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Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Double blog = double the fun

---- Long time no blog! ----
As many may have noticed there was no blog last week; I will not address why that was here; because it'll ruin the mood of this; happy; sunshiny blog.

In the Last blog I moaned that it was snowing; in April. Well: Mr. Weather must read this blog because on Sunday just past we had hot weather; 18 degrees with not a cloud in the sky. the good weather maintained and is stillmaintaining as I write this on Wednesday afternoon. I actualy think I have a tan :). All good stuff
The good Weather enabled me to work outside and to take some very cute pictures with Cottontail and Sandy. which will follow now. (apoligies; some of them turned out blueish.... I don't know why that happened lol)
Sunshine :)
Cottontail & a Daisy

----Well thats enough of that ----
And now onto something different; This was almost a Case file report but it was resolved is the last minute by.... tidying my study/kniting room.
 I thought I had lost my size 2mm needles; and was going to have a small funeral for the knitted Pink bunny was was knit with them; but not completed. I even took the Funeral pose picure (<====) when magically mum shouted down from my knitting room 'was it the 2mm you were looking for?'  (me:)'Yes...'  (Mum:) 'Found them'  to which I bolted to the room and quizzed where they were. they were in one of the gift bags that sit below my knitting stuff. I got right to work re- making the rest of the bunny. right now; as I'm writting this She still has 1 more leg to be made and attached, both her ears have to be done and miracusly I found a tiny pink pompom for the tail :)
So she will be done to show you all next week; if I finish her before Sunday I'm going to re-start the fox, then we'll see where it goes from there :)I actually managed to

but before All that; I have a wine-bag that I want to complete.I have to make it to 12 inches long and everytime I measure it; no matter how much I knit it hasn't grown. Knit; measure; 7inches; knit; measure; 7inches; knit a lot; measure; 7inches damn it!!! That and I am so not looking forward to the shaping on the bottom, I fail to see how I'm going to do it without steel circulars..... which are expensive and I won't buy....yet... I'll probably treat myself to them with birthday money.....probably..... I feel a large Yarn order coming on, the Yarn money in my bedroom has reached £14. when it reaches £35 I am allowing myself to order Yarn from knit and sew .co .uk ....or Dragon Yarns.... or maybe both lol.

No finished objects this week; but I'll probably have 2 finished for you all next week, and 1 more started. I'm also going to post an extra Long blog probably next Monday; on what topic this is..... welll....lets just say I have a lot of knitting patterns that I want to organise to what I want to do. I'm going to try and put them into some sort of order by monday and store them here.

----- Until then then -----
so then Until next monday faithful bloggy reader people; go and enjoy the sunshine while it lasts. :D

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