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Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Blog didn't happen again....

---- Long time no blog (again...) ----

Having been doing this blog for awhile I have realised how hard it actually is to complete a project within one week...... this had frequented in many 'I have no finished objects but here's some pretty pictures blogs'. and I don't like doing that... it makes me feel that I have cheated you all in some way; shape or form... so I'm not gonna. Instead of the once a week schedule I have decided to turn this into a twice a month schedule blog (that's every other week) it'll still be on a Wednesday and I'll try and do special blogs every-so-often.
All that sorted? I'm sorry. got it? good; now onto bloginess

---- The end of GB ----

This Tuesday ended the teaching year of my GB (349th Holy Trinity) and instead of having a display we decided this year to  have a formall-y affair at which everyone can get their awards. This year was very productive if I do say so myself and I'm actually looking forward to getting back to it next year with a whole new set of tinys (which are soo cute). but I'm even more looking forward to Tuesday nights off.

-Things we've learnt from this year at GB-
  • Parades should not be held anywhere near the sea. (bloody freezing)
  • Give a child a balloon and they will amuse themselves for hours
  • Some little girl's favourite colour is brown (at not pink; I was shocked)
  • You should not put shower creme in a foot Spa (==>)
  • Girls; no mater how small are powerless to resist Chocolate
  • The second people see you in Church with a Boy then you will undoubtedly get 20 Questions about him and limitless 'have to meet him's and 'bring him to GB's
  • It is possible for a 5 year old to punch out a tooth (don't ask about that one lol)
  • Santa is a powerful swinger of the conversation if you're a 5 year old (you just have to remind them 'Santa's watching u and their good )
  • Candles are not safe around Juniors (9 to 12 yr olds)
  • If small people here you are 20 the next question is usually what 'P' are u in?

---- New knitting stuffs ----
When I left u last I was talking about how I had found the needles for Pink buuny; Well she is finished :) she stands a cool 9 inches tall (ears included) and since she stood for so long without being finished I even gave her a red formal dress; which was leftovers from the Dog's sock (lol). Also the Wine bottle cover is almost finished; needing only a cord to go around the neck and some decorations on the side :) I have gave her a name of Candy (short for Candyfloss; the name of the shade of yarn)

--- Learning ---
A few people will remember the disaster I had with The best Bunny Amigurumi and I said I would try to learn crochet to make this bunny. I have not re-acquainted myself with the single needle just yet; and it feels weird; not having anything to do with my other hand.

I have also learned from my attempt at that hat; where I ran out of Wool at the last hurdle; and instead bought 2 balls of the wool to do my second; it's a slightly off Sand colour; and since I know I will have lots of Wool left over I am going to do what I have been threatening to do for awhile and make the Hat have Bunny ears that droop down the back. I am just onto my second ball of Wool and I'm on my 20th row (out of 35); I then have the ears to do.

As soon as I am finished this Hat I have decided on my first big project; it's going to remain a secret until I've saved up enough to buy the yarn. (that should be about £30)

So farewells til then - til the 12th of May (dear god) I hopes to have lots done by then :D

PS: just before I go; I would like to know how many people actually read this; so if you would please post a comment on this blog post. (just a rough post; not a life story lol)

Luv From Aki

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