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Wednesday, 24 March 2010


--Hello all you loverly people :D --

Well Easter is nearly upon us and I for one am loving how close it's getting. As any holiday means that my better half is getting off Uni. Which means we can spend more time together than usual, which is always good.

---- UFOs -----
UFOs = 5
Yeah; I added to them instead of finishing anything, simply because I had to. In my last post I said that because of a fatal Bus incident I ended up buying Yarn, well on Monday I went into Town and bought new Needles... to work this Yarn. I bought 6.5mm (cus they had no 7mm) DPNs and they're uber thick, after getting used to tiny needles for a long time I am finding it difficult to  not stab things with them, say, my arm, my knee, my nose or my eye. All of which got at least one needle poked at them in the last 48 hours. But all for the better, because I'm starting another Hat. a White Hat. I'm going to call it 'Cottonbud Hat' because I swear If I ever wear this Hat I am going to look like a cottonbud. its about .... ohhhh.... 20% done.
As expected I have not made any progress with the bunnnies or the once.apon.a.time-fox-now.not.a-fox amigumi in the past 48 hours, I was more concentrating on my 2 hats. The cabled Hat I was knitting before, I have decided to add Rabbit ears to, kind of flopping down the back and insteped with Pink for its inner ear and the cream of the hat for the outer bit. It will be sooooooo cute when I'm finished with it :)

Also thanks to GB Craft with the tiny's I now have 3 big balls of Yarn that are in very...pinky colours, colours I refuse to use unless there is just cause to do so...which there is.
Yes I will be adding (yet again) to the UFO count with THIS->
Isn't she cute? She's the 'Best Bunny' from Lionbrand Yarns. its a free pattern and its also Ideal to use up my leftover pink and Yellow Yarn.
I'll have to Edit it ever so slightly; cus it's made for Crochet and... I can barely crochet anything but an endless chain. so I'm gonna try to Knit it instead.I'll let the blog know how it's going. And I'm probably going to start it as soon as I finish the post on this blog lol, Lets be honest it IS the season for Bunnys :).

--- Finished items ---
none....... an I'm not happy about that.

---- Goodbyes ----
I know this has only been a very short blog (and with only one picture of something that I'm preparing to do, not have done) but U have to appreate that it has only been 48 hours since my last post. at least 20 of those were sleeping, 3 were GB (trust me; I cannot Knit in GB without 10 people coming over'what u doing?' 'knitting' 'is that a bunny? ' yes'  'can I play with him' 'no' 'why' and it goes on) and I spend a long time on Facebook everyday. so the lack of FOs was expected from the start really. I hope to have at least one of the Hats done by this time next week, along with a good part of Best Bunny and the tiny Amigumis that now call the space infront of the pencil jar home.
Until next Wednesday then - Toodles XXX

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