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Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Happy Easter !!!!!!!!

---- A Happy Easter to all ----
I hopes that the.... huge...upright-walking bunny.... bearing chocolate(or made of chocolate).... came to yous all to. I have lots to report; but lets first see what the Easter Bunni brought me. I actually got two eggs; but the second one just came and I cba taking a picture of it lol. The white was opened this morning and the giant bar of Caramel is for tomorrow night; when Craig's here :)

I have some very good news..... and some accidental news.... :L; Lets get this started:

---- Case File 002 ----
I felt bad about starting another bunny before finishing the fox I had already started; so Last night I pulled out the ball and the needles... much to my horror they had detached from the needles in the bag. After a frantic search; This is what I was left with (===>)

its half the size it was when I left it and asit wasn't attached to needles the stitches had become indistiguishable; I had to rip out a full row to get it right for picking up the stitches with the needles again. I cast off to make an Amigurumi scarf (a small one mind). It's still the same orange I will use for Foxy when I make him; so the effect of this scarf is if the same effect if you have a fox pelt draped around your neck at a posh dinner lol

End of case file

---- What the heck is that ----
I'll post a picture first; then I'll tell u what it was meant to be
I know; its deformed. Truth is I didn't even notice it was deformed til I stiched up the back lol. I was trying to knit it when the lightning was happening; so that maybe explains why its disfigured.

Yes; this was my attempt at the Best bunny. Lots of things went wrong with this one, I forgot to fill the arm; I messed up the nose so much that it looks, not like a nose; but a knot lol. I know I'll re-do the best bunny (cus he actually looks so easy) I might use this oppourtunity to actually learn myself how to crochet........ God help me.
But I also want to have something to do with this..... I don't like wasting yarn.

----- The good news -----
I completed that damn hat!!! :D but however every silver cloud has a brown-y shite-coloured lining. Let me explain: The knitting was going great; I was getting used to the cables and the pattern; I was about 5 rows from the end when I look down at my ball..... and realise its not a ball anymore; that I could see right through it. I paniced and measured; then I knitted a little bit more til I got to this point (\/)
It hit me that kniting the next row  without something on the end of that would be stupid. I searched my knitting bag (because of course I didn't buy 2 balls of the wool; that would be organised; the wool closest to the thickness of the original white one.... is the same wool I used for Craig's Valentine's Heart; yes people; that is bright red and orange. It had to do.
Picture of the completed hat. *it looks like the Japanese Flag from the top; so I guess thats ok*
Hat was modelled by my beautiful Mum's head; she got chocolate as a thank you. I also promised not to show her face; which is why u see the back lol.
I actually love these cables and I plan to do another hat for myself. Some may remember that I bought 2 Balls of the Sidar Big Softie; one in this white and another in a chocolate brown colour. I am going to make this hat again; but I am going to change it slightly. I am going to put a 2x2 rib to start the hat off in the Valentine's Wool and I'm going to do some of the design in the Valentines too; so that I'lll have enough chocolate to finish the hat this time. AND with whats left over of the Valentines I am going to attach either cat ears of long bunny ears to the hat. depending on how much I have left lol.
But for now I am knitting Wine bags. Quite a few birthdays are coming upa nd I want to have something special to give to people :) lol Also I want to make this(<=====) Mostly because it rocks. I want to make it in almost a cyan blue colour..... or a rusty brown colour (to match hat to be made). I want to make it over the summer so I can wear it in the Autumn... hopefully. it will however take nearly 10 balls of wool.... all the same colour....... sigh.... thats expensive.
----- some news that doesnt involve knitting -----

Due to my recent obbession with the sims I have decided to re-try to install both Sims games onto this computer. thats Sims 3 (already installed) and Sims 2 (was installed on my old computer; but was.....stuttery cus the specs for the computer weren't as high as this one. I want to test this computer lol. I dug out ALL my old Sims 2 stuff and set it infront of me.... I've been doing this blog and it's been sitting there.......ominous.... and kinda big..... it's half the size of my  32' screen.... I'm going to play....install then play lol.
---_- Toodles -_---

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