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Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Mother's day accidents

----- Dont Panic ------
 reading the title some must be thinking.....oh no.... what happened to the bear? Well it's not the bear; nor me; I'm ok, aside from a few minutes of complete silent terror that I could of done without. Let me explain:

----- Case File 001 -----

Some may know that; for christmas; I made my mum a card; instead of buying one. She thought this was really cleaver and patted me on the back for using up some of the random card and stuff in my craft cupboard. Taking that onboard I decided to make her a Mother's Day Card. However; unlike her Christmas card I would only have limited time to do it in (say 4 days; verses the 15 I had to do her christmas one). I would therefore have no time to do little pieces at a time, everything would have to be done at once and then set somewhere to allow the glue and paint to dry.
After making the card, nearing it's completion stages my mum came in from shopping early and I had to quickly put the card somewhere where she wouldn't see it and where it had pleantly of space to dry.
I, being hungry and pre-GB boarderline snappy, thought that the corner of the cupboard where I keep my paints would be a good place to store the card. I was severly mistaken.
A red Acrylic bottle in a shade I never liked decided to have a leakage... over my hard work of course.

When I discovered that this morning I silently screamed (silently; because my mum was in the kitchen) over the horror of my painted monstrosity. I didn't even photograph it, because a small part of my brain would explode everytime I looked at it.

Needless to say the card was ruined. covered in (now dryed in) red acrlic paint. I am now going to have to salvage what I can and buy her one from the shop. *sigh*

------The silver lining -----
Every dark cloud (even this red; acrylic bottle shaped one) is said to have a silver lining. and it is this :

Yes; Truffle's Done :) I did a little happy dance round my room when I finally got her right.
Like all my little amigurumis I used size 2mm needles and Rico cotton. I made the dress grees and White because those are my mum's favourite colours. I'm so tempted to put a tiny little necklace round her neck....

Since it's Green and a little bit of White it looks very seasonal donesn't it? being St. Patrick's day soon. :)

Now that Truffle is done (and it only being Wednesday) I want to start a little baby cardigan. Again, don't panic; I havn't got a bun in the oven lol; a newly-wed couple in my church have just announced that they're pregnant :). As I don't know what the baby is going to be or even be like (boy, girl, fat, premature) I'm starting with the white flecked Yarn and knitting for a 1 year old, therefore if it is a bit on the chubby side it can wear it this winter, when it's born and if it's thinner; then it'll still have it next winter too. I'm making it White, and then whenever it is born I'll decorate it with either blue or pink. God; I hope it's a boy..... I hate Pink Yarn.
But don't think I'm giving up on the Amigurmis, no no no, far from it. I will be attemping a Fox next. Along with some Easter presents for GB ppl & special freinds. but thats all very hush-hush.

----- In other news ------

Its my dad's birthday tomorrow (yeah; 2 days before Mother's day aren't I lucky) and his present arrived this morning. Don't giggle, it's a very..... un-mainstream football team known as West Ham.Myself and my significant other got him a West Ham away shirt, mostly because he has 2 home shirts and various other related items (including a scarf, a hat, numerous badges and a pint glass and coaster set lol) so we thought an away shirt would be greatly appreciated.

I guess that just about wraps up this blog post. one note I would make to my regular posters. I like to read comments. lol; that's all I'm going to  see on that subject.
Until next time - soyonara Luv yas all

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