner, to handle MY stash and not worry about it unraveling, mussing or being put in the wrong place) I was telling him about the basics of fibre and weight and how this is going to effect how the stash is organised. I looked up and he was looking down at me, ankle deep in a sea of yarn and I could hear the cogs of his brain freaking out. He eventually left the room muttering something about a hoarding problem and I got back to sorting it.

Pictures of the stash's new home will be up by the end of the month. But that's not why I'm here, there are a few things I'm known for:
'that knitting weirdo' is a whisper I hear in coffee shops in town when I order.
I'm also a gamer, a teacher to small children, a teacher to slightly bigger children I hesitate to call teenagers and I'm a friend to a great many people.
A great many of these friends know that I also cook; I'm able to cook quite more often now(since the whole having my own kitchen thang) so I really want to show off some of my cooking and give out some recipes. I have already started to coach some random people in my work about recipes so I thought instead of writing them all out each time I want to give it to someone, I could just give them a link to my blog through Facebook ect and work it from there.

So in short-I'm sorry it's took this long to restart. I'll be cooking more often, blogging more often and being myself.

Luf you all.

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