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Monday, 22 March 2010

Random bits of UFO and a confession

------ Greetings ------
First off; before u say it, I know, the blog is a teeny tiny bit......late. by about a day or two.... infact in 4. Never the less I made blogging my new year's resolution, to blog once a week, every week for the entire year, and by God I am gonna do it! *determined face* so I'll blog today (Monday) and again this Wednesday; then on every Wednesday from here on, well, I'll try to :)

--- UFOs ---
No, I have not been kidnapped by midgets in Green (although it was St.patricks day and I did see a lot of green)In the knitting orld UFOs stands for UnFinished Objects and is used to mean; things that are on needles; Half of things (like a cardigan...with no arms or front done yet) or pairs of things (Socks, gloves ect where u've only made 1 so far).
I am therefore going to make this a regular installment in this blog and catch u up with unfinished knitting (or other) projects I haven't done yet. so lets start this this week.

UFOs = 4
2 bunny Amigurumis (one pink and one white)
I started these right after the first Amigurumi Bunny, these ones never got that much attention, one because its pick and the other because I used sock stich, with makes it tiny looking.
1 Cabled Hat in the making (the scary looking 5 needled thing)
I found this pattern on the web, so Far it hasn't gave me that much bother; apart from being mind-bogglingly scary looking at 10 in the morning lol.
The bright orange ball of Cotton actually is the beginning of a Fox amigurmi that I am making. The white circle on the stomagh is annoying me and I want to start it again but I cant think of what to do with this random square of knitting I have done.
+And thats it for this weeks UFOs+

-----A confession -----
Well; know a couple of posts ago...... when I said I was saving up  for just after Easter to Knit my first big project? well last week; not only had I decided on the Yarn to use I had found a pattern and realised I had all the needles; all I needed would be the Yarn.
Until...Thursday happened. I had made up my mind to go into town and get some much needed retail therapy, through going into craftworld and buying all round me. Well I won't go into details but I missed the damn bus... through no fault of my own. I was not getting all dressed up for nothing, I was buying something. So my local Yarn shop called to me. I went in and I bought THE most softest Wool imaginable ( and I can say wool (not Yarn)because it is mostly (51%) wool) it's Sidar's Big softie super chunky wool, in a creamy white colour and in chocolate. I will be making hats. from both I want enough of the white left over for bunny ears and the top but that probably wont happen, its only 50g (x2) of the stuff.
I also got my hands on some Sidar Click chunky in an almost Cinnamon Colour with flecks of Green and black. it looks about right to made gloves out of, or wristlets at least

Because I want to learn all things to do with knitting and quite a large part of that involves socks I wanted to knit a sock. just to get used to patterns and how to turn the heel and do the toe ect. it was finished all of 3 days ago and given to my dog. yes I know; teeth and yarn do not go together, but the sock was only an experimental piece, and because of that I diliberatly made it dog-sized. It amuses me because it looks like some sort of diseased tounge if she has it in her mouth just right. lol
I also baked a Cake this week in GB; it was a classic Victoria sponge with strawberries on the top. however we don't whip enough cream for the top of the cake so the strawberries were just sitting there, with a very thin layer of the cream skimmed ontop. Looks lovely doesn't it.
----- Goodbyes -----
While writing this blog today I have actually knitted more of the hat than pictured, but that'll have to be on Wednesday's Blog, when I'll have even more of it done.

So until...well 2 days away, toodles X . X

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  1. btw; forgot to Mention; I'm going into town today; to get new needles, size 7mm dpns; I know, thats Large but it's what the pattern calls for and I do not want to defir from it or even try to make my own yet, so I'm not.