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Thursday, 4 March 2010

These things are getting Longer....

Greetings everyone!!!!

 = = = = = First thing is First = = = = =

First off I'd like to just say 'Hellos' to everyone; I didn't think I'd get any followers; but I got 2 :) I was so happy when I logged on and it came up 2 new followers! I know they're ppl I know and care about so all the better; cus now I know that at least 2 ppl read this blog and I'm not just typing for nothing.

So hello Nadine and Craig :) I luv ya both!!!! (one obviously in a different way lmao) and without further ado :)

---------Ummm....yeah....Mother's Day..... ------------

Readers of the Blog will know that I am knitting some sort of Amigurumi for Mumsy for Mumsy's Day. However; because of GB putting more and more pressure onto me; Avon complications and general hooha I wasn't able to get the bear finshed. I have got the Main body, Face, ears and 1 arm done and attached. The other arm is on my pointy sticks and I'm making the dress on another pair, which is just started. Which I have pictured as some sort of progress.
Knitting this last night I noticed how big it was. I wanted to make it so that my mum didn't need her glasses to see it; but I actually wanted to get it done; so 3 ft high was outta the question.
....I dunno why that blue button is there...... I think I was thinking about putting it on the dress.... I can't remember lol.
Further progress is needed of course and I will show the finished Amigurumi next week....probably...

= = = = = = =My Stash of Yarn= = = = = = =

This always happens.....let me explain.........when I get paid for something that I Avon or Teaching Jewellery..... I always get a random amount of change (as in; not notes) that I don't know what to do with .... pound coins that I hate to carry around with me and that sorta stuff.
ThereforeWhenever I know Mum want to go into town I usually put the coins of this in my pocket and I call into the Yarn shop and buy myself a new Amigumi cotton or some random cheap yarn. This  means I have an abnormally Large stash for someone my age.

Well this week I had a little bit more than normal so along with baby Pink cotton for Amigumis I got 4 big balls of Sock Yarn. they were marked down in price because their kinda christmas-y colours; so I got them ofr like 1/3 of the price. 2 Balls of Red flecked with black, white, orange and grey and cream flecked with different browns and greens.
I also want to start my Xmas kniting.....(yes; already) because I want to give each of my friends their very own....little knitted gift :) So there's 2 Balls of Mureno wool in Toffee and in a 30% Grey.
All in all I think I spent £5 on wool that would have normally cost me well over £20 4 months ago. Good job I say.

= = =One last thing= = =
I'm wanting to start a big project sometime soon, like a sweater or a shawl for myself. I'll probably end up with a wrap thats quite light.
So instead of buying new Yarn for the next couple of weeks I'm saving up to buy 2 big Balls of....A dark puple coloured Yarn .... and maybe a Champaine colour to Patern it... I'll probably buy it around the easter holidays; but probably won't get it done til the start of Summer.
And while I was writing this blog; inbetween writing things and thinking what to say I managed to knit the other arm of Truffle (that's what I'm calling her). legs and dress to go lol :)

Until next time :) tara

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