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Thursday, 1 April 2010

Yesterday..... the blog didn't happen

---- A small note ----
When you live in a place like Northern Ireland you come to expect certain things off the weather, for example:
  • If you plan an outdoor activity; say a picnic or a park visit, the weather will undoubtedlty rain on you and Laugh as you eat your picnic in your car or retreat to your nearest fast food place.
  • planned a day shopping? it'll either be unbearably hot or Rain on you..... most likely rain.
  • and of course if you have planned a day in; watching TV and getting reacquainted with the sofa the weather will be strikingly good. so good it'll make you want to take your knitting (or whatever you normal people do infront of the TV) outside. As soon as your ass has left the sofa a dark cloud comes over the sun; it will obviously start to rain even before you've gotten to your back door and if u do venture outside it will be so cold that u swear the grass is shivering.
However; in my years on this piece of land I would have never expected that sort of weather over Easter. In one day it rained, sleeted, snowed and there was even a sheet lightning storm in higher places. thousands lost power; roads were closed due to floods; and worst of all: I lost the will to knit.

A small amount of my friends have seen me in a Lightning storm... Infact I think only my significant other has seen me in one (so; yeah; 1 person's a small amount) but he's seen me like that twice. Appently I squeek when the lightning illuminates my living room for a split second. Yes I am afraid of Lightning... and Thunder... anything that comes out of the sky that shouldn't normally scares me.
Through all the squeeking I was doing I managed to get no knitting done whatsoever. I almost blogged about some random rubbish when I sat down at my computer; instead I realised that there was no internet connection (yet another problem for my fear-stricken; bunny-like state) therefore no blog yesturday

 :| Gomen issai (sorry; in japanese)

To make up for the lack of Blog today I will do a Special one on Sunday; which is Easter (which my stomach knows only too well; as I've got 2 eggs and quite a few bars to munch; but I'm not allowed to touch them until Sunday.
Oh yeah; Lady got an Egg too lol and we discovered that she likes the creme out of creme eggs.

----- Happy Easter to all until then -----
Sorry about all the bloggy delays. Luv u's all eternally (one in a differnet way to everyone else obviously lol)
Toodles x x x x x x x x

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