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Monday, 28 March 2011

1st day

Alright; Today's the first day of the of the Knitting and crochet blog challenge that was set out in Eskimimi Knits blog ( Link ) And the challenge is as follows:
A Tale of Two Yarns – 2KCBWDAY1 Part of any fibre enthusiast’s hobby is an appreciation of yarn. Choose two yarns that you have either used, are in your stash or which you yearn after and capture what it is you love or loathe about them.
 ----A tale of 2 yarns----
 Even though I have been a knitter for many years now; I have only just came round to the idea that the Yarn changes the project. You could knit a lovly pair of gloves in acylic and Find that they itch, where if you knit the same pattern in, say, merino or (if you can afford it) Silk then the pattern is no longer itchy, it feels light against you're skin... I guess that's why they're expensive. But today in this Blog post I shall be comparing Yarns... and Fantizing about what I hope to taking with me on Holiday (when I go to Salou in 2 months)
Pictured is A book by Franklin Habit, my second (sorry; Harlot takes 1st) favourite knitting person. I just thought the title of the book accentuates the point I'm trying to make. I'd love to talk about Franklin, Cookie A, Eskimimi and Yarn harlot..But...I'll talk about my knitting people top ten another time :)

---My favorite Yarn---
This was a hard decision, especially since I have knit with only a few of the many fibres out there, I've never knit with Silk, Alpaca, Angora or even Bamboo (I have it in my stash but I havnt knit with it yet), so I won't judge those without experience of them.
The best Yarn I have knit with however would probably be Merino. We are very lucky here to have a supplier called Rico which makes 100% merino Wool. (no blend.... just pure Merino sheep fibre) I comes in 100g balls which gives about 125m of this glorious Yarn. BUT (and that's a large But) it is expesive (well I beleive it is anyway: for my mieger wallet) it is priced at £4 a ball in most stores (although online it is £3.50) and for most of the projects I'd be making with this I'd need at least 6 balls of the same colour. That's £24 without any work doe to it at all. It is my favouite Yarn; But dear gawd it it expesive. It would however be perfect for 'The Holden Shawlette' by Mindy Wilkes. It's the perfect weight and texture for that project. It does however need about 400m of the yarn ; that's about 4 balls with a bit left over for spare finishing and that's £16.... which isn't too bad.
but I'd rather make this... instead. It's the Echo Flower Shawl by Jenny Johnson Johnen ( Link ) And it's made with the same weight of Yarn.... it's just bigger and looks more complcated..... which it probably is lol The Yardage for this is very... spaced. Depending on how long I want this to be: it could be between 402 - 805 m. That's a huge jump. that's a 3 ball jump... (a £12 jump if you're counting) and even though it is nicer It would be my first ever Shawl.
 I have learned not to commit myself to a staggeringly large project (like a certain Cricket jumper: but more on that tomorrow) but instead to ease myself into a new skill like this in smaller, less swear-worthy projects, which is why I'll probably be casting on the Holden Shawletee when I have the cash to spend on the Yarn (aka: next payday..... the end of April) I don't know which colour I will pick but I think I'll just go into Selections and see what tickles me just right. :)
----My least favourite Yarn----
This again was a hard one, hard for a differnt reason though. I already knew straight off the top of my head which type of Yarn I was going to pick and I looked at my stash..... it's full of it. yes people; that Yarn is Acrylic. I know; I know, Acylic has it's uses and a Very wide range of colours and Shades and I know that I knit with it more often than not, that is simply because of it's availability and it's cheapness. I am not a business woman, nor am I overly rich, I don't have the disposable income enough to go out and buy Merino or Alpaca every week.
But, I'f I'm working fairisle (and that's what I am doing most of the time now) and I need the tiniest bit of mustard yellow wool; I know I can buy a ball of acylic at £1.20 at my LYS. I don't like it, But id rather have a random ball of yellow Acrylic lying at the bottom of my stash than half a ball of Merino in a shade that I'll never use again. it would be a waste.
Aslo; knitting with Acrylic.... it just never seems to sit right. And it you knit tightly (like me) then the yarn Sqeeks as it slips between your needles. I don't like that. I don't mean to sound like a Yarn snob, and notice I didn't name any paricluar name, because it is all acrylic. It all squeaks and it's all mostly cheap. I also ashamedly have quite a large stash of it. Around 20 balls or more.....(Aki here realises that her most hated Yarn is actually on the needles at the moment and bangs her head off the table)

So there you have it. My most and least favourite yarns. Tomorrow we'll be discussing new skills that I have learnt.  pictured is the 1 UP mushroom from Mario (yeah someone knitted/crocheted  it) as that is what the post will be called  AnywayIn the mean time; Im off to Fondle some Merino and possibly cast on something very soft and lacy, as the weather calls for something light on my lap. Until next time then Luv from Aki XX

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